You See That Mountain?

My Mountain

You beat me

When I was down

You whipped

Me to the ground

But now I

Am a man


On two feet

On solid ground

I ain’t gonna take

It anymore

You’ll never

Whip me again

For you see

That mountain over there?

It has my name on it

And I am going to

Climb it to the top

Open my lungs

And yell


This is all mine

And I’m gonna

Place a stake

On it right now.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





flowing water


I miss him

I can’t help it

The house is quiet

I am hearing

My own heart beat

I should be asleep

But not until butterflies 2book4

I tell him

I love you Bud

I hope you have

A good night

I will see you

First thing in

The morning

Do you think

He is thinking of me?

We each have

Our own heart beat

Our own brain

And our own soul

And yet, we

Are connected

As God’s children.

Written by

Terry Shepherd