Daily Prompt; Wall to Wall

English: Victorian-era row houses

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What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters,
artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you
trying to create?

I have no special talent in home interior but yet I have heard several comments through the years telling me, You have a knack, you have a talent in making a home homey.

That always makes me feel good to know that once people are inside my home, they feel relaxed. My home is crowded on the walls. You will see 95% antique frames with Victorian Era ladies and children. I have a picture hanging that I inherited from my Dad. It is a farm scene.  Old wooden slat house and matching barn and outhouse. It is not a brilliant photo full of wonderful colors. It is priceless to me because Dad loved it.

In my kitchen hangs more children and country stars. Not singer country stars, the real stars like stars in the sky shape.  Above my kitchen cupboards sit several old crocks and antique vases. Also black memorabilia.

In Al‘s bedroom and his bathroom it is completely filled with coca cola items. He collects clocks so when you walk into his bathroom you can hear train whistles going off and conductors talking. Kind of scary to visitors who are going tinkle and then a man says, All aboard, time to go. Now I always get a kick out of this when visitors exit the bathroom telling me of their adventure with the man in the clock.

His bedroom has so many clocks hanging I don’t even know the count. You hear chimes, and ticking and chatting when you enter the room with no live humans in it.

In my bedroom it is filled with vinery and flowers and more Victorian children framed photos. I have one of my favorites over my bed. You may recognize, The Lady in the Swing. My bathroom holds a library table and wooden crates and an antique barber cabinet.

So I guess my house is simply old. Filled with old things that others may never want in their homes.  When you walk into my front door you are welcomed by two small Christmas Trees decorated in white lights and gold ornaments and laces. You will see various sizes of crocks that old-timers kept their brew in and old cookie jars where they stashed their money.

Don’t worry, there is no money in my jars, just plenty of old stuff lying around and maybe a spider here or there. Don’t forget the magic password when coming up to ring the doorbell. Or the ghosts will be there to scare you off.

It Is A Bad Day So Far

English: Bassett queen size box-spring on meta...

Oh my, all of this help coming so often to help Al be able to walk longer and all Al is doing is showing his fangs. He has drawn his fist, gritted his teeth, and cussed and gotten mad. The first therapist has been here and now gone, and Al  has discovered his mattress and box springs is going to be leaning up against the wall, forcing some of his items to be removed from the wall for a period of time, as there is no other place to place his bedding.

Please pray for us, as I am a nervous wreck, almost in tears. We have the nurse and another therapist to go through, plus the set up of the hospital bed and tearing down the old bed.


Continuing Story Part 19

Everyone did their part to get the picnic supplies needed together, and after it was all done,


each went about their own ways to make themselves presentable for the picnic. On the way to her bedroom, Dahlia bumped into Drew, and saying she was sorry, as she wasn’t sure who it was that she ran into, Drew’s silky voice, looked at her and smiled, and he took her hand and placed his other hand on her arm, rubbing it, asking at the same time if she was alright.

Dahlia, jerked her hand close to her, and quickly commented that it was just a bump, no injury transpired, and she thanked him for his help, and moved quickly past him, leaving him to stand in place and watch her walk by.

She opened her wardrobe and felt each of her dresses, and picked the prettiest one out, hoping to keep Drake’s eyes upon her. She slipped her own clothes off and slid the dress over her head. She was trying to button the buttons in the back of her dress, and she heard a knock come at her door.

Knowing it was Drake asking her if she was ready to walk to the kitchen, she hurried over to the door, and opened it without asking. The voice said, that he was just checking to make sure she was alright. It had been  his fault that he had not been concentrating on where he was walking, and he was so apologizing.

He noticed that she was opened in the back of her dress and he took a quick sneak peek at her dress, and taking her by the shoulders, he spun her around, and said it was the least he could do, to help her by buttoning her dress.

She fumbled and stuttered and said that she could do it herself, and she needed no help. She told him that she had been dressing herself for years, and that he needed to leave her room at once. She pointed her finger towards the door, and he, Drew, replied, that he was so sorry, he just wanted to make amends, and as  he turned around to walk out, he quickly grabbed her and kissed her straight on the lips.

In shock, her hand raised and she slapped him right across the face. She yelled, get out, now! She heard Drew’s snicker, as he turned and walked out the door, slamming the door behind him.

She listened at the door as she heard his steps get farther and farther away. She found her way to the bathroom across the hall, and with great vigor, washed her face and mouth and her hands, scrubbing his touch from her skin and mind. Tears slipped down her face, as she kicked herself mentally, for allowing her bedroom door to be opened without asking who it was first.

She may have feelings for Drake, but she also needed to make wise decisions, and she vowed that she would be the one in charge of her life and not her heart. After cleaning her memories, she went back to her bedroom and continued to button the back of her dress up. She touched each hair pin and decided on the perfect one that would match her dress, and she sat down to comb her hair, and place the pin, finishing the final touches to her outfit.

She took some deep breaths, and stood up and smoothed her dress with her hands, and with her chin up, she went to her door and opened it up and made her way to the kitchen, where others were waiting so they could all leave together.

As they arrived at the picnic, Dahlia remained fairly quiet, but others were taking note of the music playing. The sounds of banjos and violins echoed through the air, drawing laughter and good times into people arriving, in hopes that all would have a good time.

All of their foods were placed on the main tables, and they separated and mingled with all the other people who were already there. The atmosphere was informal. Picnic tables were placed in no certain orders. Straight chairs had been brought in and were lined up on the outside of the tables, and a dance floor had been made in the middle of the setting. allowing plenty of room for anyone to dance.

It was not long before a familiar arm rested on her arm and the deep words were heard to be asking for this dance. She smiled up at Drake and took his arm, as he led her to the dance floor. Dahlia had never danced in her life, and felt like she had two left feet.

He sensed this stiffness from her body, and told her to relax, to wrap her arms around him and just feel the steps that he was making. Slowly she picked up what his feet were doing and before long they were dancing in each others arms, and soon the whole room disappeared, as the only breathing that could be heard was his and hers.

So lost were they in the music, that they both jumped when another voice asked for an interruption, and Dahlia recognized it immediately as Drew. Drake had no reason to say no, and he let Dahlia go into the arms of his brother. Drake left and went to make himself a plate of food, but his eyes followed the steps on the dance floor of his brother and the beautiful lady in his arms.

Drew drew her closer to him, holding her tighter than he need be, and she forced herself to move back a step. She told him that she did not like this and he had no right even asking for a dance, after barging in to her bedroom. He argued the point, stating that she had freely opened it for him. Silence fell between the two, him holding her close, and she not wanting to cause a scene or wanting to explain the earlier details, let him finish this dance with her, but this was the final dance, he would get.

In The Shadows


Darkness (Photo credit: Roberto F.)

She sat there on the edge of her bed. Watching the late night news, not realizing that someone else was watching the news also. She slipped off her nightie and reached over on to the night stand to get her lotion, that she put on her body each night before climbing into bed. He watched her also. Creeping a little bit closer, softly, quietly, not wanting her to know he was so near. She started with her arms and moved down to her legs, lifting one up at a time, massaging the lotion in. He was close enough that he could smell the odor and his mouth began to water. He moved a little closer to get into position. She finished with her lotion and got up, startling him, and forcing him to move back a few feet. He had been here before, a couple of times, just checking out the place, finding all the good hiding spots. Right now he was centered in one of his darkest, shadowed areas. Near enough to make a move, but not perfect enough for her not to see him. He had left on prior trips, that he had visited, because he was not hungry enough nor did he have the energy to do anything about it. He had a busy day. Gathering food, locating a new home location. He had just moved into the neighborhood. He had come this way, down this quiet street, several times, noticing that many of his friends had been steadily moving into the area. There didn’t seem to be too many children living around here, and the adults that lived here were older and didn’t move too quickly. He was quite sure, that he would be quite comfortable here and could have a long, healthy life. She sat on the edge of her bed again, and turned off the television. She laid down and covered herself up with her blankets, fluffing and rearranging her pillow so that it was the  perfect fit for her head. She clapped her hands together, and the ceiling  and dresser lights went off. Darkness was all around. The breezes blowing the curtains at her bedroom window, casting shadows on the walls. He moved over to the window, and laid very close to the window sill, taking in the night-time smells. He then went to the opposite side of her bed, and softly, ever so gently, climbed up the side of her bedspread. He was looking at her. Her eyes were closed, and the smell of her body, was making him excited as she began to settle down for the night, moving less and less. He moved a little closer. He could almost feel the breath coming from her nostrils as she laid  breathing. He moved up a little closer, reaching out and gently caressing her hair. Slowly scanning her head, and then moving on to her pillow. He laid there for a while, he knew he had time. Watching her ever so closely, waiting to make his move, she suddenly threw her arm over him as she turned her body over to the other side. It startled him and he made a hissing sound as he was forced to put himself into a new position. Once again he moved at the edges of her hair, feeling the prickles of each hair  touching his skin. He was getting a little agitated with her movements. He wanted her to lay  still. Not moving, making it easier to complete the task he had come here to do. He waited patiently, watching for movements to be stilled. He was patient once again, knowing that this would all pay off and the prize would be his in the end. After some time had passed, breathing was very shallow, he knew the timing was now. He was moving around her, positioning himself, about two inches from her neck. He got himself pumped up and was ready to make his move, when the lights suddenly became alive with light. He quickly moved away, moving above her head and quickly getting off the bed. He crawled on his belly, staying close to the bedspread, so as not to be seen. He moved to the corner and sticking his head out just enough to see what has happening. A man was standing there.He heard a sound coming from her body, some mumbling, that only the man seemed to understand. The man sat on the edge of the bed, and started to undress. This was not going to be a good night after all. He had to escape without being seen. His timing had been off, as he never expected another person to show up. He was going to have to get out of here NOW, and come back another night. He backed up, so as not to be seen, and the snake wiggled his way under the bed, and out of the bedroom door, and made it to the same opening he had come in through. He would save this for a new night.