A Christmas Together

Twas the night before Christmas

Funny Santa Pics

Funny Santa Pics (Photo credit: Scott Clark)

My grandma was soused

I looked right beside her

And there sat her spouse.

Mamma was laying all over the bird

An empty bottle of booze lie in her hand

The stogie she puffed on was lying in ash

In the background was playing the big city bands.

The big man of the house was nowhere to be found

I heard he got pissed and flew  out of sight

Talk was that he tried to steal a cookie or two

So the old lady hit him and turned out his lights.

Dinner’s at six and the table is set

The doorbell is knocking the guests are all here

I open it and say welcome  to all and do come on

I didn’t  know what to do, so I hand them a beer.

Every year my family flips out ore  the day

I don’t know why they continue  this way

Just let it be over, get the meal on the plates

Open the gifts and flip open the gates.

Another day over, the holiday is gone

Take down the tree, turn out the lights

Ma and pa sit with shovels and brooms in each hand

Pushing the snow, and waiting for spring to come into sight.

Terry Shepherd