Would You Give Up Your Life For What You Believe In

I was watching Touched By An Angel tonight and it was on beliefs and how strong one feels about their belief.

This made me stop and let my mind wonder what is so  important to me that I would lay my life down for it. Of course we would lay our lives down for our children and our mates, but is there anyone or anything else that you would give up your life for?

I can not say whether your belief is right or wrong, who am I to judge. Catholic, Protestant, Buddha, atheist, Lutheran, Baptist ; these are some examples of churches that people go to and believe in.

I added atheist to the group because they can say that they do not believe in God and this is their right, but I do believe that even this group believes in something.

Does it make a difference what part of the world we live in? Or how we were brought up? I do think there is a big part of these questions that hold truth. You were either brought up in a God believing church or you were not. Maybe you never heard of the God that I worship. Or maybe if you have heard, you do not understand.

Believe me, after many years on this earth, I have heard of God years ago and still do not understand all there is to know. But I also believe that God allows me to understand what he knows I can understand.

This man who starred in the TV show believed so firmly in what he had learned that he died for the cause. Even when an angel presented herself to him in person, he still held fast to his beliefs and died.

Do I believe strongly enough to die for my beliefs? Do you? It is a deep thought, I realize. Many of us do not truly know the answer to this until we are faced with it, then the decision becomes very clear.

It was a great show as I believe all of these shows are. One reason I know that it is a heart-felt and wonderful show is the stations took it off the air. Now you have to find it on the off stations.

Why would someone take a show that teaches and talks about how good God is off the air? Fear? Ignorance? Not enough dollars coming in from  it from lack of viewers?  It seems to me it is very clear that the more you take God out of your life, the more airplanes crash, wars remain active, sex becomes available at all ages, drugs run rampant, murders are becoming an every day occurence. College students are being raped and killed. Bullying is headline news. The government has taken the word trust out of its vocabulary and replaced it with the word greed.

Cancer is a  household common name, kids run a way from home,  young girls are becoming pregnant, divorce rates are sky-high, marriages are fading. God is fading from schools, businesses and governments. Is it any wonder our world is a mess?

What ever you believe in hold strong, cling to it. If you do not believe in anything at all, I hope that you do before it is too late. We are in charge of our lives, yes it is our freedom to choose. On the other side of that coin, God is in charge of who walks through those pearly gates.

pearly gates