#FWF Free Write Friday; Quote Prompt


“We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall.” — Louise Erdrich, Tracks


We started dying before the snow

And like the snow, we continued to fall

The relationship I had counted on for years to come

Had stopped when I stood by in the shadows

My heart beat faster, my breathing quickened

As I watched her replacing my lips

And tears began to fall and I tasted salt

Blinking because I wanted to watch it all

He is ripping my heart into bits of a puzzle

As I see him caressing her hair

What had I done to cause him to turn

The words on his lips that used to be mine

I knew in my heart as the snow began and then stopped

The virgin flakes transferred from mine to her

She was willing to give the one thing I could not

And as I watched them kneel and then lay one on one

My hands bled into the other

For what he desired he was fulfilling this moment

As I stood in the shadows and the snow once again began to fall.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





Snow falling cute angel with umbrella rare wallpapers


Standing in front                                                          http://youtu.be/JXmUYdOVJtc

Of the mirror

Seeing someone

I have visited before

But now red eyes

And teary stained face

Look back at me

As I miss

My baby tonight

Come back my love

Forget what I said

Words were spoken

Before it was thought

I don’t want to

Live another

Night without you

Please forgive

Me for hurting

You so

Don’t make me suffer

As I have suffered

Enough for the

Two of us

Don’t make me

Reach out to

An empty pillow

Please my baby

Please come home

Terry Shepherd



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