A Star Is Twinkling Down On Me

A photograph from within the children's hall a...

A star is twinkling down at me

As my head is turned down towards my knees

I wonder what is causing the light

To shine at me and be so bright

Today I felt a tug at my soul

To quit and bury it in a hole

Was that you Satan trying to take my life

Haven’t I forgiven and taken all in strife

Have you not heard me call God’s name

And hang my head down in all my shame

Words were harsh and tears were shed

I know you wanted me to quit and play dead

I can not pay the tribute you oh so need

You are evil and so full of greed

God is good and here for me

But sometimes I forget to bow to thee

It is the days like this today

That Satan wants to come my way and play

He draws on our tears and our hurting hearts

He’s trying  his best to tear God and me apart

I tell you that I refuse to play

Go away and leave me for another day

For one day you shall pay the price

For what you have done, not once but twice

My God will lift me up to him

You will lose Satan and I shall win.

Now turn your back and walk away

I don’t need your crap on this sad day.