He Came Home

Al and Rhino2Al at table 3Al July 4thAl on SundayAlvin homeThis is a photo I took of Al today when he arrived home from Hospice. I was thrilled to have him home. Although you may not be able to see it his nails were quite a bit darker than usual. This is a slap in the face to me forcing me to realize my baby brother may not have a ton of time with me. He has been very weepy. He saw Rhino the cat and petted him. Then he wept and said, ” I will miss him when I die.”

To You, My Brother

I will cherish you

Through tears

And mumbles

I will stand by

You dear brother

And all of your struggles

My heart bleeds heavily

And this you may know

That when it is time

I will let you go

For in heaven

There will never be

A tear flowing

From either you or me

Only joy and happiness

That you are now free

Is what I will keep

In my heart for me to see.

I love you baby brother

I wrote this

So I shall never forget

How much you mean to your dear sis.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd