If You Are Bored

Have you ever been bored enough on your computer to check your spam in your email box? If you haven’t please don’t open any spam, but check out the titles to draw you in. Sometimes I sit here and laugh at what I read; they are so ridiculous. Other times I want to reach through the screen and choke some of these spammers.

Anything and everything is running through our spam. From something really rotten like trying to get the innocent readers to open up something that looks like it is from their bank, to crazy, wild crap like how a guy can expand his manhood.

I have even had email spam letting me know if I want a bigger penis, this is what I should do. I have to sit back and laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. I guess it doesn’t help that my name is spelled like a guy’s name; but I believe the spammers send this crap out to anyone.

So if you are bored, just glance through the email spam box, but please don’t open any of it,  unless you are positive it isn’t spam.