What Remains Important

birthday cake

birthday cake (Photo credit: freakgirl)

Tomorrow is my birthday. Instead of being younger, I will be now a young 58. Oh my gosh! When I see this in print, it scares me. I have lived over half of my life. I actually saw a commercial yesterday that talked about a year that I wouldn’t be here to celebrate. What have I done with my life? Shall I go by priority, stupidity, happy times? I think that I will start with things people may say after my passing. She has three wonderful children. They have grown up to be respectable adults. They treat their spouses fair, and they adore their kids. I have been married twice. One ended because of my being messed up with the meetings of my natural mother. It led to doors being opened for my  husband, and  he slipped away from me. The second marriage was rebound? Scared of being on my own? Yes, this is it. Number two, scared of being on my own. There was many controlling issues in that marriage. It took me many years with the help of my children, and God to break that tie. So we can put a little stupidity in that mix and some out of mind in the other part. I had a business that I owned. An antique store. I refurnished furniture for clients. I loved that.It meant a lot to me. After the divorce I had no building to continue my work, but the antiques are still in my blood today.  That was something people will talk about after I am gone. I am a child of God. This was a very important accomplishment in my life. No one will question this after I am gone, as they already know the answer of where I will go next. I take care of my brother. To me this is a huge accomplishment. So many ask me when I will give it up. All I can say, is the good Lord will let me know

Now for tomorrow, my birthday, I want you, the reader, to tell me what you think I could do to celebrate this birthday. We are going to dream big, but keep it real. What can a 58-year-old, single woman do that will be remembered by others after I am gone? Make sure to leave your comments. I am going to be reading each one of these.