Picture It & Write, Nov. 25th, 2012

The golden locks lying on the board

Reminding me of days gone by

Years of laughter, living life

As the adored and loving wife.

Babies being born, first one than two

Cuddling in my arms, feeling love flow

From their heart to mine

Realizing there is nothing more divine.

Letting go, stretching arms to finger tips

Walking them to school hand in hand

Letting tears fall as we allow the schools

To now teach our loved ones  their golden rules.

Graduation day is here and now

We realize our job has been complete

Then next we walk them down the aisle

We cry a little and also smile.

Now holding this tiny babe in our hands

Once again we burst with love

As we share our child’s child in our own two arms

Wishing a good life and for them no harm.

Yes, I was blessed with a good life

A chance to love, and share and grow

And as I look back before I die

I have no regrets nor tears in my eyes.


Daily Prompt: This is Your Song/ Daily Prompt

Carpenters (album)

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of

your post.


The Carpenters, It’s Going to Take Some Time This Time

The Carpenters have always been my favorite group. The beat, the voices, the rhythms, every thing I have loved about them.

We go to school when we are very young, and we learn our ABC’s, and we continue through our school years,  preparing ourselves for college and being proper adults. Did anyone teach you about how to accept changes once you achieved adulthood? For me, I know the answer is no, they did not. Being a business leader, or a doctor or nurse was the goal.

When I got married the first time and then became divorced, I listened to this song over and over. It’s going to take some time this time to learn how to live on my own.

How about when we had children. Were they more than cuties or beautiful? Were we prepared for raising infants to adults? I wasn’t, so once again I listened to this song as I carefully went into motherhood, trying to not make too many mistakes.

When my mom passed away, I didn’t think this song was going to help me, but it did, and when my daddy passed away, I wore this song out. The line of this song still holds true in my heart, because I am still trying to take some time to get used to not having my hero in my life.

Now, I have let my brother go. He is being cared for others while along with my help, we are all doing our best to make his life as pain-free and happy as possible. Parkinson’s Disease as my friend Jo, says, isn’t pretty. I don’t know how much time it is going to take this time, but I am trying to be patient, giving time to heal from the loss of him here with me, praying for time for him to find inner peace, and time for me to get prepared for this nasty disease to keep progressing, with God holding my hand.