Today, one of my grandson’s had a birthday. Remember those days when cousins, and family all came over with brightly colored packages and we were so excited we didn’t want to visit; we just wanted to open our gifts?

Today, I still think of my birthday as a special day, and I can get pretty hurt if my children forget; but I don’t get so excited any longer. I guess I look at it as a day closer to being older.

For Caiden, that wasn’t the case. Although it was his birthday, I received fantastic gifts! As soon as I walked into my son’s home, I was welcomed with big smiles from the little blonde grandson.

A  hug came straight from the birthday boy himself. The little granddaughter wanted me to hold her many times, and when I was ready to leave, the oldest grandson told me, ” I want a hug grandma.” These actions warmed my heart better than any cup of hot, steaming cocoa.

Of course, grandma had her camera with her and grandma took some awesome photos, if I say so myself. I didn’t doctor any of my photos. I kept them natural. So let’s celebrate together the birthday party of a cute and adorable 6 year-old with family.

birthdayThe granddaughter that wanted me to hold her. I figured out why. She wanted my ice-cream and cake, and of course, I let her have it. Hey, who needs those extra calories anyways? lol

birthday 2The birthday boy himself!

birthday 4A lot of people say my granddaughter here, looks a lot like me, especially when I was younger.

birthday 5This little one is thinking, ” hey, I want something to open too”!

birthday 9The birthday boy wanted to dress-up in shirt and tie, but shortly after this photo, ditched these clothes for play clothes. Sure glad I captured this moment.

birthday 8Older brother holding baby brother. Aren’t they handsome?

birthday 11This cake is full of bright colors, any boy would love to stick his fingers right in the icing.

I had an awesome time. Sharing with family, I couldn’t help but think often about the family I left behind in KY. I felt a sadness. I wished for more. Dreams come true, but I don’t for see this dream happening. My entire family together, being able to visit often, love on all the kids and remind my grown children how much I love them and how they have made my life worth living; but I can always dream right?

Heather had grilled hot dogs, brats and hamburgers. There were chips galore and many salads. Combined with my family, it was an awesome day!

What’s the Trick?

Just a photo of my AJ. We walked three times today. He tugged and I kept trying to teach to walk right beside me. Not much luck. Anyone have ideas how to get a dog to not tug on the leash, try to get in people’s yards? I felt like all I did was sound like a broken record and stop over and over. I didn’t get to use my camera I was so busy trying to get AJ to quit pulling on the leash and choking himself. I didn’t think of Al throughout our walks, but I did the rest of the day. Last year we had a big party outside with cake and ice-cream and cookout. Lots of gifts. Sure wish you were here brother.