#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt


Sitting around the fire the great warrior smoked his pipe. Looking up to the skies he mouthed thanks to his God for allowing him to live. Blood dripping on his back, rough patches on his hands, made his tribe fear him with great respect.

Black Hawk was the chief over his kingdom. He fought the demons that entered his brother’s minds at night. He led his warriors to win many battles. He wore many ropes around his neck of trophies he had taken.

Dark skinned, muscular, a strong jaw line gave great character to his looks. Women adorned themselves in bright paints to only hope to catch his eye. Although he was under the law of marriage he bed many women who had trouble baring a child.

He had led his people to this barren land, far a way from others. He built pits and pulled rocks to form a pool. He took great pride in his title as chief. He taught the young males how to fight. He showed them how to sharpen their arrows and how to bring meat to the table.

He led each male to manhood, marking them  his property. The females he taught to wash the clothing and how to cook over the flames. He taught them that it was their duty to respect each grown male; that some day they may become the princess in a new bed.

And tonight, he had fought a mighty war. A stranger passing through the valley. He watched the enemy as he sneaked behind one of the bushes and watched the women. When Black Hawk could no longer see the dark shadow he took out his knife and met the darkness and cut his head off. Scalping and hanging the black hair over his door he once again proved his power and mightiness. Another battle won, a new moon rising, a red glow of victory, he sat smoking his pipe, waiting for sleep to come.