A Little Bit of Fun Added to Any Help On This Photo? Doctors, Nurses, Friends?

Let’s do the fun things first. That’s what Mom used to never say. In fact, she always said get the bad stuff out-of-the-way first.

I was waiting on Al to get home off the bus and I grabbed my camera  to  show you I can still have the Halloween kid in me even at middle age. Here are  a few photos and then some outdoor ones.

decorations 2decorationsghostmintThis is my mint. Orange and regular mint. It sill looks good but it is not growing so much now. The other photo with the blooms is dying now.summer flowers The photo of my big mum is in buds right now.mums Then there is the fall spider who made his home in my Christmas tree outside.spider in christmas treeflowered rake


Then we get to the serious part. Now promise me you won’t vomit, throw up, or puke. I have asked Hospice before and they have no ideas. I asked the M.S.A. web page, and they don’t know.

I mentioned this to you before but now I took a photo. I have seen this four times now when I get Al up. So this is a brief that ended up with this look. A dark circle is what I am questioning. What is it? Any one? He has no pain when this happens so this is good, but I still want to know since I still see it. Doctors? Nurses? Professionals, Friends, Neighbors?

Al's black spot on bed pad