Everything you hear about today is the deadly virus or BLM, Black Lives Matter. Why is that what we hear? Don’t All Lives Matter? We don’t hear White lives matter, or poverty lives matter. God didn’t make us to separate us.

I am all for one and one for all. I am for equality. I am for doing what’s right in God’s eyes and if you are knowingly sinning, than it is going to be between you and God on judement day.

I am all for history. I study it myself and I want my grandchildren to learn about history and see our history sites throughout the world. What we are doing today is wrong. There is no you or me or us. We are family, living on this big blue ball.

I was very upset at the video I watched on our local news yesterday. It is a true story that happened about thirty minutes from where I live. You will see this below. Click on the link. I don’t want to hear the screaming anymore when crap like this happens. I don’t want to see anymore destruction of our history. I want everyone doing bad things on purpose to stop. This is all nonsense to me. Explain why this is happening in a BLM world.


Can’t Undo the Past, Remember?

In my opinion, it doesn’t do any good to paint statues red or break them or tear them down. It doesn’t do any good to change the photo or name on a long-time food product because you are afraid someone will be offended.

My parents taught me that not everyone will like me and to be thankful if I make one, close friend in my life. They were right you know. A lot of parents were or are right if us kids would just listen.

You can not change the past and you can’t change history, so what’s the point of taking away all of these statues that represent wars, and wins and good ethics? Tell me now! What is the very point you are trying to make?

I’ll tell you what the point is. The point is coward. Afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Afraid of losing a dollar. Afraid to trust in God to fix all this. Where in the world is your back bone businesses?

I am so ashamed. I have never been as ashamed of the United States of America as I am right now. BLM? I agree with this to a point. All lives matter, no matter what race or sexuality or color you are. It doesn’t matter what you live in or where you live, and if we are making mistakes or making bad judgments when we know better, God Will Take Care of This, not us.

It is not our responsibility to discipline or tear things up or kill each other. I swear, this is the truth. We shall all be judged. What bothers me the most of the BLM, is the destroying of property by whites and blacks. What is that showing the rest of us?

We understand black lives matter so why are blacks and whites acting like overgrown children.

Okay, I have said my thoughts. I just wonder if they will take the Colonel in the above photo, who happened to own a plantation, and tear him apart and try to forget another part of history and labels on foods we eat.

What a shame, all of this a darn shame.