Sweetpack is Getting To Me

I have been on a monster, growl, pull my hair out for the past three days. I have gone to bed as late as 3am, and got up with Al at 7 just because of my unwanted guest.

You all must be wondering where is she? Well I have the answer. It is called Sweetpacks. Yes, this cute little name is a minor advertising gimmick that found its way into my computer through a toolbar update.

It doesn’t seem to be dangerous like a trojan, but, it can grow. I have tried every Malware product. I have downloaded what I thought was a great program to rid it. One program that found it, in the end was a paying one.

I finally gave in and paid for it, and then it took it a way, but it showed right back up. If anyone knows how to rid this or has heard of this little bugger, please advise me.

I just did so much crap to my computer, nothing was working, thus the ignoring of me to all of you. Hey, I didn’t do it on purpose, I really did want to chat with you and comment on your posts. I probably have missed out on some great stories.

I have downloaded Firefox and Yahoo all over again, and that stinking thing is back. I need help, and this time I don’t mean mental. By the way, Al has had a couple of good days. It is raining like cats and dogs out. Just the way it is when I have to take Al and me down the ramp. We both get wet. Do you know how hard it is to have both my hands on the wheelchair and still try to hold an umbrella? It doesn’t work. I tried having Al do it, but that didn’t work either.

Help me figure this out if you can!candle-animated.gif


By the way, I have heard snippets of the news this morning. Is it true they really know for sure that people discovered a piece of Jesus’s cross?


Daily Prompt; The Stat Connection

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/, DP, Daily Prompt

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONNECTIONS.

This was interesting. I have never really checked this part of my blog out. I did learn what my top three post are. In order they are;






I guess the reason that these are my top posts are because they are about human lives, living on a daily basis. Life is not always easy, as most of us know.

I was brought up with fairy tales that we girls will find our prince and live happily ever after. Once I grew up and got married. The learning how to get along with a spouse came into the picture. Having babies and realizing your time is now not your own. Learning that you can love a child more than you could ever love yourself. Learning to be thankful for what is on your plate. We don’t realize and take it for granted that life goes on forever.

Our parents will always be here. Siblings will get along with each other, our kids will play with each other. They will grow up and get married and we will go to many weddings.

No one told me that death, sickness, sadness, poverty, jealousy, and hatred could all play out in our chapters of life. No one could ever convince me that I would fight with the devil about my belief and faith in God.

No one explained to me that you can’t continue to eat as an older adult the way I did when I was a teenager. That my bedtime would change from 1am to 10pm. I hadn’t heard about Arthritis, Diabetes, and aches and pains when I was growing up. I had a lot to learn, and I feel like I am learning each day forward.

Maybe the reason my posts are read by so many is because I am just a simple, plain woman and sister living my life in a small town in rural America. I have no jingles and no jangles. It is just me. The oldest of three , mother of three, Grandma of 8, and I don’t wear make-up.

I don’t use drugs unless they are legal and then you have to force them down my throat. I don’t drink. I do smoke, gosh darn it, cigarettes that is. I have a simple hair-cut and I like shorts and Tees.

There was once upon a time when I could not leave the house without each hair in place and my face on, but today, it isn’t happening. Being a caregiver requires many hard hours. Included in those hours are cooking and cleaning. Laundry and down on my knees cleaning up the kitchen floor. Scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the sinks. Changing wet beds, and wiping dirty butts. Emptying the trash, bathing and dressing. Feeding and nurturing, drying the tears, being a good listener. Being a taxi, keeping appointments, bookkeeping, finances, bill payer.

Wow, I am beat already. Is this why you read my post and follow me? Because I am just one plain Jane gal who loves people and has a heart that can feel many emotions?

It has been an honor and a gift to be able to write here at WordPress. The gift of friendship has been more than anything I could have dreamed of. Support comes in buckets, and tissues are offered for my many tears. Cards in the mail, face to face visits. Gifts sent to Al, Christmas gifts exchanged. Phone calls and emails received. How much luckier could this country girl get from the land of corn in Indiana.

Thanks everyone for being fantastic, and most of all for being my special friends.Al with Rhinomy mom and dadalvin and me

The Loyal Reader Award

Tersia over at; http://tersiaburger.com

has nominated me for the Loyal Reader Award.loyal-reader-award

Isn’t it cute? So colorful, I love it.

Tersia is a wonderful friend and blogger. The first time I met her I wanted to become her friend.

You will not want to stop where I have ended. You will want to get to know Tersia, and see the love that is in her heart. You will want to continue to read her story.

Here is a bit of her life;

For a long time after Vic had breathed her last breath I lay next to her.  I touched her face and hugged her close to me.  Something I could not do in life as I may have fractured a bone or two.  Everybody left me alone with Vic.  I was so grateful for that precious time with my angel child.

I washed Vic and dressed her in her favourite pyjamas.  It was so difficult trying to dress her limp body.  Although I knew it did not matter anymore I was scared I would hurt her.  Years of conditioning I suppose.  I was shocked to see that a large part of her body had already discoloured.  Her right hand shoulder, her back and the top of her legs were black and blue.  When I washed her little body at 7am that morning, a mere 3.5 hours earlier, only her little toes had started discolouring… Her back was still so warm from the fever that had racked her body.  Her hands, feet and face were cold to the touch.

The rules are simple, because simple is good.

1. Display the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who sent it to you.

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing.

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader.

Rhetorical Question:

If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive? This is an easy question for me as there really was no thinking involved. God would help me survive. He would make sure all of my needs were met.

Others that I would like to share this award with are;

Rob Barkman

Barefoot Baroness





Thank-you again Tersia.

Remember the Dream I Had the Other Day?

This was a lot of fun and many responded with honest answers of either not being poetic or giving an ending. I just loved being able to chat with all of you who dropped by. The poem started from a dream I was having. All I could remember when I woke up was these words;

As I lay here on the ground

And the guns are going off

I know that these people are trying

To silence me God don’t let me be found.

Valarielovelight responded with this ending;

Hide me under your shadow, Keep me safe from harm, Protect me from mine enemies, Let your peace replace my fear and alarm.


ltpen315,barb added this ending;

I’m not afraid to go

For You I do know

And though I would love to see my mother

I still need to be here for my brother!


Aren’t these beautiful endings? I love them both. Thanks everyone for stopping by and chatting with me and to Valarie and Barb for giving wonderful endings.

Hidden treasure


Reality Blog Award


Melissa has nominated me for the Reality Blog Awardreality-blog-award

Here is a slice of who Melissa is;

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

My name is Melissa. I’m a baking enthusiast and amateur chef with latin roots from Long Island, New York. While I’ve always had this love for the kitchen, it has taken me a few years to realize that the only way I’ll be satisfied with life is by waking up everyday to bake; to make myself happy by making others happy. And thus this blog was born, to record my journey. I enjoy baking everything from cupcakes to alfajores and dream of owning a pastry shop one day. This is my long and bumpy road to that hopeful end.

It won’t be easy, but with just enough sugar, life is sweet.

1. If you could change one thing, what would you change? The love of sweets. I love sugar. I can stay away from sweets for so long. It amazes me though when I take one bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie, that I can not eat just one.

2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be? 19, when my first child was born. I looked into those big blue eyes and wrapped tiny fingers around mine, and I fell in love

3. What is one thing that really scares you? dying alone, with no one around. My nightmare is that I will die and no one will find me for days.

4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it? Publishing a book. I hope that before I pass on to another life, I see one book with my name on it on a bookshelf somewhere

5. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be? Twiggy, I just want to know for one day what it is like to be thin.

Nominees are;


babyjill7…Marilyn Griffin



Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey

on thehomefrontandbeyond

Melanie Winrow



Anne Schilde


Thank-you again for this award!


Blog of The Year Award, 2012


Late last evening I noticed that a blogger had nominated me for this award. It was so late, I asked her if it was alright to let it slide until this morning, and with her permission, I am now posting it.

I feel a little embarrassed as I know no other language but English. Maybe some of you do, so I will post what information is there on the home page.


Salut tuturor!
Numele meu e Luisa si sunt aici pentru ca ador sa scriu!
In primul rand, as vrea sa spun cate ceva despre mine.
Inspiratia imi vine din cele mai simple lucruri, asa ca va puteti astepta de la orice din partea mea.
Pasiunile mele sunt literatura, muzica, pictura, filmele, actoria, revistele, statul la computer si cred ca am ceva ”talent” la inteles oamenii, ador sa privesc apusul, sa ma plimb atunci cand simt nevoia.
Desi nu cunosc multa lume, imi place sa stau ore intregi la telefon cu putinii prieteni adevarati.
Vreau sa le multumesc mult tuturor celor care citesc ceea ce scriu si celor care vor citi. Va astept parerile cu drag si sper sa nu va dezamagesc niciodata.
                                                     Cu sinceritate,

Victoria G.

Buna tuturor!

Stiu ca este o formulare mai neoficiala, dar este unanim acceptata de toata lumea. Asadar ma voi descrie in cateva cuvinte.

Pseudonimul meu este Victoria G. si va scriu de pe meleagurile Olteniei, pentru a va aduce in casa si in suflet, bucuria si caldura, armonia si fericirea, muzicalitatea si fantezia cuvintelor minunate in povesti imbratisate.

Condeiul va fi cununa ce va uni inima mea de inima voastra, iar tot ce va lasa in urma, va fi o flacara albastra.

Sper ca va placut si cu aceasta inchei scurta mea prezentare. Sper sa nu va dezamagesc si cat sunteti voi alaturi de mine / de noi, totul o sa fie bine.

Va pup si va imbratisez cu drag, a voastra si pentru totdeauna, Victoria G.


Thank you so much for this wonderful award!!!!

Blog of the Year Award banner 600

Blog of The Year Award

Why do I Blog? http://ganeshraam.wordpress.comBlog of the Year Award banner 600

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you…

Stories… Long I had thought what they real mean.

Are they certainly good…Or indeed bad?

Are they certainly true or an insane work of fiction?

We might have come across tragic stories of heroes, star crossed lovers or the high fantasy mythical ones… But for every tragic story, there are always few pushing the limits and boundaries to keep us happy and remind us that no matter how difficult the path we take, no matter how badly we might have screwed up, the end is always a happy one where everyone’s happy, live and kicking where some bring the enduring smile… some bring overwhelming tears and for some sporadic heartache…

This blog is my take on life, the amazing journeys through time, our fabulous societies and last but not the least… A comprehensive journey through time… My Unsettled Mind…

Ganesh has awarded me with this outstanding award. Ganesh is a brand new follower for me. I wanted to share some information about this blogger as I have put it above for you to read.

Thank-you again Ganesh for a wonderful and exciting award!

Very Inspiring Blog Award Nomination


I was nominated today for this beautiful award. It was the icing on the cake for my day.very-inspiring-blogger-award

I reached down yesterday to pick up two sacks Al wanted me to bring home. I stretched a little but no big deal right? Wrong! I had to go to the grocery store after Al and my visit. As I was taking items out of the cart and placing them on the check out belt, I could barely reach into the deep cart. Pain seared through my shoulder and down my arm. I knew that I had injured the same nerve in my back and it had radiated its way enough to let me know that I had done bad.

Last evening I sat or laid most of the night. I babied it, medicated it with all I had available here at home. I could not sleep at my usual time. At five this morning, after more medications I finally fell asleep. I was woken by the phone at ten. I am sure I sounded like the town drunk as I walked through fog to make my part of the conversation human.

I slept most of the day. I woke up still sleepy but my body was trying to tell me that I was always awake at this time. I tried moving but ended back on the couch. Now I am awake obviously, or my spirit is writing without me! I have a smidgeon of pain but can move.

Here is a partial piece of the blogger who nominated me.

Bienvenidos a mi Blog, y gracias por interesarse en mis escritos.

Aqui encontraran mis pensamientos expresados en una variedad de escritos como Poemas, Cuentos, mis secciones Reflexiones Personales, Personal Thoughts y From the Heart, tambien escritos de editorial con temas de interes para compartir y discutir, espero les agrade.

Thank-you so much for this nomination.

I would like to place a few names here for nominations myself.

Starting with in no certain order;

Janet Williams


My Sharing with Terry | maxim sense

Nominees, please state seven things about yourself. Please give your respects to the one who nominated you by mentioning blog on your own post.

Please nominate others whom you feel would love to have this also.