Continuing Story Part 40

Dahlia and Drake arrived at her father’s house, to see the drapes pulled and the only light shining through was the television. Her father had been expecting her, so he had made a point to tidy up a bit and shave and put clean clothes on.

Without asking permission, Dahlia walked over and opened one window draperies. She made a laughing comment that he was not a bat, and he needed some sun light in his life. He murmured something under his breath, but did not try to have her close it.

They all sat down and chatted for a while, asking him how he had been, and was he eating enough, did he have groceries. He said that he was doing just fine, and no complaints in any area.

Drake continued to talk while Dahlia made her way to the kitchen and rummaging through the cupboards and the refrigerator. She heard her dad calling out to her, that he was fine, that the neighbor lady had been stopping by also to check on him, and she had been picking up some groceries for him, when she went to the grocery store.

Dahlia thought that was very nice of the neighbor, and she made a mental note to run over next door and thank her. She went into the bathroom, and saw that it was a tad dirty, so she quickly got the cleaner out from under the sink and cleaned the shower and the sink, then scrubbed the toilet. She had moved so quietly, dad never even knew what she had been up to, or she knew that he would be having something to say about it.

She went into his bedroom and saw the bed was made, and being content, she went back to the living room to chat some more. She asked him if he needed anything and he said that he was pretty well set.

He grinned at Dahlia and Drake and asked them if they were still planning on hitching up, and Drake said of course, nothing was stopping this wedding. They all had a good laugh over this, and then dad said his suit was all ready but it might need a little cleaning and he didn’t have any dark socks to wear with his shoes.

Dahlia went into his bedroom closet and got the suit out and took it back with her to the living room, and told him that she or Drake would drop it off at the dry cleaners and then have it brought back, and while dropping it off, they would stop at the clothing store and purchase him a pair of socks.

With all seeming very good here at his home, they said their goodbyes, and gave each other hugs, and with the suit in one hand, they took off for back home. Once back at the house, they left the suit in the car. With only a week and a half before the wedding, the suit needed to be dropped off at the cleaners tomorrow.

Everyone was sitting down eating in the kitchen, and they told them to grab a plate and fill it up and have a seat. Conversation was about the food preparations, and how it was progressing. Rachel asked Dahlia how her dad was and she commented back he was doing fine. She said that a neighbor lady was picking up some groceries for him sometimes, and then their were jokes about the lady and dad getting together. They all laughed.

Supper over, and the kitchen cleaned back in order, the ladies all went to their rooms to finish studying, as exams started tomorrow. The men went to the porch and talked about nothing, watching the sun drop over the trees. It was a lazy evening, just the kind that was appreciated in this house.

Soon they all got up and went back in the house, and were heading to their rooms, when Ralph heard a crash. He turned around and saw Drake leaning over Drew. Drew had fallen and this time he had passed out.

Rachel and the ladies came rushing out of their bedrooms, and all gathered around to see what was happening. Drake was lightly smacking Drew’s face to try and get him to come around, but it was not working. Ralph leaned in saying to his son, do you hear me, can you hear me Drew, answer me son, but no response came.

Ralph looked up at Rachel and told her to go call the ambulance, and have them get here as soon as possible. She took off for the phone, and others went and got a pillow and a blanket. Dahlia raised Drew’s head and rested the pillow under him, and then covered him with the blanket.

Drake and Ralph were asking each other, did you see what happened. No, neither one had actually seen. Drake had been a head of Drew and heard the crash about just moments before  Ralph. Drake looked over Drew’s head, and was relieved that he saw no blood. He tried talking to Drew again, but still was receiving no feedback.

The ambulance could be heard coming and people backed away, giving the technicians plenty of room. The ladies sat over on the couch and chairs, whispering to each other, giving each other their ideas about what might have happened.

The driver and helper came in, and checked his vitals. The one helper radioed the hospital and said that the patients blood pressure was pretty low, and they were going to be transporting him to the hospital. They would arrive within fifteen minutes.

They got him on the portable bed with wheels, and covered him good, and then took off for the hospital with sirens racing. Everyone back at the house got themselves together and piled in the two cars and took off also.

When they reached the hospital, the ambulance had Drew already inside, and he was being seen in the ER. Ralph tried to go back, but the nurse’s told him to please wait in the lobby, that they were trying to get his blood pressure back up, and get him settled.

Ralph paced back and forth in the lobby, while waiting for news. The others sat quietly, just watching him pace. Time seemed to be standing still, and then the call came, for Ralph and Rachel to come back, the doctor wanted to speak to them first.


Continuing Story Part 39

The days flew by, as school finals were being studied for and Dahlia was finishing up with her tutoring with her student in dance class. Plans were final for the wedding, and  a

Español: Dahlia 'My Love'. Real Jardín Botánic...

dress rehearsal  date was made and everyone in the wedding party were going to be coming to the boarding home for a party after the rehearsal was finished.

Skies were turning more blue as clouds were disappearing due to spring being closer and closer. Love was in the air, and laughter could be heard all through the house. Well wishers were shaking hands when Dahlia and Drake were down town and wedding cards were being found in the mailbox.

Two weeks before the wedding. Dahlia went once again to the store holding her precious cargo, and tried on  her dress once more. She was seeing herself as she truly looked, beautiful with long flowing hair lying against the shoulders of her dress. The sales ladies couldn’t say enough about how beautiful she looked and what a beautiful bride she was going to make.

She had received a beautiful garter from her friend Sue, as something new for her wedding, and Rachel gave her a delicate silver necklace with a blue rhinestone that cradled itself in the dip in her neck. This was her borrowed gift. Ralph had went to the jewelry store and picked out a blue bracelet that matched the borrowed necklace, and as he gave it to Dahlia, he said it was from him and Rachel as her something blue gift. She had the earrings that Drake had bought her and they sat in a box on top of her dresser. Her dance teacher offered her services to do Dahlia’s hair. She told her that she would love to put it up in delicate swirls of curls, with tiny white flowers braided around the edges.

Dahlia was getting so excited she had butterflies in her stomach almost daily. She was lying on her bed and dreaming about the day she would walk down the aisle at the church, seeing Drake at the end of the walk, waiting for her and he would be smiling at her, and she at him, and both of their hearts could be seen beating from love.

Tomorrow she was having Drake take her over to her dad’s house to check on  him and make sure he was still doing well, and to see if his suit needed a cleaning or not. She had told him that they would bring over a picnic basket and they would all eat lunch together.  She thought of all that she and her parents had been through, and she felt so fortunate to have her very own father walking her down the aisle.

Supper that evening was light, and since it was so nice outside, they took their filled plates and went out on their favorite porch and ate. Afterwards, they spent time singing together, and laughing and playing together. It was a nice way to end the day, as once again tomorrow was back to business with school exams.

Drake had asked Dahlia if she could meet him at the end of the school day, as he could really use her help in speeding up the grading of these exams. He made sure to tell her that he, himself would grade her own paper. She had agreed and after everyone quit singing, they all went in and went their own way.

In his room, Drew was feeling a bit light-headed and decided that he didn’t want to do anything but go to bed. He had a big day and he knew that he had over done it some, so sleep was in order. His lights could be seen turned out early.

Rachel and Ralph retired to their room and talked of the upcoming foods that needed to start being prepared in advance. They talked about how blessed they each were with their continued love for each other, their wonderful children and all of the boarders that lived under their roof. Life was surely good.

Drake was knocking lightly at Dahlia’s door, but she ignored it as she knew that too much dreaming of him through out the day would surely make it harder to have him leave her room tonight. She wanted their first night of marriage to be perfect. She wanted them to be able to share all they had to offer to each other for the very first time together. Soon the knocking quieted, and her room was hers to do as she wished tonight, which was to go to  sleep dreaming about Drake.

Drake went to his room and walked over to his window, and looked out over the night skies, and as he gazed up at the stars, he  thought about how well his students had progressed this year, and how much he loved Dahlia, and nothing could be more important than starting a new life with her. Soon the house was dark and all were in their own dream lands.

The next morning, school as usual, students finishing up their goals for the year. Going to the office to make sure all  plans were finalized for college next year. Last minute high lights of items that were going to be on the tests were being given freely by the teachers. The teachers wanted students to do as well as the students wished for it.

The dance teacher said that Dahlia had done an excellent job tutoring the student, and that this part of her job was over. She felt that the student had made great progress from the help of Dahlia. She then asked her if she would be interested in meeting another student for a full-time job after her wedding.

Dahlia could not believe what she was  hearing. Another student, a full-time job? Her stomach did flips. Without hesitation, she quickly said yes, where is the student, is he or she in the class now? The teacher said that the job was already hers if she wanted it, that she had already spoken to the parents of the child and had told them wonderful things about her, and they were anxious for you to start teaching this child.

The child showed talent and the parents had so much love for this child that had been wanted for so very long. These parents wanted to give their child everything that they could and since they saw the interest in dance, they wanted her to have the best teacher they could afford. The parents were willing to give a nice salary, if in return they could expect an excellent instructor.

Dahlia was  ecstatic. She almost jumped up and down with squeals of delight, but she kept her composure, and instead leaned in and gave the teacher the biggest hug she had ever had and planted a kiss on each side of her cheeks. The teacher smiling, and her eyes glowing, knew that she had made the perfect choice to fulfill this job opening.

After school was over, she went to Drake’s classroom to tell him the good news, but in the excitement had forgotten that he was the one teacher that had given a pre-test to his students, giving them a chance to repair any errors and to do extra studying before the final exam started in two days.

She kept her secret to herself and instead told him she was there to help him grade the papers. He walked over and shut the door and walked back over to her and grabbed her quickly spinning her around, and as she threw her head back in laughter, he planted a kiss in the nape of her neck. This brought her head straight up immediately, and she reached up and touched his lips with hers,and for a short moment, there was silence in the world as the only breathing being done was by these two.

They let go of each other, and sat two chairs together, and buried their heads in grading papers, with every once in a while stealing looks at the other and smiling. When the papers were finished, they grabbed their things and left the school door on their way over to her father’s house.

Continuing Story Part 35

After a few minutes of silence, Drake got up and together they left the small room and

Dahlia "Dahlstar Sunset Pink"

went back to the waiting room. The group talked among themselves as Drake shared what the doctor had told him. Rachel and Sue went to the cafeteria and brought coffee back for everyone and they watched the television and continued chatting.

Soon Drake heard his name being called by the receptionist and he got up from his seat and walked over to hear what she had to say to him. She told him that the patient he was interested in was getting ready to be wheeled into surgery, and the doctor thought that he may want to see her before being taken back.

Without acknowledging, he headed for the double doors and he was let in and went back to the doctors lounge and waited for someone to come get him. The doctor came in and motioned for him to come with him. They walked back through a narrow hall way and turned left and there was Dahlia lying on a portable bed being ready to taken into surgery.

He quickly went to her and laid his hands over hers. He bent down to her ear and told her that everything was going to be fine, that this doctor was going to make her good as new. As he was bending close, his tears were dripping on her hospital gown, and although he saw no motion of her body, nor did her eye lids move, he prayed with everything he had that she could hear him. He knelt into her lips and kissed her softly, telling her how much he loved her, and that he would be right here waiting for her return. With that, the doctor gave the orders to the technicians to take her on back. He turned to Drake and patted him on the back and said that he would do the best that he could do. Just go back to the waiting room and wait for someone to call him.

He walked around the corner and back down the narrow hall, but at this moment the hall seemed to stretch on for miles and it made him feel like it was sucking him in, never letting him out of his nightmare. He saw the double doors once again, and walked through them to where everyone was seated.

They all asked what had happened back there and he simply said that he had told her everything was going to be alright and that he would wait for her right here.They asked if she responded in any way, and he shook his head with a no response. With this everyone sat back down and the talk became less as minds were wandering from the day’s events.

About an hour later, after everyone was still or resting their heads against the back of the chairs, Ralph looked at his watch and said hey, let’s go get something to eat. Drake said immediately that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he had promised Dahlia that he would be right here waiting.

Even though leaving the hospital for a spell would have been nice, they knew that they could not change Drake’s mind, so they headed for the cafeteria and each ordered a meal. They found two empty tables and pushed them together, and there they all sat, eating in silence, watching people come and go, while all ears were waiting for the signal.

After they finished eating, they got up and walked over and threw their trash away, and Rachel suggested they step outside to get some fresh air. No one argued so they walked outside, and breathed in a big deep breath of fresh air. There is nothing like fresh air when you have been cooped up inside a hospital for some time. They all walked on the sidewalk, that led them around the entire building, trying to relax their minds and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

They had walked for about a half an hour and then headed back inside and went back to the main lobby. There were other new people sitting there now. The ER was a busy come and go room.

Another hour went by and most of them were dozing by now. The television had become boring and the ER was emptying out once again. Nurses had changed shifts, the receptionist had now left and a strange face had taken her seat.

Soon a loud racket could be heard on the PA system. Nurses were being called. A code blue was overheard, and staff were racing. Drake and Rachel and everyone else looked at each other and then the other, hoping it was not their loved one that the code blue was being screamed about. Silence fell over the room as if someone had just poured water over a fire. The hush was thick like fog, as everyone waited to see what was happening.

A staff came out and Ralph quickly walked up to him and asked him if this had anything to do with the patient who was having brain surgery, and the staff said no. It was a patient that had just been brought in. He said not to worry, there had been no word on the patient he was inquiring about.

Each of them breathed a sigh of relief as they took their positions back for waiting. They were speaking their  private thoughts out loud and each was consoling the other. Another staff came through the double doors and walked to the main part of the lobby and asked who was here for the Miss Dahlia party. All of them stood up at once, stating that they are the ones waiting for word. How is she, is she doing alright, how was the surgery, was it a success?

The staff member said that he was informed to come get them and to bring them back to another lounge that would hold all of them. Everyone got up and followed him through the double doors and turning to the right, were led into a large room that seated three couches and a few chairs. The staff said to take their seats and the doctor would be in, in a few moments. It was so quiet in the room, each could hear the clock ticking on the desk, and then the door opened, and the doctor walked in.

Continuing Story Part 34


Drake’s name was called by the nurse, and David walked with him back to the little room where the nurse took his vitals. His blood pressure was up a little but not to the point of alarm. After several questions, the only thing Drake complained of was a slight headache and a sore neck.

The nurse took him back to the room where the doctor could take a closer look at him, and then David was checked out next and waited in the room next to Drake. When the doctor opened the door and came in to see Drake, he asked him about the accident and how Drake had felt at the time of impact. Did he suffer any dizziness or blurriness, how much pain did he feel. Drake said that he had a slight head ache and that his neck hurt. The doctor ordered a cat scan on his head and neck, and then told him he would be back with the results.

After leaving Drake the doctor went in to see David, and after talking to him, found out that he was alright. No need to do any testings. He had been a lucky man the doctor had said. He dismissed David and went to see other patients waiting for him, and when the tests came back he went back to Drake’s room. He stated that the test had come back alright, with no problems. He may suffer from a little neck stiffness, and he had brought with him a neck brace, and wanted him to wear it if he felt a greater pain. Whip lash was something that Drake could experience as the days went by. Other than that, he was going to dismiss him also, unless he had more questions. Drake asked if the doctor knew anything about Dahlia, and the doctor said, to go wait in the main lobby and he would have him called back when they knew more information.

David and Drake found themselves both waiting out in the main lobby. Time ticked by so slowly as they waited for someone to call his name, but no one came nor called out to them. It was getting late in the afternoon and David asked Drew if he was getting hungry.

Drake had not really thought too much about food until the word was mentioned, and then he decided he was rather hungry and could use something to eat. Both guys went to the receptionist and told her they were going to go to the cafeteria. If the nurse was trying to locate them, please have them paged at once, and they would return right away.

David and Drake found the cafeteria and ordered some lunch, and after paying for it they found an isolated booth and sat down to eat. The talk was light, finding out about each other, what did they do for a living, finding out that they lived in the same vicinities. Other than that, it was pretty quiet between the two, Drake anxious for news and David wishing someone would call over the PA system.

They finished their lunch and not being able to sit still any longer they got up and wandered through the gift shop and Drake found a soft, cuddly stuffed kitten and he wanted to get this for Dahlia. Together they left and went back to the waiting area. Drake went to the front desk once again, asking if anyone had asked for him while he had been gone, and the answer back was no, I am sorry, no one has been looking for you.

They both were sitting and watching the television and then Rachel and Ralph and some of the ladies from the house showed up and were asking a lot of questions. Rachel stated that she had just been informed by a neighbor, and she was upset that no one had come to them letting them know that there had been an accident  sooner.

Just then, the nurse came and called Drake’s name. She asked him to follow her back to a little office where the doctor would come talk to him now. Rachel grabbed his arm and asked if he wanted her to go with him, and he nodded yes, as he had just became aware of a knot rising in his stomach. Like being called to the principal’s office in school for being naughty.

The two walked back and sat down in a small office, that only had enough space to  hold a desk and two table stands with light, and two chairs, and of course, the doctors chair. They only sat there for a moment, when the doctor walked in and they both stood up and shook his hand. Drake introduced his mother and then asked how Dahlia was.

The doctor opened his file he had brought with him, and acted like he was seeing it for the very first time. He began by saying that the accident had flipped her head back and forth a couple of times too many, and had caused nerves to swell in the neck and head. There was some slight swelling in the brain, and this had caused her to go into a coma. She was still asleep and had not woken up as of the last time he went in to check on her.

Drake rubbed his neck and then his forehead, waiting for more information. The doctor said that the swelling was not  too bad, but yet it was more swelling then he wanted to see, so he wanted to take her into surgery and drill a tiny hole in the top of her head to relieve the swelling.

Drake started crying like he had just heard the words dying, and Rachel let out a gasp, as she had never heard of such a thing. The doctor went on in his calm voice, asking if one of them could sign papers allowing this procedure to be done. Drake said that neither of them were related to her, and that her father was the only one that they knew of that was a relative, but he was home bound and what were they going to do now.

Drake explained that they were going to be married in a month and a half. The doctor sat for a while and did some thinking. There was nothing he could do, there was no one to sign papers, and yet he could not let Dahlia lie there at risk. He once again spoke, and said that he was going to go ahead and do the surgery if it was alright with Drake, and Drake replied if it will help her to live, please, please do it. Go do it now.

With that the doctor left to go let the nurses in OP to get ready for a patient coming in and he left two people, a mother and son holding each other trying to comfort away the dreaded word of surgery.

Continuing Story Part 33

Drake and Dahlia had a good feeling about their upcoming wedding. Everything seemed to becoming together nicely. He had his suit, she had her dress. He  had his best man, and


Dahlia (Photo credit: Jonathan Gill)

she had her matron of honor. They each had their rings for each other. The flowers were ordered, the church and the minister were reserved. Family and friends were coming. They could think of nothing else they needed, but the food.

As Drake drove back to their home, he reached over and grabbed Dahlia’s hand and told her how much he loved her and could not wait to make her his wife. He could see the smile stretching on her face. He felt he was the luckiest man alive. He felt like he could not take his eyes off of her.

At that moment, the crunch was heard, as the car was being slammed into the car ahead of them at the stop sign. Drake was thrust forth into the steering column and then bounced back and slammed into the back of his seat. Dahlia was pushed forward and her head was meeting the windshield, forcing it to crack, and then she was slammed back into her seat and once again she went forward hitting her head again, but on the dashboard this time.

The car became quiet and all inside were still, but moans could be heard from Drake. The man that they had slammed into had been jolted but thankfully not injured badly. He had a cut on his forehead. There was not a high-speed and so Drakes car had pushed the car ahead of him into the cross streets, but he was alright. He got out of his car and stumbled a little getting his balance, and then walked back to the car that hit him.

The front of the car had been dented but not pushed in so far as to trap the two inside the car. He went and looked inside the windows at the two sitting there. He saw that Drake was sitting there rubbing his head, and glancing over at Dahlia he saw that she was slumped forward, her seat belt holding her in place.

Traffic that came up from different sides, stopped and turned off their engines. One lady ran over to see what she could do to help. She stated she was a nurse. The gentleman, David, who was hit, told her about what he observed, and the nurse ran over to Dahlia’s side to inspect for injuries. She yelled at one of the bystanders to go call an ambulance.

The nurse asked David if he was alright when she saw the cut and blood streaking his face, and he said he was fine, just a little shook up was all. The nurse opened the door of where Dahlia was sitting and felt her wrist for a pulse. She found it and yelled that she is alive, but she is unresponsive. We need to get this one to the hospital as quickly as possible.

David did his best at inspecting Drake and asked him if we was feeling any pain other than his neck, and Drake said he thought he was alright, to not worry about him, to please take care of this lady beside him.

Soon they all heard the roaring of the siren as the ambulance drove quickly to their aid. The driver and his helper jumped out and went to the back of the ambulance and threw open the doors and got the gurney out and as the nurse yelled at them to come to this lady first, they went over and tried shaking her and asking her if she could hear them.

Getting no response, they placed a neck brace around her neck and then gently pulled her from the car and stretched her out on the gurney. They quickly placed a mask over her nose and mouth and hooked the tubing to a portable oxygen tank. They took her vitals, and noted this on their reports. They then covered her with a warm blanket and placed her in the back of the ambulance. They then started and IV drip on her and then the driver got out of the back, shut the doors and got into the front seat of the vehicle and with sirens racing, he took off for the hospital.

David offered to drive Drake to the hospital in his car. There was not so much damage that his car could not be driven. Drake in a slight daze said he would appreciate this but he could not let his car sit here, and by the time he got those words out of his mouth, a wrecker had appeared. Between Drake and David, they gave the instructions on where to take the car, and David helped Drake out of the car.

He staggered a little but could walk fairly well. David told him that he thought it would be a good idea to let the hospital check him out as well, just to make sure there was nothing more seriously wrong than just a sore neck.

Drake agreed, but his mind was not on himself, it was the precious cargo that was being taken to the hospital. He walked with a little help to the passenger side of the car and with David opening the car door he sat down and buckled up. David got in on the driver’s seat and glanced at everything inside of the car. It all looked normal, and he turned the key to the ignition, and the car started immediately. He took off slowly making sure all was alright with the car, and then finding it safe, they took off at normal speed toward the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Drake opened the door by himself and got out. Walking in a slight drunken state, he started walking toward the ER doors. David kept his pace with him, and when they got to the registration desk, Drake asked quickly about his fiancée, and the receptionist said she had just received the paper work on the patient, and until they knew more, she suggested the nurse and doctor check him out also.

Drake shook his head up and down nodding that this would be alright, but stating he wanted to know how Dahlia was as soon as there were any reports known. David took a hold of Drakes arm and helped him to walk over to the seating area to wait until they heard his name announced.