I Am So Honored, A Nomination For Being A Caregiver

A company called Wego Health has just informed me I have been nominated for an award for best of show.  I didn’t know much about it so I read more information.

Evidently this company reads my blogs and they feel that I am an advocate for patient care. They think I do a good job in caring for my brother. I don’t know what if anything happens from here. Even if nothing, I am quite humbled and honored to be nominated period.

I just wanted to share what I found out. I am so proud that M.S.A. is getting noticed by my blogging.

WEGO Health

WEGO Health


A different kind of social network built to support health bloggers, tweeters, & community leaders – Health Activists who help others.

Boston, MA · bit.ly/wegohealth

Daiily Prompt; Life Line

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You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HANDS.

I was sitting on the plane. I had been running almost an hour behind ever since I started packing for my trip. This was not going to be a relaxing get-a-way. This was work. I had a presentation to do to draw in more clients.

Getting comfortable as I could in my seat, I felt squished as I was sitting by a heavy-set man on one side and some silly looking woman on the other side of me. Every time she moved she jingled.

I closed my eyes trying to breathe deeper. I wanted to just relax on this flight, catch a few winks and be somewhat refreshed when I exited  the plane. It didn’t seem it was going to happen that way though.

When the stewardess went back and forth through the aisle she bumped into the heavy man and the domino effect drooled into me. I sighed, getting a little irritated. I actually glanced around the plane to see if there may be a chance of an empty seat being spotted. From what I could see over the seats the plane was full.

I closed my eyes once again determined that I was going to shut the world out. As soon as I saw the fist image of my dream I was being poked a wake by Jingle woman.

” What did you ask me? I am sorry I was trying to sleep.”

” I asked you if you would like to have your palm read.”

I laughed out loud and replied, ” no thank-you. I just want to sit here and relax. Try to take a little nap is my goal on this flight. Thank-you for asking though.”

I started to reposition myself and she tapped me again.

” I can feel stress coming from you. Your energy is running very high. Why don’t you let me just tell you what is in store for your future.”

I knew I wasn’t going to have any peace until I gave in to this crazy lady. I sat up straight and looking ahead I handed her my hand. She turned it over and studied it.

” I can tell that you are a very intelligent woman. Your life is very busy and you don’t take enough time for yourself. You have challenges that you are facing. I can see that you are troubled about something you have to deal with when on your trip.”

She kept looking at my palm and turning it over. I couldn’t help but perk up just a little bit as she seemed to know more about me than I had imagined. My life is very busy. I deal with stress in not so good of ways. I don’t remember the last time I took a vacation to just enjoy myself.

” I have good news for you Miss.

” What is it?”

” I see by the lines in your hand that you have worked very hard to be noticed. Your job is a very high priority to you. I can tell you that your hard work is going to pay off. Someone very soon is going to notice all you have done.”

I smiled at her and she held out her hand. I reached for my purse and dropped five dollars in it and she smiled at me and then turned to play her game with another passenger across the hall.

It didn’t seem long enough but I did get to sleep. I felt better when I was woken by the stewardess saying we were going to land soon. Taking my compact out and looking at my face, I applied some lipstick and combed some wispy hairs back into place. Straightening my jacket I was ready when the doors opened.

I found my way to collect my luggage. A taxi loaded my bags and I was whisked off to the hotel I had booked. After unpacking I ran a nice hot bath. Soaking was the biggest thrill I had enjoyed in some time.

After drying off and putting my bath robe on a knock at the door announced my dinner had arrived. I tipped the waiter and sat my tray down to the table near the big window. Watching traffic and birds I pondered on my speech I was going to be giving tomorrow.

The food was delicious and it felt so good to just realize that for tonight I had nowhere to go. After dinner was over the sun had set a beautiful golden view. I flipped on the TV and placed the Do Not Disturb sign on my door. I slipped off my bath robe and crawled into clean sheets. Arranging my pillows I watched some silly show. It made me laugh and it felt good.

Before I knew it I had drifted off to sleep. The phone was ringing announcing my wake-up call. The door sounded and I let the waiter in with my breakfast. Sipping fresh coffee gave me energy for the day. Seeing the sun peeking out wishing me a beautiful morning caused me to smile.

After breakfast I got everything together and laid it on the desk. I took out the suit I was going to wear for the presentation. After dressing I put my make-up on and styled my hair. I stood back and looked at myself. I looked pretty darn good. Checking my shoes for smudges and nylons for runs I nodded my head in agreement. I was complete.

Grabbing my briefcase and my purse I dashed out the door and went to the elevator. Getting on at the same time was a tall, good-looking man and we smiled at each other. He smelled very good.

A taxi was waiting for me and he whizzed in and out of traffic. I was clinging to my belongings but I know these drivers are used to this craziness. Delivered to the front door of the business, I stood taller and held my head high. I entered the door to the conference room and found my place.

I was only one of two women. This gave me the jitters for a quick moment as men are so hard to acknowledge that a woman may have a good point of view. I filled the empty cup at my seat with water and sipped, wetting my lips and throat.

Everyone was seated. My name was announced. I stood up and gracefully walked to the pulpit. I set my display up and opened my notes and began my speech. The room was quiet as I spoke. I noticed different people taking notes on what I was saying. In the far corner sat the man who I had met on the elevator.

After the meeting was over I heard clapping and I gave my biggest smile saying thank-you to everyone. The room emptied out and I was left standing alone to put everything back in my briefcase.

I was startled when a hand rested on my shoulder. I turned around to see the nice-smelling man standing there.

” Let me introduce myself. I am Robert Champagne. I am the President of Fore  Runner in Boston. I had made special arrangements to be at this meeting. I have been following your progress for some time and I felt it was time to meet you. Would you care to have lunch with me?”

I couldn’t resist his cologne, eyes and smile. I said, “why yes, that would be lovely. Thank-you so much Robert.”

As he placed his arm in mine and opened the door for us to exit I couldn’t help but  think back to the flight and the crazy jingle lady who had read my palm. Secretly to myself I said, thank-you.gypsy

The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe, Reading by Vincent Price

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Richmond, Virginia)

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Richmond, Virginia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Participants in the 2010 Boston Marathon in We...

Participants in the 2010 Boston Marathon in Wellesley, just after the halfway mark 

I am sitting here still taking in my brain  what happened to those people in the Boston Marathon. It breaks my heart and shakes my nerves. It makes me fear and it makes me want to race through the streets.

I can vision myself in easy clothes running from block to block, street to street. Save yourself, save yourself. Quit what ever you are doing this minute and get on falling knees and accept the Lord as your own. Don’t get lost in the crowds. Don’t be the followers, be the leaders.  Help me spread the word. Save yourself, save yourself.

I can’t get this out of my mind as I sit here helpless as those suffering are being cared for. I can’t help but know inside my heart this will not stop. It is promised that the world will get worse. There will be more sadness, more murders, more robberies, more bombs, more false prophets.

The world will be over come by Satan if we do not change our ways and lean only on the Lord Jesus Christ. You are wrong if you think you have time. We are not guaranteed the next breath.

As these guests are speaking on the Katie Show they were standing casually waiting for the runners to arrive. In a blink of an eye their lives were shaken out from beneath of them. There was no time to think, only instincts kicked in, while white smoke and glass and limbs were torn from bodies. Bones sticking out, blood pouring out. The smell of sulphur and death lingering near by.

If these people waiting for loved ones and the children of schools innocently sitting in class and movie goers enjoying a leisurely time out can be put into a different scenario in one second, than how fast can God come to us out of the clouds?

Oh Lord I come to you on bended knee. I pray for those in the Boston Marathon tragedy. I pray for the parents who are still suffering from the school shootings. You have warned us of these things to come and I pray that all take notice. I pray that they realize in time that their lives and hearts are not in line with you Lord. Help us to spread the word of God and to speak at any given opportunity about how wonderful you are and of your great promises to sit with you in heaven. Amen

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Boston. God bless and I pray a speedy recovery for each of you.