Who We Are

English: Man sagging with woven boxer shorts.

Jeans down to the crack

Showing respect is oh so lax

Boxer shorts in colors galore

Makes my eyes wish for no more

What is the statement being made

When my face turns crimson and many shades

I want to believe that they have smarts

But all I see is brains come apart

Each of us were made to be

To fit in with our family

We were given talents to share

Not to see your underwear

The pressures of being a youth today

Cause many kids to go a stray

To be accepted in a group

Has thrown their thoughts for a loop

I know that once I was a teen

And I wanted to be oh so keen

An ear was pierced, my dad got mad

I wanted to fit, but he mad me sad

I wore skirts and little shirts

Mom said be careful, when playing in dirt

Don’t show your privates to other eyes

Don’t lie in grass, legs to the skies

Cross your legs, don’t let eyes in

Because you don’t want to cause others to sin

Now most morals have left the door

Anything goes from shore to shore

I am glad my parents cared

And loved me by the way they shared

That staying true to who you are

Will keep you close and not drift too far.

August 29,2012

Terry Shepherd