Continuing Story Part 36

മലയാളം: ഡാലിയ പൂവിന്റെ ചിത്രം.

The doctor came in and before he sat down, he shook Drake’s hand, and then sat in his chair. He told them that the surgery had been a success. He had been able to relieve the pressure from Dahlia’s brain, and she was doing fine. He expected the pressure to keep releasing throughout the next several hours, and that she was still a little groggy, but in about an hour they could go in to see her, but only one at a time, since this was a brain procedure. He didn’t want her to get overly exhausted, so keep the visits short.

Everyone got up and started hugging each other and patting each other. They each took turns shaking the doctor’s hand and telling him what a good job he had done, and that he was the best in the world. The doctor said that he had to get back to work, and that each of them could now return to the lobby, or go get something to eat and come back in a bit.

With saying this, the doctor walked out of the door, leaving the door open for them and they followed him and all went to the lobby, but no one wanted to sit down. Excitement filled the air, and suddenly everybody was famished. They made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant and so the ones that were driving,  piled everyone in and off they went to celebrate.

Drake did not go directly to the restaurant, but went back to the house, to get Drew, who needed to know how the surgery went and to be a part of the celebration. When he entered the house, it was quiet, but he found Drew in the living room, sitting in one of the chairs watching out the window.

Drake went to him and told him the success of the operation and Drew grabbed a hold of his brother and wept and muttering congratulations. He started to say that ever since he messed up, causing so much grief and pain for Dahlia and the others, that this would have been a fair punishment, if something had gone wrong with her, but Drake told him to be quiet, to not talk like that. He in no way blamed Drew for anything, it was the illness, not Drew. Now let’s not talk like this and instead celebrate. I have come to get you and you are going with me to meet the others for lunch. Drew didn’t fight it, and dropped his pity party, and the conversation  was left alone for good.

They met up with the others, and they each ordered. This was a place no one came to often, so the ones seated next to the blind ladies, helped them to decide what they wanted to eat. In no time at all the food was delivered and everyone dug into their plates. They had all pretty much ordered the same things, hamburgers, fries, and shakes.

Each were exclaiming how good the food tasted, that they had not had this good of food in a long time from a restaurant, but deep down inside, they all knew it was such a relief of the stress from the operation, that even a bowl of soup would have tasted fantastic.

As they ate, they talked about Dahlia and then they moved on to the topic of the wedding, and then the discussion was brought up about food. No one had the time to even think about the menu, because they all wanted to get back to the hospital, but they promised as soon as Dahlia was home once again, the menu was going to be the first on the to do list. After all, the wedding was coming up in a month and a half, and there was a lot of preparations that needed to be done yet.

Ralph and Rachel decided for this celebration of good news, they would pay for everyone’s bill, and so the others left the tip for the waitress. They stood up and walked out the door, and it was such a wonderful thing to see if you were a passer-by on the outside looking in, plenty of smiles and happy faces.

They drove back to the hospital and they all went into the main lobby. No one was in there now, and even the television was off. The receptionist saw  them coming in and told them what room number Dahlia had been moved to and that they could each go in and see her, but to keep it short, doctors orders.

They wasted no time and went to the elevator, and pushed the number three button that would take them to the medical floor. Drake and Rachel were the first ones to enter the room, and the others remained in the small sitting area for their turns.

When Drake looked at Dahlia, his eyes got very big. He was not prepared for the bandages and gauze that was wrapped around her head. Her face was swollen and pale. Her eyes were closed and she was lying very still. Rachel walked over to her and laid her hand over Dahlia’s arm, and she felt warmth, and she turned to Drake and said it is alright Drake. She has been through a big ordeal, and she is just resting.

Drake walked over to her and stood next to Rachel and just watched Dahlia sleeping. Although her face was swollen, he still thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Dahlia never stirred and so the two of them turned around and walked back out of her room, giving a chance for the others to visit.

With the looks that were on Drake and Rachel’s faces, the others became concerned that not everything was alright. They stood up and went over and began to ask questions, but Rachel assured them all was alright, that they were not expecting to see her in the condition that they saw.

One by one, each went to pay a visit to Dahlia, and the last visitor to pay a visit was Ralph. He had heard so much through the chatter of all that had seen her, that he wasn’t sure what he was in for, but he walked into the hospital room and saw Dahlia lying there. She just looked like she was asleep.

He slowly walked over to the bed and looked down at her. He was relieved that she did not look as bad as the others had said. He walked then over to the chair and pulled it up to the bed and sat down. Then a nurse came in and took Dahlia’s vitals and checked the IV to make sure the drip was going at the rate it was supposed to be, and she smiled at Ralph as she started to turn around and leave, and said Dahlia is doing fine, don’t worry, she should be waking up anytime from the anesthetics.

He was watching out her bedside window and then would glance back at Dahlia, thinking how fond he had become of her over the months, and Drake had made an excellent choice in his wife. He would be happy to have her in the family.

The doctor poked his head in then , and was just checking the reports of what the nurse had written, and then nodded to Ralph and turned back around to walk out the door. A stirring came from the bed and for the first time there was movement coming from this life.

She was coming around, and he sat up straighter in his chair. He knew that she could not see him, but he wanted her to know that she was not waking up alone, so he reached out and touched her arm, to let her know someone was there with her.

The nurse was walking by and peeked in and saw that she was stirring and so she was going to go catch the doctor and let him know she was waking up. Ralph coughed and a few tears were coming down his face, as he was so glad this part of her life was over, and from here on out, it was only going to get better.

Ralph spoke to her, hoping that she could hear him, and the tears continued to fall. He was telling her that she had come through the surgery just fine, and that she was going to be alright. She was a real trooper and had been such a great patient. She stirred some more, and then a few noises came from her mouth. Yes, she was definitely waking up.

He began to remove his hand from her arm, and her eyes opened up and she was blinking them rapidly. She stirred some more and then took her hand and laid it over his arm, and she spoke.

She told him with a groggy and soft voice, it hurts, it hurts. Ralph sat closer to her and tried to understand what it was that she was saying, and so he leaned in close and said I am sorry, I could not hear you, can you tell me again what you said? Dahlia repeated herself again, it hurts, the light hurts my eyes, cover my face.

Ralph’s mouth dropped open, and his heart began to race. She said the light hurts her eyes, the light hurts her eyes! Oh my gosh, the light hurts her eyes. He jumped up and patted her hand, and told her to stay right there, that he was going to go get the doctor.

He went out her door quickly, looking both ways for the nurse, and then found her and told her what Dahlia had said. The nurse in reply went to get the doctor and Ralph almost ran to the waiting room where all were seated. He poked his head in the doorway, and with a big grin on his face, he said, she said the light hurts her eyes!

Continuing Story Part 35

After a few minutes of silence, Drake got up and together they left the small room and

Dahlia "Dahlstar Sunset Pink"

went back to the waiting room. The group talked among themselves as Drake shared what the doctor had told him. Rachel and Sue went to the cafeteria and brought coffee back for everyone and they watched the television and continued chatting.

Soon Drake heard his name being called by the receptionist and he got up from his seat and walked over to hear what she had to say to him. She told him that the patient he was interested in was getting ready to be wheeled into surgery, and the doctor thought that he may want to see her before being taken back.

Without acknowledging, he headed for the double doors and he was let in and went back to the doctors lounge and waited for someone to come get him. The doctor came in and motioned for him to come with him. They walked back through a narrow hall way and turned left and there was Dahlia lying on a portable bed being ready to taken into surgery.

He quickly went to her and laid his hands over hers. He bent down to her ear and told her that everything was going to be fine, that this doctor was going to make her good as new. As he was bending close, his tears were dripping on her hospital gown, and although he saw no motion of her body, nor did her eye lids move, he prayed with everything he had that she could hear him. He knelt into her lips and kissed her softly, telling her how much he loved her, and that he would be right here waiting for her return. With that, the doctor gave the orders to the technicians to take her on back. He turned to Drake and patted him on the back and said that he would do the best that he could do. Just go back to the waiting room and wait for someone to call him.

He walked around the corner and back down the narrow hall, but at this moment the hall seemed to stretch on for miles and it made him feel like it was sucking him in, never letting him out of his nightmare. He saw the double doors once again, and walked through them to where everyone was seated.

They all asked what had happened back there and he simply said that he had told her everything was going to be alright and that he would wait for her right here.They asked if she responded in any way, and he shook his head with a no response. With this everyone sat back down and the talk became less as minds were wandering from the day’s events.

About an hour later, after everyone was still or resting their heads against the back of the chairs, Ralph looked at his watch and said hey, let’s go get something to eat. Drake said immediately that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he had promised Dahlia that he would be right here waiting.

Even though leaving the hospital for a spell would have been nice, they knew that they could not change Drake’s mind, so they headed for the cafeteria and each ordered a meal. They found two empty tables and pushed them together, and there they all sat, eating in silence, watching people come and go, while all ears were waiting for the signal.

After they finished eating, they got up and walked over and threw their trash away, and Rachel suggested they step outside to get some fresh air. No one argued so they walked outside, and breathed in a big deep breath of fresh air. There is nothing like fresh air when you have been cooped up inside a hospital for some time. They all walked on the sidewalk, that led them around the entire building, trying to relax their minds and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

They had walked for about a half an hour and then headed back inside and went back to the main lobby. There were other new people sitting there now. The ER was a busy come and go room.

Another hour went by and most of them were dozing by now. The television had become boring and the ER was emptying out once again. Nurses had changed shifts, the receptionist had now left and a strange face had taken her seat.

Soon a loud racket could be heard on the PA system. Nurses were being called. A code blue was overheard, and staff were racing. Drake and Rachel and everyone else looked at each other and then the other, hoping it was not their loved one that the code blue was being screamed about. Silence fell over the room as if someone had just poured water over a fire. The hush was thick like fog, as everyone waited to see what was happening.

A staff came out and Ralph quickly walked up to him and asked him if this had anything to do with the patient who was having brain surgery, and the staff said no. It was a patient that had just been brought in. He said not to worry, there had been no word on the patient he was inquiring about.

Each of them breathed a sigh of relief as they took their positions back for waiting. They were speaking their  private thoughts out loud and each was consoling the other. Another staff came through the double doors and walked to the main part of the lobby and asked who was here for the Miss Dahlia party. All of them stood up at once, stating that they are the ones waiting for word. How is she, is she doing alright, how was the surgery, was it a success?

The staff member said that he was informed to come get them and to bring them back to another lounge that would hold all of them. Everyone got up and followed him through the double doors and turning to the right, were led into a large room that seated three couches and a few chairs. The staff said to take their seats and the doctor would be in, in a few moments. It was so quiet in the room, each could hear the clock ticking on the desk, and then the door opened, and the doctor walked in.