The Broken Mirror

The Broken Mirror
The coldness of your heart
Touches deep within my skin
The day you wanted to part
Gives me chills from deep within

I can still feel your heart  beating
I can taste your oh sweet lips
The stolen moments of meetings
Your hands sliding down my hips.

When you laid me on the bed
And you stroked my face that way
When you kissed me toe to head
And you showed your loving way

When you and I together
Clinched hands and tasseled hair
When the lightning from the weather
Was quieted and our souls were bared

I touch the place that you once touched
And I smell the pillow case
I can’t believe the hush
Tears running down my face

I will learn to forget you
I will sense you no longer more
I will forget your eyes so blue
I will forget the walks along the shore

Don’t come round and beg me
Don’t let thoughts of me come near
For the weakness of my knees
Will surely show my fears

So this is how it shall be
A tearing of the heart
I stand looking back at me
Touch the mirror and it breaks apart.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd