Little Black Dress

black dressOf course I have the TV on almost 24/7. I have to or else listen to the silence. I also switch between the boob tube and the Christmas music.

The commercial for the Little Black Dress for shopping at Goodwill stores always makes me laugh inside. Why you ask? What is wrong with that dress you ask?

Nothing for the right kind of person. Can you picture me wearing my little black dress changing Al‘s brief?black dress 2black dress 3 What about cleaning the bathroom in my little black dress.

I just think at this time the elegant, sexy, slimming black dress isn’t for me. Some day it may be but not right now. I would feel much more comfy doing the work I do now in my comfy clothes.maxine 2

Hey, if you love me in my comfy clothes, then you will really love me in m Little Black Dress.

Redo On My Bathroom

Today was one of those days I look forward to and am always guaranteed a nice time. I spent it with my girlfriend. When we get together we talk about our kids and antiques. We chat like we see each other every day, although she lives an hour and a half a way.

Today we went to an antique store and a used store that has about everything collectible and antique in it.

I started off slow but by the time I was done, I had enough to redo my bathroom. She got some goodies also. She also brought me a surprise gift. It is the gold framed photo you will see below. It is just beautiful in my eyes.

I also purchased the baby doll that you will see. I am not sure of her age, but she is at least as old as I am. An electric candle, some berry vine, an old-fashioned candle that operates on battery and flickers when it is lit. My girlfriend also brought me a lady on a swing.

I also took a photo of me about 15 years ago. The photo above it is of my dad when he was about 18.

babybathroomdad and megold wreathlady in swinggold frame pic

Daily Prompt; Bittersweet Memories, DP, Daily Prompt

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?

Photographers, show us GIFT.

Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts. Even Easter gifts, Wedding gifts, Marriage gifts. All of these take money.

But I received two gifts that cost nothing. One gift I had to wait for the finale for four days. Together the two gifts brought nothing but  joy to my life. Something besides pain to look at. A longing was fulfilled. Smiles replaced tears.

Here are the two gifts I received this week.

The three stage photos are of my bush as I watched it begin to bloom until completed.

The last photo is my new companion. He doesn’t yell at me or abuse me. He loves attention. He is a mature cat. Very heavy, 22-25 pounds. I received him as a gift today, and already my day has become brighter. His name is Rhino.


start of flowerssecond stage flowersthird stage flowers

Need Some Good Ideas

I know it is early, but this is the way my mind thinks. The topic is Christmas, and the hassles it brings to me and the stress and the too worked up attitude and the gifts.

Now the topic is the gifts. The economy is changing, we all know this. There are family members who can not afford gifts and there are also members I don’t see except at holiday time.

I love having the family here and I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas so we can all be together, but the gifts is becoming a pain in my rear. I have had this idea tossing around in my head, but I can’t complete it. I just toss and toss like dirty clothes in a washer

Pile of gorgeous gifts

Pile of gorgeous gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and can not come up with a working plan. This is where you come in, so put your thinking caps on, and help me figure this out! Please?

I have three grown children and eight or nine grandchildren. Now how can I do this to help myself and others

I have had the idea of drawing names, but kids can not draw names, especially little three and four-year olds.

I have thought about no bought gifts. All has to be something wrapped up from their own home, or make something at home.

I have wondered if we don’t draw names, do we make a boy or girl gift, an adult gift, and hope it goes to the right gender?

I have thought of if you don’t bring a gift then there is no gift, but then that doesn’t seem right, everyone wants a gift.

I have thought of dollar limits no matter what way we go.

You see? I need help. What are your ideas?

I have thought of no gifts period, just dinner and family time together, but then I don’t want to not get something for my own kids.

Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)