Daily Prompt; The Excitement Never Ends

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Tell us about the last thing you got excited about — butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EXCITEMENT.

The last time I got excited and butterflies in my stomach I already posted about. The auction I went to. Knowing I had a chance to touch and keep memories of my past was the greatest thing I had done in a long time.

The time before that was when my girlfriend who lives a little over an hour was coming up to visit. This makes me excited. I get butterflies just knowing we are going to spend precious time together.

We always go out to eat somewhere and chat the minutes a way. Then we go to an antique store. She always tells me the same thing every time we go. ” You always seem so sad but when you walk in the doors of an antique store you light up.”

This is probably true. I have antiques in my blood. So does Al, but it is very difficult to take him anymore plus he doesn’t register that he can’t have what ever he wants and this can ruin the entire trip.

I started in my basement. People would stop by and eventually word of mouth spread and I ended up having my own store. I loved it. I breathed it. The first project I ever did was a straight chair. It had ten coats of paint on it. I never dip furniture. I take it off by hand, one layer at a time.indian It was worth every hour I spent refinishing this chair.

The next project I did was refinish an old wooden, oak cabinet.Old-Hoosier-Cabinet-150x150

I bought a lot of pieces and refinished them, placed them in my store and sold them. I added costume jewelry to sell.vintage_rhinestone_costume_jewelry

I didn’t have so many clients that I refinished for as time went by.

I started working at auctions, buying up at anywhere I could find items and reselling them.

I did a piece for my grandmother and another piece for my mother. Those were a joy to do as I knew they meant a lot to them. I did this until I got my divorce.

I won’t rag on my ex although it would be fun and easy. I will just say I made a big mistake and I ended up having to give up my store and go to work at a real job. That is how I ended up in nursing.

So anytime my girlfriend comes up I know we are going to look some place that stirs my heart, makes me smile and turns me on. Talk about getting excited, I sure do.

Hanging On To You

Lord Howe Island snorkeling - Double headed wr...

Lord Howe Island snorkeling – Double headed wrasse clown fish and others (Photo credit: Percita)

Hi bloggers. I am writing to each of you that respond to me, all in one blog reading.

I don’t feel well today. I don’t normally make it an plan of action  to write this many blogs in so few hours, but I need your friendship at this moment.

Good news. I have hired a respite caregiver. Her name is Shannon. I fell in love with Shannon as soon as she arrived here. She went straight to Al’s room and interacted with him, while he showed her all of his coca cola items. I could hear her making a fuss over each one as if she had never seen anything like it in her life. She left him to talk to me for a while. She said she was going through the ads,but before she started reading them, she prayed, that God would show and guide her to someone who needed her. The way she feels about life, and her complete attitude had won me over. Al liked her also, a good thing. She is going to be able to let me out of here once a week, and once a month I get a whole day, like eight hours.

The heating and air man came today because of an issue I was having. Not much wrong, but still the bill was pricey, as everything in the world is. Next my son called me and told me the price of the shingles for my roof was double what I was quoted.

After we hung up I called the store and they had only quoted me for half a roof. They forgot to times it by two, so my mind went into shock, as I knew I had no choice, as the old roof was torn off yesterday. He has left to pick up the shingles and other supplies, and Al is taking his nap, so the only thing I hear is silence.

I should be grateful, but I am not. I have this huge butterfly nest in my stomach, and my heart is hurting terribly. Not like a heart attack, but like a I am alone, and I am scared, and I am fidgety. The pain in my heart is from all the stress that has been building up for months. Agitated that I can find no comfort in anyone around me. irritated that it has taken so long to find a caregiver that actually wants to help me. Battling with my own edges of depression, fighting hard to keep my sanity. Leaning on God for anything I can grab a hold of. I feel like I am going to snap. My eyes feel like they are going to flood, but nothing happens. I feel helpless, not hopeless, but helpless. My age and diabetic issues keep me going backwards, forcing me into reality that I can no longer do the things I once used to do. That with age comes weakness of the body. I hate asking for anything in life.

I feel guilty because I feel bad. I have just found the perfect caregiver, and I know God has put the two of us together, but I still feel sick.

I don’t understand why I am the way I am. Trust in the Lord. Give him all of your worries, do not lean on anyone here on earth. God will take care of me and everything that I need he will be here for me. So why do I want to just lie down and cry my eyes out. Why is my heart acting like my brother is already gone, when he is sleeping in his own bed.

Is something catching up with me? Has something been following me for sometime and I am just now realizing it?


I went to my friend Aina’s blog, link above here, and I instantly felt more pain, but I forced myself to listen to her song she had on there. She was telling me about her two-hour walk, and the restaurant that she, herself, had picked out. She chose her own meal, and listened to the live band play. As I listened to the songs, and followed the words in them, utter loneliness crept inside my soul and heart. I wanted this. I wanted this so bad, I could almost taste it. I wanted to be around those people, listen to that music, eat my dinner with calmness.

I am where I am because this is where God hath placed me. I am doing the Lord’s work as he as asked me. Why can’t I be content. I need to stop! I need to think of others over myself. I have a job to do and a soul to look after. I am disgusted that I can possibly want more.

It has helped somewhat to write again my feelings, but the heart is still aching. The loneliness will turn into loud noises once the family is back. I can once again put all of this behind me and save it for another day.

She Is Beautiful
















This is another photo that I took last night on my walk. She sat still for me just long enough to capture her beauty.

Resting gently on this tiny leaf

This beautiful butterfly caught my eye

Sun bouncing from its wings

I caught this shot, before she began to fly.

I walked up slowly

Not wanting to scare her away

I had my camera ready and aimed

Please praying for her to stay.

She seemed to know what I was doing

As she made no attempt to leave

She spread her wings so wide for me

As if caught in a spider’s weave.

I got up even closer still

And could see all  her splendor

I snapped this photo for you to see

How beautiful, delicate and tender.

Photo by Terry Shepherd

Written by Terry Shepherd