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Bedtime for Pus


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Early bird, or night owl?


My Mom told me one time when I was still living under my parents roof, that one day I would change. I would hate going to bed late and sleeping late.


I never did change but altered some due to age, worries and stress.


I was one who could sleep until noon no matter what time I went to bed when I was in my teens. When I reached my twenties I could not do it any longer. I had a children, but I missed it dearly. When the kiddies would spend the night at Grandma’s house, I slept in. Oh that was so nice.


In my thirties and forties I was going through difficult emotional times with marriages and I was a quick change artist. I could get up if I had to with no problem. But emotions ran high so some days I would seem to sleep forever.


Now in my late fifties, I have had the biggest change. My doctor blames it on being older and stress and worries. I am tired too often. Some days you will knock at my door in the middle of the afternoon and my eyes will be filled with little sleepies where I was napping.


At bedtime I am tired but can not sleep. I will stay up until around 2am watching King of Queens or the Golden Girls. I force myself to lie down and close my eyes, but they pop up often during the night.


When early morning comes and dawn is beginning to break my eyes are once again open and I am ready to get up. I often do this too. I will be up for a couple of hours and then I am ready to take a nap.


It is so silly and yet it seems to happen often. This has been going on pretty much since Al left. I think there are parts of  me that not only worry about him but maybe more that I miss him.


When he comes home he and I will have to be up at 6am. He will need to be on the transportation bus by 7:30 and I believe it will take that long to get him around and include breakfast, but I don’t mind. I will adjust and I will have my brother back home with me.




Where Are The Tremors? I Heard They Leave In The Final Stage

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Hi to all of my blogger friends! I had a couple of good friends ask where I was. I know I post too much, but you are the ones I talk to in my life, so I can not help it. Yesterday, I was barely on the internet, just popping in to see if there were any fires or emergencies. LOL.

I was down, and let me tell you, I hate it when I get down, and most of the time, I don’t even know what took me down in the beginning. I was fine when I woke up, and I think it may have started when I had to strip Al’s bed down to the mattress, as he had soaked his bed good. He had done this the night before also, and even today, during his nap, he wet, but I didn’t have to strip the whole bed, just had to make surface changes.

Yesterday, before I could start drinking my coffee, I had the complete bed change, Al to wash up and shave, and then fix him breakfast, and then drink my coffee. I spent the day floating from then on, but not really having my mind anywhere particular.

I switched out Al and my summer clothing and replaced with all fall and winter. I could see that I am going to have to purchase some smaller pants for Al,  just by comparing him to his sweats, there is much difference in sizes. I did laundry, and then felt so pooped half way through the day, that I ended up taking a nap.

I should not be feeling this way. I am middle-aged but I am not ready for the rocker on the porch thing, so I don’t know why I am so darn tired all the time.

This Parkinson’s is a tricky business. While Al can go from sad to happy in ten seconds, his tremors have slowed down immensely for several days. I read on a couple of web sites, that the final stage can bring a slowness in tremors, so while they are slowing, I am having to face the fact, that he is definitely becoming incontinent permanently. He is wet all through sleeping times, and he does not soak through the day usually, but he does wet, so while some things are slowing, others are speeding up.

Last evening, I was still down, but a very good friend of mine pushed me back to normal by talking to me through emails for a couple of hours. She is just what I needed, plenty of laughter, and complaining about our days, just girl stuff, you know??

I woke up still in a good mood today, so I am glad the sadness has left for today also. I changed his sheets and bathed him, got his breakfast, and then sat here at the computer with my hot coffee and wrote a writing exercise, and did a couple of quotes, and even played a game, that I love on FB.

Al has continued his calm tremors today and I have seen plenty of smiles, and a couple of laughs. He even refused his noon pain medications, but by supper he was freezing a little and staggering, so I gave him two of his pain meds.

I fixed lasagna for supper with biscuits and corn, and he acted like he had not eaten for years. He gobbled it up in no time at all. He is sitting on the couch reading the paper, and I don’t even hear the paper rattling like I usually do from his tremors.

All in all it has been a good day today. I can’t figure out the PD, but I am thankful for a good day and laughter from Al.