Chapter 24

Life wasn’t getting any easier. I decided Al needed to be home where his familiar doctors were. Al and I were not crazy about this idea. We both didn’t really want to walk back into memories that upset Al and made me sad.

The house listed and before we realized it we were packing up rooms, getting a moving van and were headed back to Indiana, our home town. There was really no excitement between…

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Chapter 24

Life wasn’t getting any easier. I decided Al needed to be home where his familiar doctors were. Al and I were not crazy about this idea. We both didn’t really want to walk back into memories that upset Al and made me sad.

The house listed and before we realized it we were packing up rooms, getting a moving van and were headed back to Indiana, our home town. There was really no excitement between the two of us as we saw the Warsaw sign come into view.

It was late and we were both tired from the travel and all the things that go along with moving. Because of the friction that was heavy in the extended family, Al and I didn’t let anyone know we were coming home except my kids.

My son was waiting on me to let me in to our new home. The movers were tired but went straight to work unloading the truck and setting up our beds. I believe Al and I finally flopped into bed around 4am.

The next day I wanted to pull my hair out as I looked around our home and saw box after box. Al and I  both needed to take morning medications so we dug clothing out of our  over night bags, got dressed and went into town for breakfast.

It didn’t take long while eating that Al and I started talking about the past. Had people’s views changed while we had been gone those few years? Was the talk about who was to get what past now that the estate had been closed long ago?

As we ate, we watched the news on the overhead TV and watched cars go by. Afterwards we went back to our home and Al started putting his room together. He complained of being tired and sore. I told him, ” Just do what you can bud. I will help you with everything else.”

He seemed alright with that. He went for his prize coca-cola and started setting it around. Then he got his clothes out and put what he could in his drawers. He cleared off his bed and laid down to watch TV.

That was fine with me. He didn’t feel well and yet he still helped. I spent most of the day busy putting things away. I started with the bathrooms and then the kitchen. I made sure that things we needed were unpacked first. Dishes, glasses, silverware, toilet paper, bath towels and wash cloths.

By the end of the day I was exhausted but still not finished; but at least I had a path to walk through. Al and I ordered a pizza for supper and had it delivered. For the rest of the evening we watched TV and went to bed early.

The next day was more unpacking. Within three days I had the place pretty presentable. I then started on the projects for Al. I called his former doctors and had records sent here from Florida. I called a company that Al used to work through to see about a Day Program.

By the end of that day we had scheduled appointments set with our new family doctor, Al’s old  heart doctor and Cardinal Center, the company Al had been associated with for years.

We went to supper at Golden Coral. Al loved eating there because it was buffet and he could make all his own choices. Al did pretty good walking. His top half of his body leaned to the side and his total side definitely was weaker, but he got what he wanted to eat all by himself.

As the days moved forward we discovered through the heart doctor that Al had suffered what is called a TIA, a silent stroke. This is what caused his upper half to lean to one side.

The heart doctor said for the damages that Al had suffered in his heart attack and the Angina he had now, he was in pretty good shape. She said he would not be able to keep us with most people and he would tire more easy than others. I was happy with this news.

The family doctor took Al’s vitals and had his records from where we had lived here before and his records from Florida. He asked many questions such as how was Al feeling on a daily basis, how was his appetite, did he suffer constipation, did he take vitamins.

After having an hour meeting the doctor ordered a CBC,(complete blood count) for Al and said to come back the following week.

We had only seen one neurologist when we had lived here prior but I had actually forgotten that so a new doctor was ordered. We went to see him a couple of weeks later.

We spent the in between hours enjoying the fall weather and looking at pumpkin decorations and houses that were fixed up for Halloween. We decorated our own home for the holidays and soon drifted between doctor visits and the thoughts of Christmas and snow. Neither of us were looking forward to that at all. I think this is what we missed the most about Florida, no snow.

We ate out a few times a week. My son told Al and me of car shows that were coming up. I decided to take Al to see them and before long Al had decided to add a new interest to his hobby; car collecting.

My son loved Chevy Bel Airs. He had one that was aqua blue and Al fell in love with it. Al started collecting these same type of cars. If he could not find one he would purchase an old car of another model. He loved the police cars from the era of Andy Griffith. By the end of Al’s life his room was filled up with these two special cars and many others along with his coca cola that he found.

The Daily Prompt; Time Capsule/ The Daily Post

Today’s writing exercise is based on this statement.

New Year Sunrise

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

This is something I will definitely be looking back in my files of blogging. To be able to smile and or cry over special moments I have enjoyed or gone through is precious.

January brought about a new year. A year filled with cautiousness and planned activities. New Year’s Day was spent with family. The day was filled with much love and laughter. It was also brought with good news, that I didn’t owe any taxes this year!

February brought with it the thoughts of my brother. He commented, “Why do people spend so much money on Valentine’s Day? Not everyone is married. Some people are like you and me sis, single”. This brought my burst of love on Valentine’s Day down to a more even keel. I could now accept that this day was not to be for all, and I could still remain happy and content through out the day.

March brought a visit to the ER with my brother Al. Heart pains, and a visit by the EMS. The good news was it was not a heart attack; but instead his angina had reappeared. With appropriate adjustments of medications, he was not admitted.

April brought me stirrings of Al’s birthday coming soon. I got a page together for him on Facebook and he received so many birthday cards, I could barely keep track. I saw more smiles from Al in that month than I ever had, thanks to all of my wonderful friends around the world.

May brought with it spring. A chance of another new beginning. Al’s birthday. A well planned outdoor party with family and friends attending. I so remember his eyes popping out when he opened one particular gift, a vintage coca cola soda machine. He still talks about this today. My heart surges when I remember back on that day, that was all for him.

June brought with it pain. A sad month. Al’s pain started to show its ugly face as it made it harder for Al to walk. In this month we purchased him a scooter, and he wasn’t overjoyed by it, but it did keep him more mobile. June also brought car shows, which I took Al to some all summer long.

July came in very hot with no rain. It also brought Al even more pain and tremors. Eating became difficult. Special utensils were bought for independent eating. Straws made it easier to drink, as lifting a glass became difficult. July also brought out the issues between Satan and God. Al had many discussions with me about wanting to die to be rid of his pain. He read his bible so much, that Satan became very angry at him and played mean tricks on him.

August brought with it more heat, and still very little rain. Al was approved for home health care. Quite a bit of therapy, tears, confusion were filling most of the days of this month. A fall here and then was taking place also

September came, with thoughts of cooling down, but it didn’t happen very quickly. Campfires were shared by family and sometimes Al would walk outside with his walker and sit by the fire and we would talk about vintage cars and car shows.

October brought fall and the leaves took their time in beginning their changes of green to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. By now, Al was doing a lot more sitting instead of walking. He gave up his scooter, as his fingers became too weak to make the scooter go. Tears still flooded quite a few days, and I prayed to God to please bring him comfort and peace.

November brought with it a great sadness, as I realized with Al’s constant falls and pain, he needed more help than I could offer him. He and I made the decision to find more help. Adjustments were made for the two of us. I think I went into a mild depression. November also brought Thanksgiving. Al and family were here, but Al did not feel well that day, so the day ended a little earlier.

December is here. Al is smiling more. The pain is being better controlled with medications. Christmas tree and lights were placed. Shopping and visiting homes with plenty of lights to entertain us have been done. Going out to eat with Al has been fun some days and other days I believe he went just to be with me. Now I am making gifts and wrapping them. The time is coming for once again to be with family and celebrate Jesus birthday. Another chance to be with family is coming very soon. The kitchen will be filled with fattening goodies and smells from the oven will fill the air.

I have made it through another year thanks to blogger friends, family and God. I don’t know what the year 2013 will have in store for me. I can only wish it is all good. I do know that I can count on one thing for sure. God will be with me and he will bring me through anything, good or sad.

Another Child Of Mine

The king in his brand new Birthday chair which is over six feet tall and hold at least two people. My son, the youngest of the three of my children. He was always a special child to me, as when he was two years old he was diagnosed with a bone cancer. God had it happen at such a young age, as the doctors were able to go in their and completely remove the bone that was sick, and being his age, he was able to have a cast put on and after eight weeks, a new bone grew in making his leg whole again. God blessed him and has been walking with him from that day forward. We celebrated his birthday on this past Saturday, as his true birthday is on Tuesday, when more people are at work. Weekends are always a great time for family celebrations. You can see in the photos above, that he and his lady friend are sitting in the new big chair, watching their kids swimming. These are adorable grandchildren to me. Their ages bring with them much innocence still, and I wish it to remain as long as possible. The cake was decorated in purple and blues with the main theme of The Low Rider truck. My son loves car and truck shows and he travels to see them around the state. Although, it was his birthday, I didn’t bend the rules, and he still had to be the main chef. He roasted brats and hot dogs. Along with this were various salads and his new cake. I tried a new flavor of ice-cream, that my son told me to try. It was really good. It was called Banana Pudding, and it tasted just like it too!  We didn’t do anything special. We just had quality time and I made new memories for myself, watching the kids swim and seeing my brother, Al, in the above photo smile some this day. He did like hearing the boys scream and splash in the pool. I asked him if he would like to get his feet wet but he declined.  Two of my children’s birthdays are now here this year, and I have one more son to celebrate July 4th. Then have to wait another year before getting a bite of that white cake with the butter cream icing! Happy Birthday Son!!