What I Did For Love

What I Did For Love

I never knew how

My life was being played

I only knew my heart tugged

At the thought of others

Needing a kind word

A hand on theirs

I followed my heart

And let the world

Go about its business

I will stand here

In your sight

Giving you all

I have in my

Own heart and soul

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Oct.12, 2013



The Gift

As you all know because I have crammed it down your throats yesterday, today is National Multiple System Atrophy. There have been so many comments on my Face Book page that I haven’t been able to blog. Believe me I am not complaining. People have lit hundreds of candles in his name. Some have donated in his name. Others have worn purple as I still am today.

I was going through my comments and found this precious gift for my brother and I wanted to share with all of you. None of you have met my brother, but I believe in my heart you know him very well.

Dianne Cogar I see that man Al use to be
There in his eyes still strong and free

Though his heart yearns for better days
He knows deep down this is no phase

He fights through tears, through aches, and pain
And hides them well as his strength wanes

He knows too well what lies ahead
Though it is certain he has no dread

For in his heart I’m sure he knows
That as time passes his purpose grows

For from his experience, his loss and win
Those in the future will profit in

And in Al’s name there will come a time
When his legacy will be the sign

That those like him will face less dread
For answers will reach them just ahead

And in their hearts will always be
The man who brought the world to see

For Al’s a fighter, a leader, and more
A man with purpose we all adore

Without a doubt his heart stays sure
One day they’ll find the perfect cure


Here is the correct and easy route to the M.S.A. page if you want to light a candle for Al today.



purple candles

Where Are You My Precious Love

Oh where are you

My precious love

That I may draw

Strength from

Your heart

That I might

Feel your power

And tuck me safely

Under your arm

And shelter me

From the evil

In the world

Where are you

My precious love

Can’t you see

It in my eyes

Can’t you hear

My heart beating

Here, look in

My direction

For I am

Waiting for you

Terry Shepherd


A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

A heart being used as a symbol of love.

Please Don’t Say You Don’t Love Me

Do not suck

The life out of

My loins for

I will crumble

In front of your

Feet, tears

Scrambling to

Find a place to hide

My heart laying in

Pieces for the

eyes to see

Please don’t go

Stay near my side

Love me forever

Say you will never leave.

Terry Shepherd


Broken Heart


Flying Angel 3

I can’t help but write again


As my heart is being squeezed


Tears won’t stop flowing


I loved you so long ago


When I could see you all the time


And now the barrier keeps us apart


But my love for you has never  left my heart


I can almost feel God reaching down to you


I can feel his warmth entering  the room


As he is calling your name and I see that


You have answered him back


You may be leaving


But your memories will forever


Remain in my heart


I loved you then


As much as I love you now.



Have a safe journey


Tell God hello from me


I wanted to say but one more time


While you are still here and can hear


I loved you then and I still love you now


Here’s a hug and a kiss A.W.


Terry Shepherd






There Is Life, And Then There Is Life


I turn around to see the tears

And ask why are they there

He tells me he is ready to go

That he no longer fears.

He speaks of mom and all his pain

And says he wants it gone

He says his life is of no use here

And has nothing here to gain.

My heart has cracked

As I see his tears fall

And hear the sadness in his voice

I must let him go, and not look back.

Some do not understand the ways

Of a human who wishes to die

We stand away and look from afar

And hope for him better days.

For those who know their time is near

There are no better days here

They have recognized life as gloom and pain

And want to be with the ones they hold so dear.

I wish for him with all of my heart

For his smiles to reappear

And I know without a second thought

That his smiles will return, when he does part.

I love my brother with all that I can be

I would not have missed a thing

The memories that I have buried with in

Are in the box, and only I hold the key.

I don’t know if you are right

About your time to go

But I will accept that in dreams or not

You are ready to see the light.

Terry Shepherd

July 07,2012