Five Minute Test

WRITEI saw this post on my Facebook page just now. I felt like it was speaking to me since I have felt lost for way too long. I decided to post it here and see if my brain still works. I am going to time myself for five minutes and see what comes out in words.I have no idea of what I will type in this blank, white space. Will it make any sense? Will it prove to me that I have lost something in my writing also? Okay, here goes.


A foolish person I have become at my age still waiting for that second chance at life. Grabbing hold of bubbles filled with sparks of new ideas. Love, is tagged in one beautiful bubble but my fingers can’t quite touch it.

Must I give up hope? After all the years I have lived, the experiences I have acquired, I surely have much to give and share. Wait, hold on. A bubble is floating in my direction. Should I dare? May I reach out and hold it gently in my hands?

Could this be the answer to so many prayers? I walk towards it, closer, it starts to breeze by me as if smiling at me with bursts of colors. Amazingly without thinking another thought, I extend out both of my arms and it gently rest upon me.

Inside there is a beautiful butterfly. Colors of blues and golds. I watch with intense interest at the gentle wings moving within the walls of my own invisible world. I touch it with my finger tips and it calls out to me. Somehow with spectacular grace it slips through its own shell and when I can feel it, it turns into a piece of paper. The bubble burst into mirrored, colored fragments and what is left are the words, this is your life. I have granted you a new opportunity.

Time is up.bubble

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