Life Sucks

Well, life sucks. Isn’t this a hoot? I write about my questions I am going through, and Al wakes up in pain. He was in a lot of pain last evening, all through the night, and it continued

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

into this morning.

I knew that he suffered from being placed on the scooter for too long in order for the caregiver to get her hours, but I didn’t realize the after effects on the knees. He could still barely walk this morning, and is still in tears.

After his shower this morning, I force myself to tell the story of Al’s pain due to the scooter, and the caregiver tells me that she has an interview with a business and wants to take it! She is going to continue the showers until her time is over here and her new job starts.

I sat here and fretted about her not getting her hours from me, and she already had it planned that she wasn’t staying. Life sucks, isn’t this just the hoots? Now what direction is everything going to head???