Hello my friends. Yesterday and last night Al was pretty calm. He is getting so many temperatures that we now use Tylenol on a regular basis starting after supper. The right side of  his face continues to swell, almost completely closing his one eye.

The nurse was here yesterday and the one caregiver who comes twice a week. Both stated that Al has had a large decline since last Friday. We are now holding down to a minimum his liquids and foods.

He eats one jar of baby food and a couple sips of liquid. He is silently aspirating so anything he eats or drinks goes directly to his lungs instead of his stomach. The nurse explained how the food and liquids are actually making him worse at this point.

I don’t carry any hope anymore for Al’s health. All that ends up happening is that I get more sad. For Al there will not be a cure in time and I finally came to the decision that I was hurting myself by believing something that wasn’t there.


The sun is bright

The air is cold

A foot of snow

The winter so bold


Inside my heart

It’s warm and beats

One look at Al

Makes my knees so weak


There are some times

I feel so strong

But others I feel so weak

And some the days so long


I need to breathe

In brand new air

The illness has to leave

So my soul I dare to bare


One day I know

I will awake

And life will start to change

I will feel so out of range


Al will be gone

And I will feel

My tears will weep

But we both will heal.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


lake shadows