Daily Prompt; The Perfect Game

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You’re set to play poker (or Scrabble or something else . . .) with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or, describe the ideal match: the players, the relationships — and the hidden rivalries.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COMPETITION.

The air was filled with haze. Cigars being lipped and inhaled. Eyes narrowed, all eyes on red and black. The bartender wiping glasses. Girls lined up on the stairs; ready to take your money.

Big Buck walks in through the swinging doors. Eyes raise, brows come together. Everyone hated Big Buck.

He had a reputation of being a low-down dirty dog. Didn’t give a hoot about anyone but himself. Usually everyone took off when they saw him coming he stunk so bad. Scraggly beard, rumor was he didn’t bathe but once a month. Even then I heard it said he took his bath in the pig trough.

Big Buck walked over behind one of the players. Scratching his beard and rubbing his nose, he squinted as he looked at the player’s hand. Slowly he made it past each player, checking out who had what.

Then he saw it. He saw one of the players had a card peeking out from his sleeve.

” Cheater. You all got a cheater playing here. I seen it. He has a card hidden up his sleeve. What ya all gonna do about it? I say kick him out and kick him down.”

The one being accused scooted down in his chair. Pulling his hat down to cover his eyes, the other players stood up. Putting down their cigars one of them walked over to the accused. ” Are you trying to cheat us Morty? Roll up those sleeves and show us that hidden card.”

All but one gal quit bringing in the bait and scurried up the stairs. She wanted a piece of the action.  One by one you could hear the doors slam. The bartender stopped wiping and reached for his gun on the shelf below.

” I said it once and I ain’t a saying it again. Roll those sleeves up. No one here wants to play with a cheater.”

Cheater didn’t say a word, he just pulled his hat farther down and kept quiet. One of the other players got up and snarled, ” Yeah boss, he must be cheating. Look at the coward. He can’t even prove himself. I say let’s get him.”

Everyone took cover as the cheater was picked up by the back of the neck. A punch to the right jaw and then the left. The nose was instantly swelling and blood was dripping but not a word came from  his mouth.

Another player was getting down right pissed at his lack of words and picked up a chair and cold-cocked him right over the head. Down went Cheater,  hit the floor hard. The other players started using their grubby boots and kicked him in the ribs.

The bartender let out a thunder of bullets. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him. ” Not in my bar, you all get out of here and take that mongrel with you. You gonna fight, take it outside.”

Old, Big Buck let out the biggest god awful sound. He was laughing so hard he started choking on his own spit. ” You fools, you listen to everything. If I told you the chief was coming would you believe it? You all just give me some good entertainment. I was bored and you all filled the bill.” Laughing so hard he didn’t see the chair coming at him.

Knocked him to the ground and started beating him up. Didn’t even bother taking it outside. Just let him have a dose of his own medicine right here and now. By the time the players got done with him blood was everywhere. Chairs were busted. The ladies came down to see what was happening when all got quiet.

” Get out of here you old ornery cuss. We don’t like the likes of your kind here. Don’t you ever show your ass back here again, you hear?”

They drug him to his feet and kicked him all the way to the door. Big Buck staggered outside the saloon. ” I’ll be back, you’ll see. I’ll be back, just you wait and see. You can’t keep me a way. This is a free country.”

The guys turned their back on him and went in to tend to the innocent Cheater, still knocked out cold.

lady in red


Never Saying Goodbye

Mind is screaming

Body aching

Fingers scratching

Soul is torn

Flesh is eaten

Heart is broken

As I lay here

In my bed tonight

Alone wondering

Where you are

Who are you with

Guts wrenching

Vomit on the floor

I am aching for you

Together we always were

Then you found her face

And you walked away

Never looking back

Never saying goodbye.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Free Write Friday, August 24th,2012

This is a writing exercise given to me by:


Janet was having a fling with Mark. The peeper looked through the bedroom window and saw the woman feeding the man ice-cream from a spoon. Janet and Mark had been carrying on behind their spouse’s backs for a few months ago. I don’t believe there was any real love between them, but lust was definitely frothing at the lips.

The man could hear music in the background and when his eyes wandered to where the sounds were coming from, he saw an old-fashioned 8-track player. He jotted down on his writing tablet, the song, Homeward Bound.

The room he was peeking through was run down and looked as if it had not been cleaned for months. He saw cobwebs so big and wide, that he knew spiders had been rampid and had made a new home here, and he saw how coarse the webs were. He had a feeling that if he was to step inside of the house, the rancid smell would over take his nostrils.

He jotted down more notes and moved to another window, so he could hope to get pictures and not be seen. He made his way to the opposite side of the house and slowly raised up to see if he could see and to make sure he was hidden from their eyes.

He bent back down to get his camera ready and then raised up once again, and taking careful aim, got a shot! He ducked quickly and then peeked once again,and managed to get three more shots, without being seen.

The diodes that were flying inside of the room, were so coagulated, that he didn’t think they would have even heard him tapping on the window. He couldn’t help but be human, as he stooped there for a few more moments watching the two hitch up together. He had to admit, that she was a beautiful dame. Long auburn hair, and a figure, that he wished his wife had.

He quickly turned around, as he was on a job here, and he needed to get his work done and so he picked up his writing tablet, camera and bustled his way out of there. He had all the proof he needed for the lady who had hired him.

On his way back to where he had hidden  his car, he didn’t see the hole left there from where a rock had once laid, and he tripped, and fell. He quickly stood back up and brushing weeds and mud off of him he ranted and raved all the way back to his car about how clumsy he had let himself be.

The car came into sight, and he opened the back door and laid his belongings on the seat, and shut the door. Getting in the front seat, he sat for a moment, checking himself out to see if he had cut himself somehow, and seeing nothing, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

He was a highly recommended P.I. and had done this work for years, but although he had lost track of how many jobs he had done, his adrenalin always raced, and  he was glad once he got back to his office.

Driving back, he saw a few deer that were deciding whether to run out in front of him or not. He honked his car long and hard until they turned the other way and scampered off. Other than that, the trip home from the lake cottage was peaceful.

When he arrived at the office, he took out his whiskey bottle from his desk drawer and  poured himself a glass. He sat behind his desk and propped his feet up and lit a cigar and drank his drink.

In his mind, he was going over the notes and already placing them in order. He pictured the woman once again, and wished for a brief moment, that he could have just one day with her, but he wasn’t willing to risk his marriage. His own wife was a good solid woman. She would do anything for him as he would do for her, but in looks, her inner beauty was more beautiful than the outer. He shook his head as if to shake off the sinful thoughts and went to work writing out his report.

The next day he called the lady who had hired him and they set an appointment to meet at 11 this morning. After hanging up he showered and shaved and made himself some breakfast, and then started making his plans for his next case in waiting.

When he met up with his client, they shook hands and he told her to be seated. His elocution of his report assured her that he knew what he was talking about. She was not surprised but started crying when the facts were no longer suspicions. Her husband was having an affair.

This writing exercise wanted me to try to use each of the words in the above photo and write something, that made sense. I hope this made sense to all of you. I really enjoy writing for Kellie. It helps me to expand and exercise my mind. Thanks Kellie!

What Did She Really Want?

English: Girl walking in a beach. Porto Covo, ...

Beth stood at the water’s edge, letting the water slip in between her toes. Sun shining on her back where her dress was backless. Winds gently blowing the edges of her dress, rising it slowly to show slender, tanned legs. Any man would turn his head twice if he was looking her way. Her hair formed a silhouette around her shoulders. She was definitely an angel to cast eyes upon.

Beth had come to the ocean for a break from her life. She had just received the house, car and all bills and maintenance that goes along with owning material things. She had also bartered and lost her children.  Her attorney had cheated her out of her children, leaving her with shells for a prize, and  leaving her only with her own bank account she had.

Beth had spent this past week, calling utility companies and having vacation placed on them for the summer months. She had cleaned the kids rooms, and packed up what she could of their clothing and personal belongings. Her ex-husband had ordered a small u-haul to come over the day before she was to leave for her vacation, and had all the children’s bedroom furniture, bikes, and other toys loaded up. She had spent her last evening with her kids, telling them how much mommy loved them, and she had dug pictures out of her and them and had given these to her babies. She hugged and kissed on them, until her daughter said mommy, I love you and we will miss you. Hurry back to us. With a tear sliding down her cheek, she quickly turned away so they would not see her emotions, and went and rechecked their over night back packs. In less than an hour it was over. The house became silent, no more hugs or kisses. The children were on their way to their new homes with dad.

Beth had made a bad decision in her life and had been caught. While her husband traveled for business, and their children were at school, she was having an affair. It was an accident she said to her husband. He was gone too much, and the other man was there to fill the empty hours. She had met him in her office. A smart sassy looking guy, with a flair. A look of confidence and yet a wildness was in him, when you looked deep in his eyes.

He asked her one afternoon, when they had both finished their jobs early for a holiday, if she would allow him to buy her a drink. She knew she should have said no, but she nodded her head in affirmation. They ended up in each others arms that same day, and the passion they brought out in each other, caused them to meet in secrecy every chance they met.

One day, the game was over, as an anonymous  caller phoned her husband and said that as a man to man consideration, he wanted to let him know that his wife was cheating. Her husband hired a P.I. and in no time at all, he called him and they met so photos could be exchanged, verifying the affair.

Beth had no idea, when one day she answered the door bell, that is was a special delivery for her, papers for filing for divorce and custody of their two children.

Now, as Beth stood on the water’s edge, she walked gracefully along the edges of the beach. Catching the eye of a stranger, he walked up and introduced himself, and ask if he could walk with her, and she nodded her head in affirmation.

Picture It And Write It, Prompt #23

Celia was in David’s arms once again. Lovers they had become. Celia embracing him with  all of her emotions and  needs, pouring them into David, feeling his heart beating against her bare breasts, his arms wrapped around her making her feel beautiful.

Celia was a spoiled woman, who had been given all of her heart’s desires by her father. Her father loved her and could never discipline her. He never wanted to see her with a sad face. Celia was a married woman, who had a hard-working husband, named Bill. Bill was secure,  providing money for all of her needs, or so he thought.

Celia had met David at a local pub. She had gone there because of another argument between her and Bill. She had seen a beautiful dress in a store window the day before, and bringing this up to Bill  at supper tonight, he had said no. Celia wanted this dress. She could imagine herself walking the streets of downtown, with all the people staring at her beauty. Bill’s argument was that she had enough dresses already hanging in her closet. That the house and auto insurance premiums were coming due, and these needed to be paid first. They would try to buy the dress out of the next pay check. Celia was not happy with this plan. She wanted the dress now. She had walked out of their home, and went straight to the pub, to drown her sorrows in music and alcohol. While there, she drew the attention of David. David was a lady’s man. He thought all women adored him, and he used all women for his own enjoyments, usually dropping each one as his needs were fulfilled.

He walked up to her and asked her if he could buy her a drink. Celia looked up at him and saw the most beautiful dark eyes she had ever seen, and motioned for David to sit down next to her. They drank and they chatted. He told her about his nice car he had just purchased two weeks ago. She asked him what kind of work he did, and he told her he was in sales. David told her that he lived in a high-rise only a walking distance away. After some time of senseless chat had occurred, he ask her if she would like to come with him. Celia saw her new dress hanging in her closet. All she had to do was entertain David and fulfill his fantasies, and the dress would be hers.

They both walked to his apartment, and when the door was unlocked, David let her go in first. As soon as the door was shut behind them and locked, he began to tear her clothes off and she was tugging at his also. Their lips met hard, their hands grasping for each other, as they made their way to his bedroom. David threw her on his bed, and took her there. After their love session was over, she told him that she wished her husband could make love to her like this. She explained that their love-making had become boring and too routine. David didn’t even blink when she mentioned her husband. He didn’t care if she was married or not. All that mattered to David, was that for tonight, she was his. Having gotten his needs taken care of, he stood up and started to get dressed. Celia asked him why he was in such a hurry to end this night, and David mentioned that he had forgotten an important phone call he needed to make. Celia said nothing, and with a pouty face, got up and dressed. He walked her back to the pub, and gave her a piece of paper with his phone number on it, and said, call me, the next time you are going to be at the pub. Celia took the paper and placed it in her purse, and walked home, being no closer to the dress she wanted than she was before.

Bill was sitting at his office desk in their den, going over their budget. He told Celia, that he would be able to buy her the dress in two weeks. She made a grunting sound and walked past him, to their bedroom, and running herself a nice, hot, bubble bath. She got in and went over the past few hours of her evening. Sure, David was good enough in bed, but he could offer her much more, than just

thrills. Meanwhile, a block away, David was thinking of her also, and knew that he had a wild cat here, and he wanted more.

A few days later, Bill had to leave for an overnight business trip. Celia found her piece of paper with David’s phone number on it, and she called him. She told him she would be at the pub that evening, around ten. She asked him if he would care to join him for a drink. She wanted the dress, and he wanted his desires met, so once again, Celia was in David’s arms, and lovers they became.

This story was written for Picture And Write it by Terry Shepherd and credits going to