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Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...


Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

1980 penny; this is what I first found. What a great year, yeah right. Swimming in sweat. Overloaded belly. Vomiting every night for the first four months. Yes, I was the oddball of the pack. Instead of reaching for the saltine crackers  before rising out of bed. I was on delay switch until evening. That is when my night sickness arrived. It was timely and on schedule every night. I swear you could set your watch to it.

This was a child that was conceived by error. Not my error, the little flexible thing called an IUD. The doctors raved about it back in the day. Oh this is a wonderful gadget. You will never have to worry about taking a pill daily. You will never know it is there.

Really? I don’t think so. Each month before the big moment happened I knew I had the foreign object inside of me. Terrible cramps appeared out of nowhere. My clothes suddenly became an issue with cleanliness. I began to hide safely  in my four walls waiting for the coast to clear.

One night I had the worst cramps ever. I thought I was going to die. My husband looked at me like I was nuts when he walked in the room and saw me doubled over like a beach ball. After his sudden shock wore off he rushed me to the ER.

This is where the big moment had happened. I wasn’t even aware that visitors had come un-announced. They just decided to have a party all on their own and the after effects of their play time produced a life within me.

The doctor quickly removed that little critter claiming it could result in a loss of life. This was the culprit of the bad cramps and the terrible pain on this eve. It was removed and then I saw my husband looking at me.

He had the biggest shit eating grin plastered from ear to ear. He had heard. Yep, the doc wasted no time in letting him in on the news of we were expecting. While he was thrilled I was not quite as happy.

Not that I didn’t want the stork to stop by our house, but because back then to have a baby after a certain age was not nearly as safe. I fretted and I worried. The bright glow that most women carry was hiding for me.

Except for the fact of being a worry wart, the nine months went well after we got past the night sickness. You know everyone says that we go through mountains and valleys. I had been on the up and suddenly I was headed down to the bottom.

Sugars were rising. They were spilling into my system and reaching the un born child. All of a sudden time was of the essence. The doctor set a date that I would have this child. He even added that if I didn’t deliver the cute bundle he and possibly I would die.

I went into the hospital at the scheduled date big as a barrel. The doctor tried to break my water but it was a stubborn process. With much effort he produced a positive effect and then told me I had five hours to show what I could do.

Time ticked by slowly as pain increased. I was told this was called false labor as the dilating segment was not happening. I went through hard labor, that was said to be non-productive  labor for four and one half hours.

The doctor came in and shook his head. I felt so guilty. Like I was disobeying a parent. I heard his words through my screams that they needed to schedule a C-section. Oh no I thought. I have heard about those. They cut you from top to bottom. Push harder Terry, don’t let them get the knife.

I concentrated on that spot on the ceiling and worked like hell to make this all come out in the end. Time still ticked and nothing. I heard the doctor yell at the nurse,” Let’s get her into the operating room stat. The sugars are spilling heavily. We are going to lose them.”

The senior nurse went to the end of my bed and started to un lock the wheels when out of no where she yelled,”Doctor come quick!” He went to her side immediately and looked in the direction she was and wouldn’t you know it? The baby was as scared of the knife as I was.

There was the darkest head of hair ever.  The doctor worked in triple time and within a few moments our son was born. I had two minutes to spare. I , we, all of us had made this come together like a good ball game, Home Run!