Picture It & Write Oct.14th, 2012

Innocent is what she was. A little girl living in the hollowness of the almighty tree. A child that had been dropped off by some unwilling female who did not have the guts to turn the child in to the proper authorities, instead left it here in the forest for nature to rear and nurture this life.

A child of innocence, who learned a special language. A language taught from the wild life who lived in the depths of the circle of shadows and branches. Animals protected and leaves kept her dry. Sunlight filtering gave her eyes to see the beauty surrounding her.

Words that can only be recognized by nature would spill from her mouth, and the branches would scoop down and lift her into their arms providing love and support. This child wanted for nothing and now as a teenager, she was naive to the outer edges of the world. Love and peace were her vocabulary. The animals were her friends, and there was no hate to be recognized.

She did not need much food as the berries and the fish from the nearby stream fed her. As fires for cooking would be seen in the darkness of the eves, trees would bow down to her, forcing breaths of winds to circle around and go else where.

As she was gently lifted into the sleep of the  nights, deer, and rabbits, and a fox or two would gather around her and keep watch until dawn, and then scamper into shadows of the land, waiting until needed again.

To live a life with no pain or sorrow, to be innocent of the foul play that intertwines our lives, to love all and to  have no jealousies, is a life that many of us would be envious of. The mother that left the child to fend for herself, actually brought to life a creature like no other.



A writing exercise completed for Ermilia. Thank-you for this opportunity to expand my mind.