Do You Want to Voice Your Opinion?

I heard on the early news this Saturday morning that an elementary student was disciplined for sharing his lunch with another student. My mouth dropped and my eyes probably bugged out as my daughter says they do when I am upset.

I have stated in a few of my posts that our world is no longer the country of Love they neighbor as thyself. I believe we are more a ME world, and what can you do for me. It is sad. I don’t believe this is the purpose of why we were born.

Not bringing any politics or religions into this post I still believe that gathering in groups and number; watching out for each others backs; and treating others as we would also like to be treated can be the Golden Rule of life.

What are we teaching a youngster when we punish him for sharing? Nothing less than what I stated above. So sad, just terrible in my opinion.

It used to be in our country and still remains in some areas of the world that when parents become old, the children take care of the parents. Sort of like a pay it forward moment. After all most parents spent a good part of their younger days trying to raise children into good adults.

Today, it is not done so easy. Times are different. I realize this. Economy is off-balance. Work is hard to find. Work is harder on the body as many try to do the job of more than one person as companies keep down-sizing to hold on to a few more dollars. Not all grown children can afford to care for their elderly parents, even if their hearts and hands want to.

When my brother was in the nursing home those short, six months, I was able to observe and get to know quite a few of the residents. I was a little surprised at how many had siblings and families in the same area, but here this lonely person sat, trying to make each day pass.

I heard stories from their mouths on the lonliness they felt and how they wish the good Lord would just take them home. With the child who shared his lunch and then was reprimended, what do you think the chances are that he will look after his parents when they are aged? You already know my thoughts, what are yours on this topic?