Rainy days

Drifting leaves

Blowing breeze

These are our ways


Sun hiding today

Slight chill in the air

Two cups to share

I push cookies your way


A day of thought

A day to bake

Friendships we made

Love we sought


Stories we tell

Tears we share

Laughter we bare

We now know each other well


Four seasons we’ve lived

Bonded  heart to heart

Glue once held tight  tore us apart

I am so thankful we decided to forgive.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







Blizzard Treats


When Al has days that are full of pain, I try to think of things to get his mind off of the pain, even if it was only for a short time. I took him to Dairy Queen for supper, and he had his favorite blizzard, Reese Cup mixed with Reese’s Pieces. He was surel enjoying it.

While there we ran into a class mate of his that he went to elementary special education with and we all three chatted but Al could not remember him at all.

Outside our window seat we saw this train. Al used to scream bloody murder when he heard trains when he was small, and he also screamed like this when he got his hair cuts. I think these ages were around five or six. Neither of us at that age had been taken out into the public, so the whistles from the trains, and the shears scared him to death.

These are some of the frozen ice-cream cakes Dairy Queen sales. One year, Al wanted one with an old car for his decoration, when we lived in Florida. While we were there getting his favorite treat, I went ahead an ordered one. It was my error for not asking how much it would be. I thought no more than twenty something, but when I went to pick it up, it was over $30.00. I was shocked, and Al was very lucky that I love him, because I would have told them I didn’t want it after all!

We were all finished with supper, and Al had to use the men’s room. I waited and finally he came out. We were almost to the front door, and he says too loudly, I pooped! I don’t have to take any poop medicines tonight.

I am sure my face turned as red as the roof on the building, and I looked at him, and said let’s go. He asked me, what did I do wrong? I said later. We both left and once in the car, I explained for the third or fourth time, that we don’t talk like that about our bathroom business in public, especially at restaurants. He said sorry, he forgot.

Now we are home and he is with his television relaxing, and feeling five pounds lighter.