Would You Give Up Your Life For What You Believe In

I was watching Touched By An Angel tonight and it was on beliefs and how strong one feels about their belief.

This made me stop and let my mind wonder what is so  important to me that I would lay my life down for it. Of course we would lay our lives down for our children and our mates, but is there anyone or anything else that you would give up your life for?

I can not say whether your belief is right or wrong, who am I to judge. Catholic, Protestant, Buddha, atheist, Lutheran, Baptist ; these are some examples of churches that people go to and believe in.

I added atheist to the group because they can say that they do not believe in God and this is their right, but I do believe that even this group believes in something.

Does it make a difference what part of the world we live in? Or how we were brought up? I do think there is a big part of these questions that hold truth. You were either brought up in a God believing church or you were not. Maybe you never heard of the God that I worship. Or maybe if you have heard, you do not understand.

Believe me, after many years on this earth, I have heard of God years ago and still do not understand all there is to know. But I also believe that God allows me to understand what he knows I can understand.

This man who starred in the TV show believed so firmly in what he had learned that he died for the cause. Even when an angel presented herself to him in person, he still held fast to his beliefs and died.

Do I believe strongly enough to die for my beliefs? Do you? It is a deep thought, I realize. Many of us do not truly know the answer to this until we are faced with it, then the decision becomes very clear.

It was a great show as I believe all of these shows are. One reason I know that it is a heart-felt and wonderful show is the stations took it off the air. Now you have to find it on the off stations.

Why would someone take a show that teaches and talks about how good God is off the air? Fear? Ignorance? Not enough dollars coming in from  it from lack of viewers?  It seems to me it is very clear that the more you take God out of your life, the more airplanes crash, wars remain active, sex becomes available at all ages, drugs run rampant, murders are becoming an every day occurence. College students are being raped and killed. Bullying is headline news. The government has taken the word trust out of its vocabulary and replaced it with the word greed.

Cancer is a  household common name, kids run a way from home,  young girls are becoming pregnant, divorce rates are sky-high, marriages are fading. God is fading from schools, businesses and governments. Is it any wonder our world is a mess?

What ever you believe in hold strong, cling to it. If you do not believe in anything at all, I hope that you do before it is too late. We are in charge of our lives, yes it is our freedom to choose. On the other side of that coin, God is in charge of who walks through those pearly gates.

pearly gates

His Love Is Here to Stay

Arise Jesus

Arise Jesus

The night before you rose

The earth is silent now

Mourning the loss of you

Is only what we can do

You tried your very best

To teach and show us all

What is right and wrong

You didn’t want us to fall

Some of us listened

And others ran as well

Some cursed your name

And left you for an empty shell

But you let these things happen

You trusted your Father you said

You knew that your love for us

Was strong and in Satan‘s way

We get up in the morning

Our hearts still breaking in two

Coming to see you one more time

But you are not here what should we do

We tell all those around us

That the stone has been rolled a way

The glorious Father above us

Has risen you for this day

We fall on bended knee

And cry out to you above

We praise your name oh Father

Now you love us from above

Terry Shepherd



I Am Reaching Out To You For Prayers

Prayer chain

Prayer chain


I have a very good friend who is hurting so badly. She has a daughter that is married with young children. Let’s call the daughter Lucy. Lucy had started a fairly new job. She began having headaches. These weren’t just the normal  pop an aspirin type. They were serious enough to go home from work.

Several days of this went by and finally they let her go because of too much missed work. I just learned a few minutes a go that she has been diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Her mother is devastated and frankly so am I.  I have known this young lady since she was a year old.

Only God can bring about this much-needed miracle. There is no monies and no insurance. I know you are going to ask about the husband, so I will just add that at this time he is not working.  She needs to be in a hospital but they are refusing because there is no insurance.

Please my friends, pray for a miracle. Pray for time so that she is in the hospital exactly at the prime moment for her surgery. We are selfish people I agree. Her mother needs her, I don’t want to lose her and her children need her.  I come to all of you on bended knee asking for your help. Send this request to your prayer chains also. God bless.

Picture It & Write, October 21, 2012

A brand new beginning. The book of Revelations had been more than a book. More than someone’s view, more than someone’s faith. It had happened. Everything that was told would happen did.

The Christians arose from the grave and went to sit beside the almighty God. The floors opened up and everyone that had ever doubted, or had turned their backs on God, having been told about him, and still refused, were thrown in the pit of hell, to fight it out with the devil.

The beast showed his horns and made all kinds of promises to the ones left behind, that he would take care of them. He promised them a better life than they had ever lived. He promised them fame and fortune, if they would only follow him.

These left behind, had a choice still. They could pick God or choose the devil. If you wanted to choose God, you had to work for it very hard. You may starve almost to death, you may lose your home, your families, your job, and almost your life.

The price was high, but the end reward was living side by side with the almighty one. If you made it to heaven, the gates were made of gold and opened up into a kingdom, like no other that you could possibly even begin to dream of. Diamonds, and gems and stars that twinkled ever so brightly. Light that never disappeared behind a cloud, or lay down to rest.

No more pain, no sickness, cancers, jealousies, cheating, hurting, nothing to feel but happiness and peace. You walked in contentment. You wanted for nothing. Food was rich by hearing the word spoken from the lips of God.

The battles had been played and the chosen ones were now seated, and below in hell were the ones that were left behind or chose to not believe. The screams and tortures could be heard as you could see the devil and all of his followers behind steel bars, that would hold them forever and ever.

A new earth, a new dawn, a new life. The world was good, and it would once again begin to build itself all over again.


These thoughts and opinions are my own beliefs. I did not write anything to anger or hurt anyone in this writing exercise. As for myself, I am a believer of the almighty God. I am working as faithfully as I am able to at this point to walk the path to heaven. Although the works here on earth are difficult and sometimes hard, I will walk forth with faith  a little more each day. I believe with all of my heart, that the work I have endured here on this earth, is nothing in comparison to the work that I would have to do to battle between God and Satan.

I am tired and I carry stress. I have many christian friends, and I have three children, and many grandchildren that I love dearly. My prayer for today, is that not one face turns away from God, that not one human passes from this earth not hearing the word of God, found in the Bible. I pray that we lean unto the Lord who has all the answers and perfect timing.

This has been a joy to write for this week’s writing exercise, given to me by Ermilia. It is a chance to let you know what I am made up inside of my heart and soul. No one can judge me on what clothes I wear, or how heavy I am, how much or little money I have, or what car I drive. I will be judged by one and only one on judgement day, and this is all that matters. My day is coming as quickly as in a blink of an eye. Am I ready?  I hope so.




A Star Is Twinkling Down On Me

A photograph from within the children's hall a...

A star is twinkling down at me

As my head is turned down towards my knees

I wonder what is causing the light

To shine at me and be so bright

Today I felt a tug at my soul

To quit and bury it in a hole

Was that you Satan trying to take my life

Haven’t I forgiven and taken all in strife

Have you not heard me call God’s name

And hang my head down in all my shame

Words were harsh and tears were shed

I know you wanted me to quit and play dead

I can not pay the tribute you oh so need

You are evil and so full of greed

God is good and here for me

But sometimes I forget to bow to thee

It is the days like this today

That Satan wants to come my way and play

He draws on our tears and our hurting hearts

He’s trying  his best to tear God and me apart

I tell you that I refuse to play

Go away and leave me for another day

For one day you shall pay the price

For what you have done, not once but twice

My God will lift me up to him

You will lose Satan and I shall win.

Now turn your back and walk away

I don’t need your crap on this sad day.


A telephone recording adapter (in-line tap). T...

She didn’t know why she behaved like this. She was a pure animal, a stalking leper. She would find herself driving by his house and sometimes sitting across the street, just watching, waiting to pounce.

She knew better, but she found her body moving differently than her mind. She would go out late at night, and park in front of the house, and get out and walk around all the windows, just hoping to get a glimpse.

She was consumed with him. She thought about different ways she could run into him, and even when she was at work, she thought of him. She had messed up but she didn’t care.

She had been the wife of this man, but had been drawn into the arms of another, as the words that drooled out of this stranger’s lips, melted her into soft chocolate. She promised herself, that she would never let it go past the flirtation stage. This would not be considered an affair, as long as she didn’t cross the line of her mind.

Each time the two met, it became harder to ignore the body’s signals, and one time she threw caution to the wind, and slept with him. Immediately afterwards, she felt guilt, and ran  home to wash the sins off of her body, claiming never to speak to this other man again.

But over and over, she fell into the lust and desires, when their eyes met, and before long, her husband found out about it. She explained her poor story, that she was lacking something in herself, and she needed help. Could he help her to get through this and overcome it. Maybe marriage counseling might work.

He forgave her, as he loved her and he wanted to believe in her and so they did attend counseling for a short period of time. While the counseling was continuing, she would force herself to hang up on the phone calls, that were meant for her ears only.

One time at the counseling session, words hit the heart and also hit too close to home. She got upset, and threw her heart to the next phone call, and this in turn, was replayed by her husband who had a tape recorder going on the phone. She had been busted, and had betrayed not only her husband, but what the marriage stood for.

He moved out into his own place, leaving her there alone to sort out her wicked ways and sickness. In no time at all, the divorce was final. She never returned to her lover, and her ex had now moved on and found someone who would appreciate him for what he represented as a person.

She found herself hanging out at bars and clubs, trying to fix her problems from a bottle, but all that happened was she fell into too many strangers arms. She needed professional help to see what was going on inside her head, but until she could admit it out loud to herself, there was no  help.

Her ex re-married and lived only three blocks from where his ex-wife resided. It was too easy. Too easy to drive or walk. She would keep her eyes out for him, watch for him to come out,  peek through the windows to get a glimpse of him. She wanted him back. If she could not have him, then his new wife would be a loser also.

She sat in her car, waiting. Waiting for a glimpse, plotting ways to get him back, dreaming about ways to rid him of the new woman in his life.

Listen And Write It August 6,2012




Marriage, what an important word, one syllable, small word, but vast importance should be placed on this. People marry for many reasons. Sex, best friends, pregnancies, influences.

There are divorces happening faster than marriages, and this is a very sad situation. The wedding is taking place in this video. Much planning has been done to make it a perfect day. A day for all to see and share. Lots of music, drink, hugs, kisses, and congratulations.

Sometimes, thousands of dollars are spent on weddings, but how much is spent on counseling, and work shops, classes for learning budgeting, child rearing, views on how many children to have, religions, parents views. How many couples actually know the in-laws? If we spent more time and money working on the compatibility section I believe our marriages would have a better chance.

This is my opinion only, and not made for the sake of argument only, but I believe that marriage has to start first with God. Lots of talk about where we are going to place God in the marriage,  will we go to God when we have arguments and small disagreements, starting the day with bible reading, or devotions.

I believe we also need to keep our priorities correct, and in getting to know each other, know what each others priorities are most important. Do you agree on these together. Will you stay and work it out together with God’s help and each other, or will you go to your own parents, friends, or anyone else that will listen, and use their advice?

The video shows the groom stumbling when he is to be saying, I DO, and he takes off running. This is humiliating for the bride, I am sure, and all the guests are watching and whispers are being heard. I commend this gentleman for leaving, because it is much more painful to marry for no love, than for love.

A divorce affects both husband and wife, and sometimes children are involved without asking to be. Feelings can be clung to for years in a child’s life of not being wanted, fought over, divided between families, which results in emotional scarring, doubts of confidence, and sometimes repeating the same broken process when they marry also.

If enough time is taken, and respect is earned between two people, values are discovered and shared, and God is placed first in the marriage, more marriages will succeed in this difficult world we live in.

My thoughts only for this writing prompt.