Our World, Our Decisions, ISIS

I consider myself a Christian, and yet because I am human, I get scared and fear for our country with all that is happening in it.

Ebola, ISIS, Terrorists, and Hancock, NY. I don’t usually post news I am not sure of when it comes my way on Facebook, but I decided I would.

As a Christian; are my only choices sharing this or praying? Am I supposed to give it to God and not worry anymore? I know that I can not control the world. I can not make decisions and expect the world to follow; but hey, how can I sit back and just watch, doing nothing?

My other question is, why did Fox news leave Dish? Is there more to the story than we know? Fox news to me was always good. If I wanted to know the facts I would just tune in to this station, and now they are gone.

Well this is Food for Thought, and I am sharing. Whether you watch or read or ignore, I still want to share.








Al Wanted This For Gift For Me

Tonight as I was tucking Al in for bed he said he wanted to leave me something to remember him by. He told me to go get my camera and take a picture of him and me so I could have this to hang on to. I knew it would not turn out as well with me holding the camera but he said it had to be done tonight. Here is his gift to me.

Al and me Christmas 2013