Christmas Artists

Now that I have moved, Christmas season is still with me; but snow is not allowed, or not much. I have seen a sprinkling but not much as of yet. I know they do get snow here but maybe a couple of inches. It’s all right until you think of Christmas and snow falling.


Christmas Day

Looking out my window

Seeing the falling snow

Family is on their way

Terry Shepherd



That is probably the biggest change I see at this time of year, well along with the warmer temperatures.

One thing I am grateful for, whether I live up north or here in the mid south. Christmas music. Old-time favorites, singers passed on, but their music comes alive at the holiday season.

Who is your favorite singers at Christmas?

Which songs stick out in your mind during the Christmas season?

I am posting the link to some music from my all-time favorite singer. He isn’t only the cat’s meow at the holidays; but all year round for me.