Day After Christmas

Yesterday  was  the day for Christmas  sharing with my kids and me. I  always look  forward  to this event. The meal planning, making sure there is a favorite  of  each of my three kids sitting on the table ready to  eat.

Things can’t  be as they usually  are, when you  are no longer in your own  home, but I  tried my best. My legs didn’t  work well, which was a good thing as far as the  meal went. Our menu was based around  Stouffers, lasagna.

I had prepared  ahead of time the seven layer salad, deviled eggs, butterscotch  dessert  and fudge. The recipes  for these many year  return foods are:
Seven layer  salad

Fry up and break bacon. Layer chopped  lettuce, bacon, frozen peas  and shredded cheese. After  final layer, spread  a layer  of  mayonnaise  over entire  top. Cover and chill 24 hours. Stir and enjoy .

Butterscotch  Pudding Dessert

Mix 1 cup flour ,  1 stick butter  and  1/2 cup of  nuts. Mix and pat into 9 x 13 pan. Bake 15 minutes  at 350 degrees. While cooling ,  mix 1 cup powdered  sugar, 1 package cream cheese, 1 cup of cool whip. Use mixer. Pour this over crust and spread to edges.
Next, mix 2 regular  size instant butterscotch  or Chocolate  sugar free or regular pudding mixes with only 3 cups of milk. Pour over cream cheese  layer. Last, spread rest of regular  size cool whip over entire dessert. Garnish with  nuts. Eat and enjoy

The fudge recipe is on the back of the Milnot cans. 5 minute  fudge. I had baked a berry  pie and had Michigan  cherries.

My daughter  arrived late, which is  very  unusual .  She was ill and had went to the doctor. She had a sinus and ear infection  with no voice. I  appreciated  her coming, although  she belonged  under the covers. She brought  her daughter .  Her husband remained at his parents  home, due to health  issues with his father .

My daughter  in law  brought 2 of her three kids. It was  an alright day. It could have been better ,  but it could have been worse .  The afternoon  ended and near supper I received  an invitation  to supper, so I  accepted  and we went to Pizza Hut.

When I  arrived  home I went straight  to bed to rest my legs. I slept all night  and am now getting  ready to go visit my bestie for a few days. Sunday I  go back home.

So how is your  holiday weekend  going?


Darn Body, Darn Parkinson

Today was and remains Christmas  for about  five more hours .  I have been visiting  my son and his family since Halloween  and will be  returning  home New Year’s  day.

It has been fun and came with challenges  as is expected  when you  have  any  extended  visit. The most fun was watching the kids play, hearing the baby giggle, listening to homework  being done, and remembering  back to those days with my own kids.

I have been able to visit with friends and have many laughs and talks about old times. The weather has been good to me. There was only one day so far, that was pretty  cold.

The bad things that happened  were internal with me. The internal tremors  are slowing me down .  My legs hurt and ache so much quicker  than six months  ago .  My stomach tremors and causes stomach aches and loss of appetite .  Parkinson  makes me more tired than before. I feel like one of those nineteen eighty  toys, weeble wobbles. I get pretty unsteady  and one day here, I  actually  fell, bending over trying  to find something .  I  hate bending over, even for a dishwasher .

Trying to fix the goodies that I  have  done for years, plain wears me out. I make one thing and I  have to rest for a bit before I  start fixing something  eles .  This year I used a couple  of days to fix things for Christmas  meals. It doesn’t  hurt to do this. It just  makes me recognize  I have that invisible  illness.

Tomorrow  my daughter and my other son’s  families will be here and we shall all celebrate  together . I’m  going to do my best not to look lazy, but I  am just drained, and  my body is worn out.

I hope all of you  are enjoying  your  Christmas  holiday. Hugs, me.


Christmas Morning

Christmas  morning  has arrived
I’m  the only  one up?
Took the time  for my own gift
A cup of coffee with news on the side.

I went outside to have a smoke
The streets were heavenly  quiet
I saw the brightest  sign of all
The biggest moon, I  really so stoked.

A sure sign of something grand
Had taken place this day
The baby Jesus Christ  was born
And was glowing  throughout  the land.

Returning  to my bed I hear the sounds
Of voices and tiny feet
The house was stirring on Christmas  morn,
Kiddies were racing to the presents  bound.

I have said a prayer  to God above
For those alone  and lost
I asked him to show them with no doubt 
His gift for this day, his undying  love.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
December  25th , 2015


Merry Christmas to all of my Blogging Friends

Christmas  time is here
Some of you  will cheer
Others may spend the day
Alone, no other way
Families  come together
Drive through  wicked weather 
Others will remain in bed 
Lifeless, no tears to shed
Let us not forget the reason
Why we’re here, this Christmas  season 
Our Christ, the Lord was born
He is King, forever  more
I wish each of  you today
A Merry Christmas  and glorious  day.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
December  2015


Holidays Are Coming

Saturday evening. The last couple of nights as I am laying down to sleep my mind has begun to form the scary thoughts of what I am about to do at the beginning of October. I will be getting my upper teeth I have left pulled and getting dentures.

All I can do is let my thought process take over and let me stress enough to keep me awake. Have any of you had this done? How bad is it really? Instant mashed potatoes have begun to appear in the kitchen. I thought about adding applesauce, pudding, ice-cream, and yogurt to the list of edible foods I will be able to eat for the first week. After that, I hope to graduate to soft foods such as macaroni and cheese. I sure will be glad when this is over.

I ordered me a toy last week and was able to use it for the first time today. I bought a metal detector. I asked my son-in-law if he wanted to go outside to help me use it, in case I fell.

He said ok and we went to work, which was more work for him since he was the digger when the detector found something. The time went by too quick but I knew we needed to stop so he would not get too tired from the digging. We discovered two pop cans, an old beer tab, an old  horse-shoe, and two parts to a strap that were looped metal. It seemed to be part of a piece that helped hold a horse to the post when the rider needed to stop and get off. I hope to get to do this again very soon.

I have been interested in culture and history for many years. I do not know too much about Kentucky grounds, but will be researching this property and area to see what may have happened years and years ago.

I am doing pretty good down here. I have days where I can barely walk, other days I have to use my walker or cane, and sometimes I have days where I can make it most of the day without any accessories.

It cooled down and the humidity left for a few days. The windows were opened for fresh air. I talked to a friend from back in Warsaw and found out it was rather chilly there. The temperature made me realize that sooner than later furnaces and heaters would be turned on low.

I have seen Christmas commercials already on the TV. merchandisers waste no time at trying to reach out and take your money. I have been contemplating lately about Christmas.

When you are in the position of being a mom and a grandma, and you have an illness that no longer allows you to earn money, Christmas shopping becomes an issue. Should I purchase gifts for my own kids as I have done ever since I  had my first child?

Should I fore go my own kids and buy gifts for the ten grandchildren? Should I have a Christmas like I did one year where we titled it, “Make and Bake Christmas”? I don’t know what to do. How do I make everyone happy and yet keep within my small budget? Any ideas?

My daughter has had a change at work and is working more day shifts now than evening shifts. It is nice to have her home and I am positive that her family also appreciates  her presence. It is nice and makes me smile inside when I see the family together once again, sharing a dinner and conversation.

Well, I will close for now. Talk to you all soon. Have a great and blessed 7

Decorated With Love

My son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter came over today. They took me to get a Christmas tree and then stayed to help decorate it. I was happy when I saw it all together. I wasn’t sure how I would really feel, since Christmas just isn’t the same this year, but I am happy. It is beautiful in my eyes, decorated with love. Of course I have to show it off to you!



christmas tree 2