The Looking Glass of M.S.A.


My Heart Will Go On

For years I have been

Building memories

Of your face as you

Walk through bumpy paths

Of pain, sorrow, and laughter

For years I have stood by your side

Wiped a tear, brushed your hair

Our hearts shared the pain

Of what this terrible disease has done

We watched it take a way your step

Stripped you of your pride

Made you beg for more pain medicine

I have heard you cry at nights

Begging God to take you home

I have wept in my own pool

Al, I will always remember

The man you were

The man you are today

And when these chapters are closed

Know that you are alive in my memories

And that my heart will always go on

Helping to fight until the battle is o’er

And M.S.A. fades

Quietly into memories.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


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Can We?

Freeze Me

Freeze Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does the mind have a way of protecting itself

Can we place our hurt on hold

Can we freeze words we have heard

So our hearts  don’t feel so cold?

Can we close our ears to the world

Can we shut our eyes from the pain

Can we pretend we feel nothing

Can we say we want nothing to gain?

Can I ask for no news for one day

Can blinders be placed around the  heart

Can I pretend that it is yesterday

When nothing tore us apart?

I want to live this one day

Back when we were innocent and young

When playing with a doll or a truck

And Jesus Loves Me Was Sung.

Terry Shepherd