#FWF Free Write Friday; The Circle of Life



I’d like you to consider the changing seasons and circle of life as your prompt this week. I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts. Should make for some great discussions so be sure to read each others work.

father-son-dogI have actually thought of the circle of life lately as I have been informed two more grand babies are coming next year. This brings a smile to my face as I, myself gave birth to three awesome and beautiful babies.

My whole goal in life was to be the best mommy ever. I wanted to teach them that life was about trust and love. I wanted them to learn that life is not always about candy and magic; that there were going to be plenty of bumps in the road.

I thrilled at watching the very first tooth come in, then crawling and walking. Oh I so enjoyed each of these stages. Watching them learn to feed themselves, their first cake to enjoy all on their own.

I laugh now as I remember the mess on their tiny faces as they crammed that birthday cake into their mouth with those chubby fingers. Their first photos I had taken, the potty training days.

The day I cried as I took them into their first day of school and worried if the teacher would care about them as much as I did.

There was so much teaching and learning along the way. Politeness, bad behavior, good behavior, manners, no swearing, respecting your parents. Helping with homework, oh boy, those were some trying times for sure, but they did it.

Christmas Day remembering how they squealed in delight at opening their gifts. Teaching them to share by spending some of their own money on a gift for someone else.

My heart beams as I look back into my memories. I wanted to let them know it is alright to grow up; to learn to make their own decisions. Graduation, relationships, babies, living life.

Now I am a senior citizen and I am proud of my grown children. They turned out awesome in my eyes. No, they are not perfect but a mother over looks so many things out of love. After all I made some pretty big mistakes too while growing up.

My circle of life, my children, my grandchildren. I have done what I wanted. I accomplished what I set out to do. The best thing I see today is my circle has evolved like an embryo. My kids are now living their own circle. They are slowly filling in the shape with what I have taught them as children.

A parents love is never done. It blossoms from the moment we set eyes on you as you enter into the world. When I lie down in my own grave, I will smile as you will be the only thing on my mind. The circle of life is now complete. Terry Shepherd

Daily Prompt; Musical/ The Daily Post

English: Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra in perf...

What role does music play in your life?


When I was a teenager, it was normal to listen to music. To know every tune and every word was just a fact of life. We played it or at least I did from the time I turned the alarm off up until I set the alarm for the next morning.

Memories of mom and dad dance in my head as I go back in time and can still see mom coming into my room unannounced and yelling at me to turn that music down. Why did she yell? Because she loved me. She tried so very hard to put up with the bam bam bam for the sake of love but just could not endure it any longer.

When we would be in the car as a family I would be forced to listen to their slow music and then after my young nerves were shot I would ask them to turn the dial to a station I was familiar with. Dad always piped up with a straight no. There was no thought even put in it. Almost like a military NO. Mom would agree with him by putting her words of,who can even understand that garbage. Wow, it is awesome to sometimes go back in time and see the circle of life.

When I became a parent of a teen I didn’t have the struggle that my parents did. The music of the eighties was awesome. I could understand the words, and I loved the beat. But then the music went out and the nineties rolled in like thunder. This was a different story now.

No miss nice girl. It was I am turning that station. Quick, where is that remote? I turned to country while the rest of the hip peeps were listening to the garbage, well that is what I called it. Sounds like mom doesn’t it?

When rap came to town I was like get me the hell out of dodge. I could not stand it. I stayed with my country, and I incorporated the eighties and listened to the sixties and seventies. I still do listen to one rapper, Eminem because I love the stories he tells.

Now all that is behind me. I have raised my kids. I have been divorced, and I am older. Viveka has introduced me to symphonies and orchestra music. I have been listening to The Piano Guys. I listen to the sounds of the oceans.

Music today is not so I can fit in. I don’t care what others are listening to. For me and the life I live today, my stress runs high some times so I listen to music that relaxes my soul. I even have a web page here at WordPress for music lovers. If you have never visited please feel free. The link is; http://mymusicthatcalmsme.wordpress.com

Funny how the circle of life becomes complete. I was the child, the teen and the mommy and now I search for peace and quiet.