Would You Like to Share?

Earlier today I posted about the strange things that happened here at home. The TV all of a sudden going very loud. The opening and closing of the front door when no one was there.

Late this afternoon, a nephew of mine came over for a bit. When he got ready to leave, the same door opened and closed again. He jumped back. I explained what happened earlier and he hiked it out of here very quickly.

I have had now three experiences today. Al is unaware of any of these, the same as I am unaware of his chats with our Mom in heaven. The only way I know about them is when I caught him talking to her earlier today or if he volunteers information.

I have had several comments stating that this is not abnormal as Al reaches heaven’s door. In fact, some of you have told me of your own personal experiences. Some think it is impossible for this to happen and yet others think I am a nut case.

I have never read another post on WP that expresses any of this topic.

I am new to this. I have taken care of my Father up until he died in my arms, but nothing unusual happened that I saw or he talked about. The only thing I noticed was that the dog would not leave his side in the last week of  his life.

If anyone would be willing to share an experience I would love to read it. I am not trying to pry into your life or even bring up sad memories. I am trying to understand, to be able to converse with Al on a better level.

No pressure at all from me. Just an invitation to share if you would like.

I think heaven has to be beautiful. I think it would be fantastic to know my parents are here and protecting or watching out over me as they are doing for Al. I think it would be awesome to walk to heaven holding a loved one’s hand. In some little way it is taking the fear out of my own death.book4spirit world