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Hi, my name is Terry. I started writing because God told me too. Before I started writing I spent many hours in elderly people‘s homes caring for them. Sometimes staying for days upon end at a time.

During the time I worked outside the home I was also caring for my Father who had Myeloma. http://www.lls.org/diseaseinformation/myeloma/

Somewhere along my journey in life I started questioning life. I wanted to know what my place was here on earth. What was my talent that God hath given to me. I would glance back at where I had been and once I became better at this I could see pretty much where God was leading me.

Today I would call myself a Professional Caregiver without the Nursing license behind it. Working with disabled children and adults, geriatric and Hospice patients I learned a lot. I can handle the care of a G-tube. I can use an aspirator. I can give medications and shots. I can take your temperature under the tongue, under the arm, or even in the you know where.

I can sit with you while you are sad. I can read you your favorite books. I can read Bible stories to you. I can cry with you and hold your hand in mine. I can place a cool cloth on your forehead. I can sit up, lay you down, change your briefs, take you for a ride or a walk. I can be your best friend. You can count on me to not tell any of your deepest secrets or your worst fears.

I will promise you that you will not die alone. I will be right beside you until your last breath happens. I can file your insurance papers. I can call in your refills, or make doctor appointments for you. I can clean and tidy your house, sorry but no window washing from this gal.

I can do your laundry, cook your meals, and fatten you up with home-made sweet treats. Yes, God has been good to me. He blessed me with a  heart full of love and compassion.

I have to admit not everyone sees me this way. It takes a special person to recognize this type of soul. I have been told I can be cold, bitchy, whiny and nagging. But most of the time I do act in that manner it is out of frustration. For having explained how I feel over and over and the one listening still not getting my point. I do tend to become a little edgy by then.

When you are ill, you listen. You crave for a voice, you desire someone to care. This I can offer.

So when you read my blog New York people, you will know that each and every word written is the truth and nothing but the truth. My blog will always be written from my heart and soul and I will always be speaking directly to you. Why, you ask? Because, this is my talent from God and when God makes people, he does it right.

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How Much Louder Should I Scream

A Renault Kangoo that is able to carry a wheel...

The facts are simple. I know more at times than staff. I have 23 years of care giving experience. I have schooling for Pharmacy Technician. Experience in working in the pharmacy. CNA training plus five years of Hospice work experience. I can give shots. I can use an aspirator. I can take all vitals. I can give temperatures orally and rectal.

I can bathe you in a tub or in your bed. I can wash your hair and never get your clothes wet if you are laying on a bed. I can do a complete bed change without you ever having to rise off the bed. I can help you transfer to the commode or I can get your butt all nice and clean from a dirty brief.

I can soothe your soul by brushing your hair. Promising you I won’t leave you alone. I can sing your favorite songs while you are going home to be with the Lord. I can wipe your brow and wipe your tears. I will hold you while you look into the bright light.

I will fix your meal and if need be I will gently spoon feed you. If you are on a Tube Feeder, I will make sure it is clean, refilled and flushed. I can push you in a wheel chair or hold onto you while you use your independence walking with your walker.

For all of this experience and love and comfort I bring to you, I am not a nurse nor a doctor.

I called into the facility a few minutes ago to let them know I would be picking up Al tomorrow at 1pm after his lunch. I explained I will not be bringing him back until after the supper hour.

I have cleaned and scrubbed and  have the house as germ free as possible for your arrival tomorrow my brother. I have filled an Easter Basket full of your favorite goodies. I am now tired and the thought of picking up that forty pound wheel chair tomorrow makes me more tired.

When I asked how Al was doing they said alright. She told me, “We are going in twice every 8 hours to check on him. We ask if he is in pain, and we tell him to put his light on if he needs us.”

One of my blogger friends suggested I ask for a transport chair to bring him home and take him back, so I thought I would ask while I have her on the phone. She asked,” What’s that?”

The reason I gave you all of my experience is to  not brag or boast. I don’t do that. I wanted to prove a point that not always do you need a license in your hand to know two things. Number one is, What is a transport chair? With your license behind you do you really not know what that is? Number 2, how many times have I said over and over that Al doesn’t use a call light? Not because he refuses, but because he has already forgotten what I taught him two days ago.

If and when Al gets to come home I am going to ask Medicare to help us to get a Transport Chair. It will be much easier for me to transport him and not take up so much room in the car. Believe me, if I could afford it, we would have a SUV or something like it as the regular wheelchair barely squeezes in the trunk even with the seats laying down.

Where I Was, Isn’t Now


Did you ever pay attention to when you started watching the obituaries? I don’t remember ever glancing in that section when I was in my twenties and thirties. Then one day someone passes a way that we know.

We are shocked when we see that they really were not that much older than ourselves. I think what made me realize my numerical age was when the first class mate died. I had just graduated from high school and a great guy passed a way.

Then it was years it seemed. I scanned through the headline news. I looked through the court news. Speeding and being arrested just to see if I knew anyone. As I got a little older I started reading the Dear Abby column. I discovered that others had some of the same issues that I had, so it felt sort of good to know I was not alone.

Later on I added the Doctor Gott section to my regular reading. I could find some free advice on my own aches and pains. Once in a while, a name would catch my eye of someone who passed a way. I was always shocked though. I guess my mind never caught up with my actual age.

I had too many people that said I  had nice skin. My age was never guessed correctly and usually a good ten years off. This always made me smile. My own mother had wonderful, clear skin, and my daughter has also been blessed with it.

Now that I can get into restaurants with a senior discount and I feel the aches and pains on a more regular basis, I know my age. When summer comes and I drive by the scenic route at the lake, I go back in time to when I could wear a hot bathing suit, and run and play frisbee with my friends. Now if I am in a bathing suit, you can bet I am headed to some form of water to hide myself in. LOL

Hopefully, I have years yet to live life and experience things on my bucket list, but we never know for sure, do we? Now when I look as a regular part of my reading at the obituaries, I almost always know someone who passed on. I am now surprised if I don’t see a familiar name.

Today, I went to see Al. The increase of dosage of his pain medication is still not working. He was complaining of now the other leg hurting. For so many months, it was both legs, but only one hurt the worst.

His nerves that are very much alive are being squeezed in between the shrinking muscles. I can not imagine the pain he endures as this process advances each month. It does make me aware of my own pains and keeps my lips quiet a little more, grateful that I can still walk.

It was almost time for his lunch and he put his call light on for the CNA. I asked, “What do you need bud? Maybe I can help”. He gives me a smile and says,” I want you to see how the aides  help me. I put this call light on and they will get me the wheel chair“. I replied back to him, ” I can get you the wheel chair bud and I can even push you down to the dining hall“.

He didn’t want my help. I think he truly wanted me to see that he was capable of making this decision on his own. He was realizing that in order to have a little less pain, it was better to ride the wheel chair. He has fought a good battle. He has won over the pain for a long time, but now with both legs being attacked equally, he may be losing the battle of walking as much.

I told him how sorry I was and he said, “Sis, my legs hurt so bad. I know I am not getting any better. I want the help of the chair. I promise I will use my walker when I can, but the pain makes me tired”. He smiled at me. Such an innocent smile but filled with so much knowledge. He knew what was happening.

The CNA helped him get into the wheel chair, and I noticed immediately that Al’s legs were totally bent in half. He could not stand up. After helping him to get in and scooting him back as far as he could scoot, I followed him and the aide down to the dining hall.

After she left the two of us sitting here, we talked about what he was going to order off of the menu. He decided on lasagna and garlic bread with corn and ice-cream for dessert. I wanted to stay so bad and snitch a bite of his meal, because I was hungry myself, but I said nothing.

His meal was about to come and he looks at me and says with  no expression, ” You can go now sis. I bet you are hungry too. I am learning to accept what is happening”. I looked up into his eyes, and I knew for this one moment, that Al loved me. He cared. I will cling to this moment for years to come. My heart was breaking but I didn’t show it. Al has finally come to the place where I have been for a while. He knows he has to accept what is happening.

He did ask me if I could bring him lunch on Sunday, which I usually do, and he added,” You should get some lunch too and we can eat here together with my friends”. I said, ” Great idea bud. I will be here Sunday. If you get lonely or need me before, have the nurse call me”. He said alright and waved to me as I made my way out of the dining room.

After I left I stopped at the grocery store. Quite a few employees knew Al as he was such a social butterfly. As I finished paying the bill a girl that had always talked to Al said, “Can I ask you a question“?

I said,”sure what is it”?

She asked me the one question that blew me out of the water. She asked, “Did your brother pass a way”?

I laughed out loud and said, ” Oh no, I had to have extra help for his Parkinson’s Disease, so he is now living in a nursing home”.

She was relieved and then asked where he was placed. She said she wanted to go see him. I told her that was so thoughtful and told her where he is.

Life is full of surprises I think. We grow up and maybe get married. We may even have kids. It doesn’t matter what you do in your life, time ticks by. For some of us it drags by. We notice nothing special except our own little square we live in. For others the clock ticks by faster. We wake  up one day and realize we are middle aged. We have lived more than half of our life.

For some of us we are more blessed than we know and our parents are still living. For me, I have my memories as both of my parents and all of my grandparents are now gone. We can’t stop time, we can’t stop death, but we can choose to live a life and respect our time in it.

Appreciate the small things in each day. Be glad that you were able to open your eyes this morning. Be thankful you could walk to the bathroom and fix your own meal. One day, hopefully way down the road, your opportunity to make decisions may end.

Thank-you Lord for letting me see

All that you truly want me to be

Let me be kind to others today

Let me respect life as you let me live one more day

Terry Shepherd