Little Video of Al and Pictures

Well the first full day is almost over with me and Al. I think that I would pretty well consider him incontinent with the bladder area. He has been very wet every time I have checked. I try to put him on the bed side commode but nothing happens.

He ate pretty good all of his meals today. He also adds some variety to each meat with his new song I heard. I learned the words very quickly. He cusses a way at the disease telling it off like you wouldn’t believe.

Normally, I would intervene here with some words of wisdom, but I can’t do it. I see how hard it is to get a spoon to his mouth. I see how many seconds he fights and fights. He is learning to take my cue and eat more foods with his fingers.

I took some shots at supper so you can understand what I see. I have one short video, a couple of shots of him, and of course you know who was guarding the house. Yep, Rhino.