Chocolate and Lollipops

Whirly Pop lollipops.

Chocolates and peppermints

Lollipops too

Are the things that I remember

When I think about you.

Taking my fingers in your big hand

We walk the block and a half

I knew in my heart it was hard for you

But you gave me memories and lots of laughs.

The bell rang clear over the door above

The owner knew our faces

You let me go and choose my desires

Feeling so grown-up in familiar places.

Wooden boards creaking neath my feet

As I walked from glass to glass

You standing on the side watching me

Being patient as the minutes passed.

Finally I had made my decisions

And you handed me my money

I picked a gumball and some licorice too

A  lollipop and pieces of honey.

I handed the owner all I had

And he made the register ring

He put my goodies in a paper bag

I turned and waved as we began to leave.

I will never forget those days of long ago

You were my hero the one I loved

Now when I pass a candy store

I stop and think of you up above.

Terry Shepherd


Candy Candy Wreath

candy cane wreathI found this recipe for making candy cane wreaths. I thought, I can do this. I think I can. I think I can.

Remember the little engine that tried to get up the hill? It was a story book I was read when I was a tot.

That is the way I felt about this. I have painted ceramics. I have refinished antique furniture. Now, I am trying my hand at crafts. I just had to show you the finished product, because I am just a little proud of what I accomplished. The coolest thing is; it actually looks like a candy cane wreath!!