Doctor’s Visit



I took Al to the doctor today to get results and make any changes to medications from his blood work. After he did his comparison from two months ago, we then began to chat about Al’s present problems, his Parkinson’s.

I left feeling sort of lost and confused and unloved. Yes, unloved by the doctor. LOL I felt like I could be in charge of anything at the doctor’s office. Everything I asked, his response was what ever you want to do. Really? Anything? At that precise moment, I had a splitting headache that started building fifteen minutes after I woke this morning,  precisely when Al got up. He started this bright, sunny day off with tears and cries of pain, coming from all over his body. Now would probably not be the correct time to let me have full reigns over the prescription pad.  LOL

The doctor observed Al in action with heavy tremors, and major tear attacks, snotty nose running to the floor, and asked Al what he wanted to have happen, and Al stated he wanted to go to a nursing home. The doctor looks at me and says, if that is what he wants than you should do it!

I changed the subject for a moment, and asked him why he could not give Al big time medications, that really would help dull his pain, then maybe he would not feel so bad and be so darn depressed. His remark was constipation. What? Yes, constipation. The types of medications Al has been taking for pain so far causes the increase of constipation. So then I sort of snickered and said that his entire family has dealt with this his whole life. Al was born without the sphincter muscle. This cute little muscle lets you know the correct time you need to head to the bathroom for poop duty, and when you don’t have one, you have to make a schedule for yourself to go every day at a  certain time, to try to train the body. Constipation was our family’s middle name while I was growing up. After supper each day, I heard, Al head to the bathroom and sit until you produce results! Boy, those were the days, but they all flooded back once I started to care for Al, as we have to do the same thing, and now with his obsession, I am trying to untrain him, and now I learn constipation can be a problem. Which way do I go, which way do I go!!!

I told the doctor that if he didn’t give Al some grown up medications I was not going to be able to care for him any longer, and he says, what ever you want. In the end, he gave Al and increase of one of his pain medications and introduced him to another one more in tune for his leg pains.

We went to our pharmacist and ordered the medications and ate lunch at the back counter, while waiting for them to be filled. The pharmacy is so sweet. They have known Al and me since we were five, and when the medications were ready they hand delivered them to us so Al could take one of each right there.

After that scene was over, we came home, and I think Al was beginning to feel a little bit better. He walked a half-inch faster than usual. I sure hope they help. I helped him get settled and he is now in his recliner watching television until the precise minute has arrived to take his nap.

I came back out to the kitchen and noticed I had gotten so wrapped up in Al, that I had totally forgotten to pick up my own medications for my diabetes that I had called in yesterday. This caused me to have to call in and let them know that I would definitely be in tomorrow for them before they closed.

Now I am resting, but my head feels like a teflon skillet is on top instead of the cast iron skillet. Maybe I will just mosey over to the living room couch and take a little snooze when Al does. It can’t hurt me, and it may help.

I have an appointment to hear options about placing Al this coming week. Placement has been moved from the back burner of my brain to the front burner, but I can’t help hoping that the right medications could produce a bit happier brother, and if it does, I can deal with the rest of the crap, no pun intended. LOL, and if it doesn’t, at least I am working on the placement thing.