Daily Prompt; The Zone

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Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple
activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever.
What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOST.

You are going to fall off of your chair from laughing when you read what makes me so happy and lost in my own zone.

No, it isn’t shopping. No, it isn’t going out with my friends, although I love that. No, it isn’t reunions, or eating my favorite foods. It is cleaning.

Yes, cleaning. I think partly because I spent so much of my time as a teen trying to please my parents it feels like home to me.

No phone calls, no door knocks. A t-shirt and shorts and barefoot. Music turned up and off I go. I would move the living room furniture around. Clean the windows and sweep and dust.

I would move from room to room until it shined and smelled so good. Now don’t get me wrong. There are certain types of cleaning I don’t care for. I only wash the curtains twice a year, and sometimes only once in the Spring.

I don’t mind cleaning my indoor windows, but I would prefer someone else to do the outside windows. I washed my living room walls down for the first time this spring and I have lived here a year and a half.

I take down my antiques that sit above the kitchen shelves once a year. Cleaning ceiling fans I do about three times a year. Rearranging closets twice a year, and only because I have to switch clothes out.

But general cleaning, yeah I love it. It makes me feel good when I rest my weary body down on my couch and take a look around. Furniture looks different. I am not stepping on any dirt on the floor, laundry is done.

Yep, for me that is my zone. Me, myself and I, music, a sweeper,dust rags and some Windex.

Do you think this is why I don’t have that hot date yet? LOL, I need to find someone to date that loves to move heavy bedroom furniture. LOL

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can you burn your feet while walking through a...

can you burn your feet while walking through a sunset? (Photo credit: Marc (alias willy whopper))

It is almost 6pm. My body hurts and my feet burn. I am getting older and I want to break down in tears and yet have no reason to.

I have this huge mess in the living room. Both bedrooms are torn up. I was to have help moving the bedroom furniture but as of yet no one has shown up.

I want to cry because I can’t do this work anymore myself. I get mad because I am so used to doing things on my own.

Please give me back what I had

I don’t like being broke

Body stiffens up feet don’t work

Then I think about my brother

Who’s almost wheelchair bound

And I dry my eyes as I realize

Others have it so worse than me

Oh I wish I was beautiful and outgoing and had zillions of friends.I would call them and tell them to come help me.  I have to get this project done or Al will have no where to stay when he gets here. You are right, I don’t know the date yet. But I don’t want to do this they day before because I can’t carry the heavy load in one day, let alone two.

Give me strength Lord

To make these feet move

Do what you do best

Give me a miracle

Give me the Impossible

Terry Shepherd


What I Saw Today

















This morning I was to meet a friend, which did not work out, so instead I snapped two photos as I walked outside my front door. I  forced myself to go out alone. I have a hard time doing this, and don’t know why, but I ended up at one of the new jewelry stores that opened up and decided I wanted to boost myself up, so I bought this little Sapphire ring. It made me feel better, like getting a new hair do, but yet, tonight, I still feel down. I don’t get what is happening to me. I never used to be like this. I had a caregiver here this morning, and yet did not want to go. I got to get with the day and snap out of this mood!!!!!!