Borrowed Time

Less free time

Schedules changed

Hurry, hurry, hurry

Get it all arranged


Made a Peanut butter cake

Swept the kitchen floors

Make my brother’s bed

And the list says more


Checking my emails

Trying to write a poem

Looking at my time

Because it is on loan

Laundry is done

Supper all laid out

I think I’m going to lay down

And nap before I pass out.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


On Borrowed Time 2

Let’s Go Get Happy

How many of you are truly happy? Don’t really have any issues going on? Everything in your life is going as planned? I was watching this TV show tonight and the man who was in love with one woman  was going to marry the another  woman.

Yes, you get the idea. I was watching a pre-taped soap opera. I know, but give me a break. I have been watching this same show since I was in the 7th grade. It’s kind of hard to give up habits that make me drool and dream about what I wish was going on in my life.

Oh no, I didn’t mean I want to be involved with someone who doesn’t love me. I am talking about the fairy tale dream that I will live happily ever after with that hunk of a man who makes me melt when I see him enter the room.

When the hunk on the soap didn’t marry his love his daughter from another relationship made the comment that sort of hit home with me. His daughter said, ” Let’s go get ice-cream.” The dad replied back, ” Yes, let’s go, let’s go get happy.”

Is that all it takes to get  happy? Just one frivolous thought, a simple gesture like getting ice-cream? Of course, I could replace ice-cream with any word I want, but is it truly just a mind-set. A turn of the mind and everything is on its way to healing?

If this is true, then why don’t I toss my values out the window and go have some fun. Like getting in my car and going to get ice-cream.

ice cream wallpaper


Another Old Day

Please forgive me for continuing on the same topic day after day. I try adding some variety by writing poetry because I know I am digging the bucket deeper in the sand speaking about Al so much, but it just seems I can’t help it.

This morning I got him up and he had that stare face again. He didn’t motion to try to get up. No body parts moved. I immediately asked him if he was alright and would he like to stay home.

He must have feared staying home because he tried real hard to move but nothing went. It was like someone poured cement over him through the night. I pulled him to the sit position and changed his brief and out to the table we went.

I sang a silly made-up song maybe partially to deter my own sorry mind, but also to try to get a response out of his masked face.mask

Once he was seated at the table the first words out of his mouth were, ” I don’t want any breakfast.”

” Oh bud can’t you find it in yourself to eat something small so you can take your medications on a full stomach?”

He ignored me. I started rambling off a list of things he had choices of for breakfast.breakfast_menu_06 Eggs, french toast, waffles, sausages, fried bologna sandwich, toast, pancakes. Nothing seemed to interest him. Then I had to dig deep, and be creative. I looked to the forbidden sweets list. I named cookies, pound cake, ice-cream, donuts and cherry turnover.

Bingo, he stirred on Cherry Turnovers. I had been to the grocer yesterday and these were on sale so I picked them up for his sweet tooth. I thought, this isn’t good starting off with sweets, but what the hell. If he is wiling to eat it, then so be it.cherry turnover

He ate all of this and a small glass of milk.

I got him cleaned up and dressed.

The weather changed so quickly he had to wear a jacket this morning. I placed him in front of the television so he could bitch about the news. I cleaned up the kitchen and packed his lunch and put his car in his bag for his show and tell and when I put it on the back of his wheelchair, he was sound asleep.

I know there are no real answers about Al’s illness but I have a gut instinct. People say we should listen to our own gut feelings. If I do this now, I would have to say Al doesn’t have much time left. Therefore I will focus my energy trying to dote on him, making him as comfy as possible and I will continue to pray for peace and comfort as we ride this ride into heaven.amber-waves

Daily Prompt; Red Pill, Blue Pill

English: Bill Gray's white hot dog, macaroni s..., DP, Daily Prompt

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a
pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you
do it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOURISHMENT.

I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to putting something in my mouth. Even food is beginning to become a culprit as more food products are put together for quick sales and big bucks without the proper inspections.

I am weird about eating foods that are not manufactured or grown here in my own part of the world, I get afraid. I know it is wrong, but seeing people die from improper food storage or sprayed chemicals bothers me.

I guess I am more than weird, I am strange. One time I ate some macaroni salad at a family reunion. I assume the salad was left too long out in the sun and I got food poisoning. I think it was worse pains than childbirth.

Now if I don’t know for sure about these types of food, I don’t eat it. I would rather be safe and not put that good-looking bite in my mouth.

When I became a diabetic the doctor was putting me on pills that lowered my sugars too much. I remember one time I was taking a walk down the street and boom, I passed out right in front of a business. This happened a few times, so after that my brain recognized new pills as danger and I find it very hard to take new pills.

I have to fight and fight to take it and will usually have to arrange to take it when I am going to be around other humans. Just in case something would happen. If I am safe for a couple of hours after the big swallow, then I am fine every day after.

Taking red and blue pills, replacing eating would be good and bad. If I can get the pills down my throat, I may be healthier, and less fat. On the bad side, I would have to know and recognize the company very well producing the pills.

If I am going to take a pill, I want a pill filled with natural foods. I don’t want fillers or any chemicals. If I am going to pop a pill will it have the flavor of a nice piece of chocolate, or taste like blah.  I don’t want some company throwing together something and selling it as prime when in fact it is crap. They make big dollars and I get ill from lack of nutrition.

The good thing would be balanced diets each meal. The strange question entering my mind would be, will there be no more gas, farts and number 2’s in the bathroom? Will my insides go stale from lack of use? Will I just shut down?

Hey, we have to look at this new idea from all sides. The serious and the funny parts. We may pop a colorful pill, but life moves on with or without us. Hey, maybe my digestive system would dry up and I would finally lose that extra fat I carry in my abdomen. I could lose an easy ten pounds.

My skin would be softer, my eyes would look brighter. I would spend less time in bed, have more energy. Maybe I could take off ten years on my looks and find me a nice hot guy to date.

Well there are pros and cons to this issue. I will have to investigate the company, consider the benefits for me personally and then listen to the media. We all know how informed the media is, right? LOL

It could work, maybe, possibly. Now the worst case scenario would be, what if I was not allowed decisions? What if the decision is taken a way from me like other possibilities are being taken a way from we the consumers? Would I be forced to give up the fork and spoon? Maybe I would be spiteful and fight back, but then maybe I would die. Sounds bad doesn’t it. I fought the war and I lost. A lot to think about here all about the pills. Maybe it would be different if they were red, white and blue pills. Patriotic? Good for us? Made local? Hmmmmm