Daily Prompt; The Glass

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Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

This is something I struggle with more than I care to admit. I want to look at the glassas half full. I try really hard to see it with an abundance of goodness…

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Daily Prompt; The Glass

http://dailypost.wordpress.com ; Daily Prompt; DP

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

This is something I struggle with more than I care to admit. I want to look at the glass as half full. I try really hard to see it with an abundance of goodness throughout each day.

I let my mind grow weak and weary at times. When this happens the glass looks more on the empty side.

It is the outlook on life that keeps us healthy and wise. To wake up each morning saying, thank-you God for a new day of sharing your goodness.

Having a good glass of pure positive is a wonderful way to stay strong living daily challenges. You see sunshine when it is raining and dreary outside. You understand riches although you are standing in your kitchen holding the last slice of bread.

You can have squabbles with your mate and yet still say, I’m sorry.

I know all this and yet the first time Al is having a bad day or we are on our way to the ER once again, I let that glass drop below the half mark. I begin to fret and worry that he will not recover.

You see, if I looked at it as half full I would know and understand that my powers are limited. I would realize that Al is in God’s hands and not mine. All my worrying and making myself want to run and hide would not happen.

I am a mere human walking this rugged road here on earth. I am a born sinner. I react before praying. I thank God that he forgives my sins. Many a time has he lifted me up into his arms and brought comfort when I can find no inner peace on these bumpy paths.

God wants me to look at the glass as full. He wants me to understand that no matter what is going on around me, I am safe with him. He wants me to see that he will walk me through life and I should lay my worries a side.

I won’t sit and beat myself up for being weak. Why should I? It would only wear me down quicker and  maybe help toss me in the hands of ones who hate us.

I sometimes ponder on what makes me wake up some mornings with a bright sunshine in my inner soul. Maybe it is because I didn’t receive any late phone calls from the facility. Or maybe it is because I didn’t cheat and eat sugars that day. Or maybe it is because before I closed my eyes the night before, I talked to God. He loves us, he hears us, and he is always by our side. He knows I want that glass half full.

Kiss My ___!

I have seen it all

Over Facebook pages

Funny sayings about

Our Mother Nature

But as I sit here

Looking outside

Seeing huge snowflakes

Falling gently down

I have to admit to myself

I too, am sick of winter

It is beautiful this I know

But for heaven’s sake it’s Spring

We should have had this

Back in December

When our Christmas Day

Was green with grass

So now my white stuff listen to me

Get out of here and kiss my ___!

Bring us green once again.

Terry Shepherd


FWF Free Write Friday; Keepsakes


boardsIt was my last day. Saturday, the end of my week at camp. Sitting on the edge of the pier I gazed out over the blue waters.

I had made many friends this week. There were many campfires and roasted marshmallows.

Staying up late and getting up early. I never saw the tiredness coming over me. There were too many giggles.  I had a piece of paper in my pocket. It was filled with all of my new friends addresses. We all hugged and promised to write each other every day.

Everyone was gone for the most part. My packed suitcase was sitting back at the dorm. I had received a message from staff that my parents were running a wee bit behind, but were on their way to pick me up.

I glanced over to the side of me and saw some dandelions smiling at me. I walked over and picked two up. Sitting back down on my familiar board I played with one of them. Rubbing it on my wrists I watched my tanned skin turn a pale yellow.

With the other flower I plucked each tiny leaf saying to myself, he loves me he loves me not. I touched my cheek where Kenny had planted a kiss on it. He and I were a real couple.

We met the Sunday prior at the campfire. I was sitting with some girls and he walked over to me and asked,” Can I sit down with you?” I smiled at him and patted the grass showing him it was alright.

He roasted marshmallows for me and we sang together. When the night was over he reached for my hand and held it. I didn’t make him let go. I let him hold it all the way back to my dorm.

He promised to come walk with me to breakfast the next morning. We did everything together. We sat by each other during crafts. We swam together. We fell in love. Around my neck was a gold locket. Kenny had given it to me last night.

He promised that once he got home he would find a picture of himself and cut it down to size. He would mail it in a love letter to me. He made me promise that I would do this for him too. I touched the necklace and remembered him with a smile.

I tossed both stems into the waters and got up to walk back to the dorm. Mom and Dad were probably there by now. I spotted them before they saw me. Dad was acting silly. He was stealing a kiss from Mom and I could hear her saying, ” Not now. Can’t you wait until we get in the car?”

I thought back to my friends. I looked back and engraved all the memories into my heart. I quietly said goodbye to Kenny and then turning around I said,” Hi Mom and Dad. I had a great time. I am so glad you talked me into coming here.” My Mom put her arm around my shoulder. Dad picked up my suitcase. The three of us walked towards the car with me smiling all the way.

Candy Candy Wreath

candy cane wreathI found this recipe for making candy cane wreaths. I thought, I can do this. I think I can. I think I can.

Remember the little engine that tried to get up the hill? It was a story book I was read when I was a tot.

That is the way I felt about this. I have painted ceramics. I have refinished antique furniture. Now, I am trying my hand at crafts. I just had to show you the finished product, because I am just a little proud of what I accomplished. The coolest thing is; it actually looks like a candy cane wreath!!

I Am Shocked!

I am shocked at myself! I did not know I could do anything crafty with my fingers other than type! I just had to show you what I made all by myself! I am not sorry, for being so excited. I am actually proud of myself!

I was gifted this old chicken coop window, and turned it into this! It even has working Christmas lights! I went to the Goodwill Store and bought bits and pieces and created a part of my mind.

You can actually see this also at my group page I have on my Facebook:


Well, I have taken enough of your time with this, just wanted to show you what I did!

I Made Myself Stay Busy and Received a Gift

I made this Christmas tree today, and then since Al is gone, my son and his family went and got me this little baby girl. I named her Polly. She is Chihuahua/Pomeranian. She is eight weeks old. Now I have someone new to look after