The Man in Her Dream

Monica sat up in bed in a cold sweat. It was 3am and when she looked at the television a set of wiggly lines were running across the screen. Laying beside her was Fluff, her 7 year-old cat.

Looking out of her bedroom door she saw blackness. Everything seemed alright. She wiped the beads of sweat from  her brow thinking she had experienced a terrible nightmare.

She laid back down. She closed her eyes, but her brain was having trouble meeting her wish to go back to sleep. She began to think about what she had to do tomorrow. A long day at work.

Casey’s is where she worked. She did the payroll and this was towards the end-of-month. She had to go back over records and make sure there were no mistakes and no holes. It was going to be a long couple of days.

Her birthday was coming up over the weekend. Her boyfriend and parents had got together and planned a surprise party for her; but Jim, her boyfriend told her about it and ruined the surprise. Monica smiled as she thought about how much she loved him.

She placed her thoughts back to what needed to be done. Sleep, she had to get some sleep. Thoughts settled and she drifted off to sleep. She was woken up once again but not be another dream, but hands that were reaching under her blanket.

She sat up, trying to scream, but nothing came out. Both of her hands started beating the blankets and then her feet took immediate action and began kicking at the dark shadow hovering over her.

The hands sought her legs and gripping with a ferocious tug, she was pulled out from her bed and landed sharply on the floor. Kicking with feet and hands and finding her voice, she screamed, ” let me go, let me go. Please don’t hurt me. What do you want? Let me go”.

He drug her from her bedroom floor out to the living room. Her nightgown being pulled up her skin was being burnt by the carpet. She wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to show defeat so instead, she screamed louder with limbs attacking anywhere pain could be sought.

He pulled her up and thrust her onto the couch. From his back pocket he pulled out some furnace tape and clumsily taped her mouth and bound her hands and feet. Her eyes bulged from fear.

He began to walk to the side of her and she stuck out her legs and he tripped over them. Struggling with all she had she stood up and began to hop towards the front door. She tried desperately to wiggle free from the tape that was holding her hostage around her wrists, but she was unsuccessful.

The intruder was angry by now and he yanked her back from the door with such force she landed in a tail-spin and cracked her head on the corner of a lamp table. From that moment on she spun into darkness.

He picked her up and carried her out her back door to where he had his dingy, dark van with the back doors opened. Tossing her inside he quietly shut the doors. He looked around to see if anyone had heard her screams.

Seeing no shadow of life he quickly went back inside her home and took what ever valuables he could find. Putting them in the bag he pulled out of his jacket he closed the back door and jumped in his van.

He left the neighborhood, breathing a little too fast. The broad had almost ruined his plan. Calming down some and lighting a cigarette, he took a couple of deep puffs. His mind gearing towards the abandoned warehouse.

There he would drop off the goods and collect a handsome pay-out. He glanced towards the back of the van and saw that Monica was still knocked-out. He started to smile as the semi that was coming towards him began blaring its horn.

The van crossed the road and the semi pushed it towards the gully. The van flipped over three times. The intruder hit his head on the steering column and then slammed back towards the head rest before hitting the column once again.

He woke up to a bright flashlight shining into his eyes. Blur of men surrounding him asking questions to see if he was alright. He heard the back door of  his van open and suddenly the trigger of a gun was pointed towards his gut.

Making sure he could stand the officers pulled him out and cuffed him. The sounds of an ambulance neared and soon Monica was laying on a stretcher. The tape was cut off and she woke to a soft, female voice.

” Are you hurt miss? Did he place his hands on you?”

” Uh no, he didn’t rape me. I don’t think he hurt me. My legs and arms feel bruised.”

” We will get you to the hospital now. You can get checked out and after that we will be waiting to question you. I think you are a very lucky lady mam. We have been searching for a guy who fits his description. If it is him, you have helped to capture one of the giants of the sex-traffic ring. Now just relax and we will take it from here.”


Do We Blink Anymore?

Do We Blink Anymore?

I live in an area that is supposed to be senior citizen row. Unfortunately across the street is any age. I used to feel safe here but no longer.

Neighbors do drugs who are adults. Down the street meth labs have been busted by police. A young kid a few years older than my grandson who is just five, kneed him in the private area. When the kid was being talked too his mom came out and defended what…

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Do We Blink Anymore?

I live in an area that is supposed to be senior citizen row. Unfortunately across the street is any age. I used to feel safe here but no longer.

Neighbors do drugs who are adults. Down the street meth labs have been busted by police. A young kid a few years older than my grandson who is just five, kneed him in the private area. When the kid was being talked too his mom came out and defended what he had done.

Today something happened that just broke my heart. An older couple who lives pretty close loves birds. They owned two cages and in each one was a beautiful singing bird. Every time I walked by I enjoyed the music from these beauties.

But today was different. Some mischievous kids decided they had nothing better to do with their time so in broad light they jumped up on this couple’s porch and stole the bird cages.

In the warm weather these people put the two cages out on their porch so the birds could enjoy the sunny days. These kids who obviously have no respect for others intentionally killed one of the birds.

The law caught them and managed to return one living bird and both cages to the couple. I just could not help but be a little more afraid where I live. I could not help but think about how awful the world is becoming as God is taken more and more out of public view and mouth.

I am sixty years old. I see the changes from when I was a kid. I see the lack of child rearing and lack of respect. I have several grandchildren and most of them are on the younger side. What will happen to them as they become young adults?

People say to live for today but shouldn’t we live for tomorrow also by teaching our children this minute? Shouldn’t we show them they are worthy and let them feel love and secure? I lock everything but today this isn’t always enough. I don’t own or carry any weapons and I would not be able to pull a trigger. I do now keep an ice-pick and knife on my bed side table.

I thought the city I grew up in would always be safe but it isn’t anymore. It seems like the crime is not too bad here. People say drug busts are too common. I say we have a real problem when we do not blink in shock at school shootings, rape, drug use by children. I think we are all in trouble no matter if we live on senior citizen row or not.

The Crime of It

She sits up. Rubs her eyes. Looking around half-dazed she stares at the clock. Her woman in blackinsides shiver as she realized that what just happened was wrong. What would they say? What would he think?

How could she undo this? How could she take back the hours? Would people shun her when they saw her on the streets? Would people jeer and run a way from her? The sinner, the bad lady.

Mamas turning their children’s  heads a way, not wanting to corrupt their young minds. Her reputation was now ruined. What people  had once thought would be quickly stricken from their minds.

Mindlessly wandering through out the rooms, trying to take in what had just happened, stumbling into the wall as she made her way to the bathroom. Splashing icy-cold water on her face. Hoping to see a different view staring back at her.

Brushing some powder on pale cheeks. Smacking lips after applying color to the lips. Running fingers through her hair. What would people say when they saw the tasselled hair woman in mirrorin such an early part of the day?

She buried her face in her hands. She wanted to weep but the tears would not fall. Placing her hand on the mirror, trying to connect to another soul who would applaud what had just happened. Her hand only feeling cold glass. No warmth able to saturate her sweaty pores.

Flipping the light off making her way back to the couch she plopped down and again felt her heat inside the blanket. Taking her glasses off and lying them on the chair beside her she made the ultimate decision to get ten more minutes.

She didn’t care what anyone thought. She was greedy and took her life into her own hands. She had laid down three hours earlier. She had been exhausted and just wanted to rest. But she fell asleep and never woke up for three hours.

Gosh friends, I feel much better now. I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Friday the 13th slid by my door today. Nothing bad happened, in fact something good happened. I napped because I was tired. It did me good.

Picture it & Write Blind Sight Edition


Why am I here? What happened? Lying on the cold, damp floor. Knees hugging her chest as she runs her fingers along the cement floor

Abbey’s mind filled with empty spaces. Pieces of puzzles drifting trying to find a perfect fit. Goose bumps riding on her skin she looks around and finds a tethered blanket and draws it around her to keep the chill away.

Her clothes are gone. They have been replaced by gray-blue scrubs. Flip flops now rest on once closed toes. She runs her hand through her tousled hair and she scratches her head trying to glue everything back together.

Clanky keys rattle against the door. A man in uniform opens it and says,”Come with me Abbey. You have a visitor.” She rises and follows him. Asking no questions moving as a robot.

They walk down a long corridor and chanting can be heard. ” Hey look at that. New piece of meat here for us.”  “Hey cutie, where you been all our lives?” Fingers reaching through the bars trying desperately to pull Abbey close to them.

She pulls a way from then and walks closer to the guard. Fear takes over her brain. Her legs feel like jelly but without prompting they keep walking forward. A small door is opened and she is led to a table and two chairs.

A gentleman stand and extends his hand introducing himself as her appointed attorney. When the door is closed he sits and motions for her to also do so. He scans her face, seeking answers in her eyes.

Richard ask,” Do you want some coffee? Sugar and cream?” Abbey holds the warm styrofoam cup in her two hands hoping the heat will generate throughout her body.

“Well I am here to represent you. I need to hear your side of the story Abbey. Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me everything.” He opens his folder and with pen in hand he waits to write notes.

She stares at him and says nothing. “Abbey? Did you hear me? I need you to tell me what happened. If you want me to help you, you are going to have to talk.”

” Why am I  here? When did I get here?” she asked

Richard looks at her straight on with wrinkled eye brows. Clearing his throat he says, “This isn’t the time to play games. You are in here on murder charges. You killed your husband. Now do you have something to tell me?”

” I, I killed my husband? Why would I do that? I love Kenny. I would never kill him.”

Richard sifts through his notes and says,” From what I have gathered the police barged into your house. They found you huddling in a corner in the kitchen. You had a gun in your hand. You stated to the cops that you thought your husband was going to kill you. Does any of this ring a bell?”

Abbey picked at her fingers and stared down at the table. Wracking her brain to remember anything the attorney was saying. Her mind was drawing a blank. She looked into Richards eyes and weakly stated,” No, I don’t have any idea  what you are talking about. The last thing I remember is coming home from work. I was heading up the stairs to soak in a tub. Kenny said he had something real important to discuss with me. I asked him if he could wait until I came back down. This is what I remember.”

Richard had a job to do but there was a part of him that believed her. She must be in shock he thinks to himself. ” You have a court date this afternoon at 3pm. I must have something to work with here. I have another case in this section. Tell you what, you sit here and do some real hard thinking. I will go see my other client and then come back and hopefully by then you will have something to say.”

Richard rose and knocked on the door. The guard let him out leaving the prisoner here to do battle with her thoughts.

To be continued….