Daily Prompt; Are You Being Served?

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What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SERVICE.

I live in the state of Indiana.Indiana-Dunes-Park-Map I live fairly close to this area on the map. Cold, and big snow belt area in the winter. Hot and humid in the summer. I hate cold and the older I get it hurts my Diabetic feet more and more. And my joints, let’s not even go in that area. It would be a whole other post.

My brother and I, after the last of our parents passed needed a break. So we moved to the sunshine state.florida I spent many days here shopping for antiques and unique items. It is a beautiful areas, Sarasota, Florida, but the heat in the summer, oh what a beast. If Al and I didn’t have our errands and running around through the week days by 10am, it was put off until the next day. We moved back to Indiana because Al became ill with M.S.A. I also missed my children and had some issues that I could not fix with outer family members.

When we came back I had to once again get my driver’s license.driver license Al and I went on a sunny, fall day. I had my birth certificate, my social security card and my Florida license with me. We walked into familiar territory. I told the lady what I was here for and she took my information from me. After studying and I think memorizing, lol, she handed it back and said she needed more information.

Let’s see, if I remember right, she needed  mail that showed my new address.mail She also required both of my marriage certificates, divorce certificates,divorce and of course auto insurance papers.

I wasn’t happy as Al and I had many things to do with just moving back, but I smiled and we left for home for the hunt of paper work.

I had to go to another county in order to get some of my needed papers. Was the license branch going to reimburse me for my gas?

It took a day to get it all together and we went back once again to get the license. This time I had done what I had previously and gave her all my paper work. I also gave her the numbers to my auto insurance policy.

She handed it back to me. She told me she had to see the complete policy. I was snorting by then. I was looking back at Al sitting on the benches and he was getting stressed because he saw I was.

This lady wasn’t one of the few who smile at this office. I can say this because this county is known for the least smiling representatives.

I stormed out to my car and brought in the paper work I keep tucked in my glove box, you know, just in case I would ever get stopped by the police. I handed it to her and I couldn’t help but ask, ” Why in the world do you need my life history? This is insane? What does my marriage and divorces have to do with getting my license?”

She looked up at me and actually smiled like the cat who caught the mouse. ” Because my dear, this state wants to verify that you are not an alien.”alien

I started laughing and I commented, ” Look at my ears. See my eyes bugging out?”

She and I both laughed and she said so matter of fact. ” Sorry honey, it’s not my rules, it’s the States”

Al and I walked out after my encounter with the outer space quarters with my new driver’s license in hand.