Best Moments Award

I have a brand new friend and follower. To my amazement I met her through being nominated for the Best Moments Award.telephone I was reading my emails and comments and then I heard an inner sound. Ring, ring, please read me next.Best-Moment-Award

This is where I found my award sitting waiting for me to open it and read.

Let’s take a look at what this blogger is all about. Here is what I discovered.

Currently living in England, I studied art. For about 4 years but gave it up for “real life”. Trying to find my flow some common ground, to live but also live out my passion, just be happy.


So reasons for my blog, well to try to get my stuff out there.


Stuff being: art work; that’s digital as well as good old-fashioned paint pencil etc.
Poetry: I love writing and just putting my thoughts down sometimes a painting can say a thousand words but sometimes a thousand words are needed.
Photography: I love snapping things and just seeing everyday life through my lens. Capture things people miss.
Reviews: I like to think my opinion might matter, though I’m not to sure, but if I can help you choose between what I think works or doesn’t ill try to help.


Hope you enjoy…. By the way I’m new to the world of blogging bare it me while I get used to it.


Oh and follow me on twitter as well as on here to keep track of my progress … See me. Grow in this ever. Expanding world.

Ah, I see she and I have some things in common. She loves art and drawing. Gee, I wonder if she has noticed my terrible sketches yet…….probably not or she wouldn’t have nominated me. LOL

I see she likes to sketch with pencils, so do I. She loves photography and hey, so do I. She has something I admire in a person. She has faith in herself and is not afraid to express it. Where I am still somewhat in awe when people compliment me. I tend to hide behind a mask and turn a blushing pink.mask

Well thank-you very much Lotus for thinking of me and I can see already that we are going to be good friends.

What about you my friends, doesn’t she sound nice? Please go and visit her. Every one likes visits.

I have accepted this nomination before but I just love nominating so without further hesitation here are a few I would like to choose.

Sheila Morris





I Wonder If Al Will Be Saying This To Me

I just saw this after I wrote my last blog. I felt so bad for being weak, and then I came across this. I wonder if Al will be saying this to me.

I can not copy and paste this on here, so I give you the website. Please copy and paste this address and read it with me.

I Felt LIke This Was Speaking To Me

I belong to a web page called Wanda’s Country Home. In it today, one of the pages to read and share was this poem. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you.

Please copy and paste this and see if it touches you also at times in your own lives.

My Gift to You


I posted a link for myself and for all others that blog here with me. I, myself, am alright today, but inside I am crying. I am trying to stay strong, but I know my life is about to have a big change made.

If anyone of you has suffered or are suffering now from anything in your life, and you believe in our almighty God,  please copy and paste this, and watch and listen. It is helping me today, so I wanted to share this with the ones in my life that I care about so much.

This just isn’t a writing blog site to me, it has become personal. I share my tears, and fears and laughter with you. I read also your stories of pain, and sorrow, and tears and fears.

This is my gift to you,

May God Bless you all.